5 Great Ways to Earn Money From Your Smartphone


If you mainly use your phone for Candy Crush and sending WhatsApp selfies to friends who would rather you didn’t, you’re missing out. Why not use apps and online games to make yourself some much-needed money instead? Here are our top five ideas.

Use your Car

Smartphones and vehicles have come together in the most unlikely of ways in the past decade, with more and more people using services like Lyft or Uber. If you don’t fancy yourself a taxi driver, but want to make even more money and enjoy spending time with kids, we recommend Hop Skip Drive, where you can register to give kids lifts to the places they need to be, and earn up to $30 an hour!

Become a Secret Agent

Well, almost anyway. Field Agent is an app for iOS or Android where you have missions to complete, in return for cold hard cash. All you need to do is collect photos, videos, and information from the places near you, and you’ll be paid per task and for your time. Maybe you’re checking if an item is in stock, or perhaps you’re taking covert photos of an in-store display. Don’t forget to hum the mission impossible theme song while you do it. (That part’s optional.)

Online Casinos

If you’re feeling lucky, free casino apps can be an easy way to make money, while playing your favorite slots and games! Fancy yourself an expert at video poker, or enjoy the random luck of a scratch card? All of these can be done at the best mobile casinos, and plenty offer great welcome bonuses so you don’t even have to shell out your own wager to get on board. With most mobile casinos offering web browser versions of all your most addictive games, you won’t even need to download any software, so no need to worry about memory either.

Offer a Skill

One of the coolest apps for connecting people, TisPR is a virtual haven for anyone who needs…. Anything! Whatever your skills are, you can market and advertise them here, and there are people looking for exactly that. From steady freelancers to anyone who wants to make a quick buck in their spare time, this is a great choice for adding to your work portfolio or just filling a few hours in a meaningful way. Check out the job boards from your mobile, it can get addictive!

Browse Online

Wait? You’re doing that anyway? Well, then you need to be trying Swagbucks. By using this service, you get paid for watching videos, answering surveys, using their toolbar, and even doing your own shopping online. The rewards come in the form of cashback and vouchers which can be used in hundreds of places, and collecting the points can be pretty fun in and of itself. SB Points can be traded for gift vouchers at your favorite places, from Amazon and Target to Starbucks and even simple PayPal.  

So there you have it. Five of the best ways to earn money while using your phone. Try them now, and thank us later.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for Checkworks.com, where you can get personal checks and business checks.

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Jeri Accardo
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