5 Home Gym Mistakes to Avoid for First-Time Users


Ready to convert that spare bedroom into a gym? Working out at home saves you money over time compared to a gym membership.

But it’s easy to make home gym mistakes that decrease your workout effectiveness, discourage you from exercising, or cause injury.

Keep reading to learn five home gym mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Space

When figuring out how to build a home gym, space is one of the first considerations. You need to choose a spot with enough space for your equipment.

Measure to ensure you have enough space to use every piece safely. For example, you’ll not only need room to store your weights, but you’ll also need enough open floor space to perform weight-lifting exercises. 

Don’t forget about ceiling height. Treadmills, ellipticals, and other gym equipment raise you up and could put you too close to the ceiling if it’s low. Exercises that involve jumping or using equipment such as jump ropes also require higher ceilings.

You also want a space that’s appealing. If you put your home gym in a dark, dungeon-like basement with no ventilation, you won’t likely work out often.

  1. Getting the Wrong Equipment

What do you want to achieve in your home gym? Do you want a climate-controlled spot for aerobic exercise to reach the recommended minimum of 150 minutes per week? Do you want to focus on building muscle?

Choose equipment that helps you achieve your goals effectively, but don’t go overboard. Too many pieces can make your home gym crowded. A lot of the equipment also might go unused if it’s not something you really need.

Start slowly with a few pieces of core equipment. See how much you use those pieces, and consider what type of equipment you’re missing when you’re ready to add more.

  1. Buying Cheap Equipment

You might be nervous to invest too much money before you know if you’re going to use your home gym much. But buying cheap equipment wastes money and might discourage you from exercising.

Say you buy a cheap treadmill that doesn’t move smoothly or give you many options for speeds and resistance. You won’t get the workout you really want. If the treadmill isn’t enjoyable to use, you might stop using it completely.

Cheap gym equipment is also more likely to break. You could end up spending more in the long run when you have to replace broken gym equipment.

  1. Using Equipment Incorrectly

Improper equipment use can result in injuries and make your workouts less effective. Search online for how-to guides for activities such as weightlifting and using gym equipment. You can also hire a personal trainer to come to your home gym and teach you to use the equipment properly.

  1. Having the Wrong Flooring

Hard-surface floors are easier to keep clean in your home gym. Heavy equipment placed on carpet can cause damage to the fibers and leave marks.

Rubber mats provide cushioning for various exercise moves and protect from impact if you drop weights. Some surfaces, such as tile, will break if something hard hits them.

Avoid Home Gym Mistakes

Planning thoroughly before you start buying equipment helps you avoid home gym mistakes. By designing your home gym well, you’re more likely to use it regularly and get the health benefits from it.

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