5 Reasons Why It Is Never Too Late to Become a Lawyer


Do you feel exhausted and dispassionate about what you do from nine to five everyday? Is there a voice inside you urging you to take on a new challenge? Perhaps it’s time you seriously considered changing your career. You can enroll in a course in a different field, study hard, graduate, and begin a new line of work that fills you with energy and purpose.

In the same vein, if you’ve always been fascinated with law, then surely, it’s not too late to carve out a career for yourself in the legal profession. Yes, you will find that the majority of your classmates in law school will be under 25 with their whole lives ahead of them. But this shouldn’t deter you. In fact, it should motivate you, as your work experience will give you an edge over them when you enter the job market.

Here are some reasons you should consider kickstarting your new life as a lawyer:

  1. Desire to Find More Meaningful Work

You get up, get dressed, go to your desk, perform the exact same bunch of tasks, clock out, and return home. You may earn a decent living, but your life at your current job feels dry and devoid of purpose. A change of career may be just what you need to restore the joy of getting out of bed every morning.

In your exciting new life as a lawyer, you can look forward to a fresh challenge with every case you’re handed. You can look forward to meeting folks from all walks of life and using your newly acquired skills and knowledge to help them overcome obstacles standing between them and what is rightfully theirs.

You will go to bed with the satisfaction that your work has made a tangible difference in the world in addition to putting bread on your table.

  1. Increased Earning Power

Have you ever considered that the skills you’re currently just getting by on could be much more lucrative in a different field? It is no secret that attorneys are among the highest earners in the country. If you’re not sure, consult Dr. Google. He will tell you that attorneys, regardless of their specialty, earn an average of $110,000 annually. And of course, the perks get sweeter with experience.

This should be all the incentive you need to begin making your law school applications and doing your LSAT prep courses online.

  1. No Longer Feeling Passionate About Your Career

You may have started off at your current place of work with plenty of fire in your belly. But after years of service, you’re beginning to feel the passion slip away. It could be that your worldview has changed with age and the causes that drove you back then no longer make you come alive.

A survey revealed that 88 percent of those who decided to take the plunge and start new careers are happier.

  1. You’ve Reached the Proverbial Ceiling in Your Career

You have worked hard over the years and risen through the ranks at your workplace. But as you hurtle towards retirement, you realize that there is less and less to aim for. Eventually, you reach the zenith of your career but you still feel you have room for more personal development. You feel you still have something to offer, even if it’s in a different line of work, before you ride off into the sunset.

Reincarnating yourself as a lawyer will help you fully explore that gap between you and self-actualization. It will help you put to work those innate analytical and people skills as you climb the ranks, aiming to make partner in a law firm.

  1. Industry is Dying

The world is constantly changing and the explosion in technological innovations seen over the past two decades has brought massive improvements in the quality of life. But it has also rendered some lines of work, and even whole industries, redundant in the process.

With fewer and fewer folks writing letters for delivery by snail mail, people working in the postal industry are less busy than ever. And with the growth of sites like Google Flight, Booking.com and Airbnb, travel agencies may soon become a thing of the past. If you’re holding a job in these industries or one where demand is dwindling just as fast, you should consider making the switch to law.

Attorneys will forever be in demand as long as human beings need to live and deal with each other. As a law school graduate, you will have a wealth of opportunities before you both as a lawyer and as a paralegal.

No Walk In The Park

Beginning any new career, let alone a legal career, is a daunting prospect. You have to reprogram your mind to study after what could be years of rust. You have to pay for the studies and you, thereafter, have to begin job hunting. And it could be years before you land a job in your new profession. But a wise man said, where there is a will, there is a way. If you’re determined enough, your new life as a lawyer is not too far away.

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Jessa Wilder
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