5 Most Common Lawn Problems and How to Fix Them


Owning and maintaining a home goes way beyond the interior. You want the front of your home to be something you are proud of, and that starts with healthy lawn care. And this goes beyond just the image of suburban dads riding around on the lawnmower on Sunday afternoons.

Lawn care can be tricky. You can run into any number of problems that you weren’t necessarily expecting. So while dandelions look like flowers and your dog may be man’s best friend, there’s no denying that weeds and dog poo can hurt your lawn. Not to worry, for most lawn problems there are easy and natural solutions to keep your grass looking healthy and beautiful. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood with these simple tips to combat five of the peskiest lawn problems.

Don’t Do Dog Doo Doo

You love your pet: Your dog is a part of the family, after all. What you (probably) don’t love, is their poop. Dog doo doo can be smelly and linger on your lawn, which can cause damage to your property. Not to mention the fear of having your kids or pets step in it and carry those germs into your home. Lucky for you, cleaning up all that waste doesn’t have to be 100% your responsibility. Scoop Troop specializes in weekly services and affordable plans to dispose of the pet poop in your yard. Even those hard to find turds will end up disposed of with their no-poop left behind guarantee. So if a poop-free yard sounds appealing, bring in the experts and stop dealing with dog doo doo today.

Get Your Goose

Speaking of animals that can harm your yard, you have to consider perhaps the most terrifying animal on earth: the goose. As geese migrate into suburban areas, they’re further from natural predators and require a consistent food source. As the goose population increases, so does the threat to your lawn. These animals will feed on your carefully cultivated lawn and leave dry patches as well as droppings. If you’re sick of dealing with geese in your yard, there are humane ways to deter them. Try using natural goose repellent that coats your grass with a substance that causes harmless irritation to their digestive system. These repellents also give off a warning color to the animals that your grass is not for eating. You can even purchase an at-home repellent spray kit and save your residential lawns from the terrors of geese today.

Out of the Weeds

When you were a kid, you probably loved making wishes on dandelions. Well, hate to break it to you, but your lawn probably didn’t like that very much. Dandelions along with crabgrass are actually some of the worst weeds that can take over your lawn. These invade healthy soil and steal nutrients from the earth that your grass needs to survive. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a simple solution to weeds other than picking them out of the ground, roots and all. Those roots can grow deep and cause a reappearance of your weeds, so be sure you eliminate the problem at the source.

Patch Things Up

Events like a drought or neglect can cause your lawn to develop dry, thin, brown patches. Your goal should be a luscious, green yard, so these patches can be unsightly. In these cases, you may need to work to replant areas of your yard. Remove the debris, break up the soil, and plant new seeds. Be sure the area stays consistently watered and fertilized. Give it time to grow before you start mowing over it. With these few steps and some patience, you’ll have green grass again in no time.

A Bad Seed

Half the time your lawn suffers because your foundation is bad. If you’re noticing consistent problems, test your soil and check the pH balance. You may need to add more even fertilizer to feed your grass better and prevent weed growth or animal infestations. Check with the experts when the best time to fertilize may be because doing the work during the wrong season can actually hurt your lawn more.

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