5 Money Saving Tips for New Parents


Your new bundle of joy is precious, sweet, loveable…and expensive. Though you may have already taken some financial precautions beforehand, the cost of a baby can put even the most prepared new parents on alert. To aid with the expense of your infant, here are five quick tips that anyone can apply.

1. Shop Neutrals

Utilizing neutral colors for your first baby’s clothes, room, common appliances and more can be a great money saver for new parents. You or your family members will be able to utilize them for other children in the future, or you may be able to sell them later down the line.

2. Opt for Converters

There are a number of new technologies amongst baby appliances. There are car seats that convert to fit the child’s needs at different growth points, as well as strollers that can change from newborn to toddler mode and more. Selecting these options can help to cut back on costs throughout the child’s beginning years. Also, with proper care these items can be utilized again for other children, which can save even more money.

3. DIY Your Supplies

There are quite a number of do it yourself (DIY) and swap ideas that can be utilized around your house. This can be especially helpful for home cleaners. For example, white vinegar is a great cleaning tool that can be used to substitute a variety of toxic cleaners. Not only can your DIY supplies be cheaper, but they can also be safer with your little one around.

4. Shop Around

Coupons and family deals should become your new best friends. These offers can amount in massive amounts of savings over the course of a week, let alone a year. Many companies even offer samples that you can try before making big purchases of bulk items, such as pampers and bottles. Take some time to search online and see what kinds of offers you can find on the providers’ websites. For larger purchases, such as your Chicago auto insurance, you can also benefit from taking time to shop around and see what options best suit your needs and budget.

5. Barter

A commonly overlooked method of saving money for new parents is bartering. There are many parents out there who are or have been where you are, and utilizing the barter can result in mutually-beneficial trades. For instance, you may have a rocker that your baby does not care for that you can trade for a diaper genie that you know you will use. There are a few different websites and groups that you can explore to find deals that could work for you.

New babies come with a number of new experiences, many of which come with a price tag. Though you may not be able to avoid certain costs, you can limit their financial impact or avoid facing them again in the near future. By implementing some or all of these tips, you can be well on your way to stabilizing your growing family’s finances and creating a sustainable future for everyone.

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