5 Powerful Household Uses for Rubbing Alcohol


If there is any household cleaner you may have underutilised, it has to be rubbing alcohol. Rubbing or isopropyl alcohol is a common and surprisingly multipurpose household item. Right from cleaning your screens to getting out irritating permanent marker stains, you can use it for several domestic tasks.

If you do not already have rubbing alcohol at home, you can check out resources like https://cleanhomeguide.co.uk/rubbing-alcohol-where-to-buy-uk/  to buy it and ensure you are never out of stock. For now, let’s have a quick look at 5 powerful household uses for rubbing alcohol.


  • Cleaning Electronic Devices


You should frequently disinfect your electronics, especially the devices you regularly use, like your phone or laptop.

You may use rubbing alcohol to clean your electronic devices because it evaporates swiftly, and there isn’t much chance that moisture will affect your gadgets. 

You need to apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to a cotton cloth or pad, swipe it across your gadget, and dry it up gently with a clean microfiber cloth. This way, you can keep your mobile, laptop, earphones, and every device you use germ-free.


  • Clean Your Bathroom Fixtures


If you want to clean your chrome bathroom fixtures, rubbing alcohol can help you. Since it quickly vanishes upon contact with surfaces, it cleans and sterilizes chrome, stainless steel, and even glass without streaking,

Pour some rubbing alcohol straight onto a soft, absorbent cloth and then apply it to your bathroom fixtures. There is no need for you to rinse it because rubbing alcohol evaporates itself. However, when you use rubbing alcohol to disinfect any surface, it is crucial not to dilute it beyond what is needed and is safe.


  • Clean Your Carpets with Rubbing Alcohol


You can use rubbing alcohol to spot clean your carpets and rugs. It works much better than any branded spot solution. Simply pour it on the carpet stain or spot, then repeat the procedure as needed.  

If you apply the rubbing alcohol on your carpet with white paper towels, it will clean coffee stains, rust stains, and even pet stains and multi-color food stains. Once you do it right, you’ll experience utmost cleanliness and a bright new carpet.

However, if your carpet is extremely expensive, you should first try to use rubbing alcohol only on a small portion of your carpet. This way, you can know if it is working great for your carpet [made of a specific material].


  • Keep Your Home Mirrors Clean


If nothing works for your mirrors, try rubbing alcohol. You need to rub it on your mirror for a clean and shining mirror. There’s no need to spend on the mirror cleaners when a single spray can ensure the cleanliness of your mirrors.

To clean your mirrors with rubbing alcohol, dip a corner of cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and apply it gently on your mirrors. You can also use a rubbing alcohol filled spray bottle for cleaning the mirrors. Even if there is sticky grime and residue on your mirrors, rubbing alcohol works.

Moreover, whenever you spritz your head with hair spray, some of it unavoidably splashes onto the mirror. Here, a swift wipe with rubbing alcohol will clean away this sticky residue and leave your mirror shiny clean.


  • Get Rid of Fruit Flies


Fruit flies can be annoying in your kitchen. You can fill rubbing alcohol in a fine-mist spray bottle and use it to spray the fruit flies whenever you spot them. The alcohol will kill them for you to sweep them up and throw them outside. 

However, you must be careful where you are spraying, mainly in your kitchen. Especially, please don’t use it near smoking or flames?

To sum up, since rubbing alcohol has several wonderful uses for your household cleaning, you must immediately buy this powerful household item.

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