5 Methods To Decorate Your Small Bathroom


Have you been searching for ideas to upgrade your small bathroom?  

Decorating a small bathroom can be tricky. Some decorations can end up congesting the bathroom space. So, bathroom decor must be well planned with minimal items. After all, less is more!

Check out these 5 ideas to take your smaller bathroom to a grand level. After all, everyone deserves an aesthetically pleasing, well-lit bathroom space!

1.  Mirror, mirror on the wall!

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Mirrors are essential in any bathroom, big or small. But if you pick out textured, uniquely shaped ones, they can add to the beauty of your bathroom. Here is the plus point, you can install a mirror without having to renovate the entire bathroom.

You can pick mirrors from different size ranges. You can pick out a full mirror that lets you see yourself in that gorgeous outfit or smaller ones that can come in handy while you engage in your skincare routine.

Mirrors with LED lighting in the background are a beautiful addition to any bathroom. The lighting behind the mirror also helps you to see yourself clearly in the mirror. The lighting also accentuates the mirror, adding a classy touch to your bathroom.

So, pick out a classy mirror, or mirrors, to elevate the ambiance of your bathroom!

2.  Wallpaper Magic

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Elevate your decoration with some quirky wallpapers. Imagine going into the bathroom for a relaxing bath surrounded by your favorite colors and patterns.

You can get various types of wallpapers, even waterproof ones. You can customized wallpapers as well! You can get wallpapers with solid colors or your favorite patterns. Getting wallpapers that suit your likes will instantly elevate your mood. 

What’s more, wallpapers are easy to apply and they can instantly brighten any dull bathroom. Of course, you should learn how to wallpaper a room so that your bathroom walls can rock the wallpaper elegantly.

Arrange glass lotion bottles, or decorative bottles in front of the wallpaper to enhance your bathroom’s appearance.

3.  LED Lights

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Quality lighting can make a huge difference to any room. A bathroom that is well lit is important and necessary to everyone. A well-lit, yet appropriately lit bathroom can provide a relaxing ambiance to your bathroom’s atmosphere.

Attaching LED strips and LED bulbs to your bathroom can make a huge impact on your bathroom’s ambiance. You can even customize the color and the brightness according to your wish.

There are many advantages of using LED lighting for your bathroom. Following are the pros to using LED lights for your bathroom lighting.

1.   Safety

One of the most important features that people look for while browsing for lighting is safety. LED lights are known for their safety and the chances of accidental fires due to overheating are higher with incandescent light bulbs compared to LED lights.

2.   Pocket Friendly

LED lights are the way to go if you want to upgrade your bathroom within a budget. LED lights and strips are budget-friendly and they do not cost much for installation also.

3.   Environmental Friendly

Taking care of Mother Earth is our primary duty and LED lights help you with that. LED lights reduce greenhouse gas emissions and do not contain mercury or lead, reducing pollution.

4.   Long-Lasting

Adding to the pocket advantage, LED lights and strips are long-lasting. They last much more than normal incandescent bulbs.

5.   Improves Atmosphere

LED lights can provide the ideal atmosphere to your bathroom, according to your likes. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to unwind in an atmosphere you love?

You should purchase good LED strips from a reliable LED light manufacturing company so that you do not face any issues in the future. You should also be aware of how to install these LED light strips and LED bulbs.

4.  Framed Art

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Blank walls? Fill them with your favorite framed art.

Putting up pictures that give you happiness will help elevate your mood. If you feel the bathroom looks blank, you can add a framed picture or two.

Adding framed pictures not only helps you fill the blank spaces on your bathroom walls but also makes your bathroom look picturesque and aesthetic.

Adding LED lighting strips behind your framed art will also help elevate the aesthetic quality of your space. The lights will accentuate the beautiful artwork, making it stand out and add beauty to your bathroom space.

5.  Go Green

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Plants always add beauty and happiness to any atmosphere. You can get various types of plants; creepers, potted plants, and hanging ones too!

Plants are the symbol of life and they always add to the serenity of a place. You can place these plants on a shelf or the window still. You can fill up blank places with small and beautiful plants. You can hang these plants in your bathroom or find tiny potted plants to place by the sink, along with other decors. 

Of course, this is feasible only if there is natural sunlight entering your bathroom. The plants will also require lots of care and maintenance from you. But, if this isn’t the sign of life, what is?

If you feel like it is difficult to take care of actual plants, you can even put up artificial plants. They require minimal effort to maintain and adds beauty to the canvas. Artificial plants are also appropriate for bathrooms where natural lighting is not available.

So, go ahead, get some beautiful green plants and colorful flowers for your bathroom space.


A bathroom is an important place for any person to help maintain hygiene and unwind after a long day by taking a relaxing bath. We all want our bathroom to have a relaxing atmosphere and an ambiance that matches our likes. So, go ahead and decorate your small bathroom, your way!

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