5 Great things to do in Cairns For Families


Keeping the kids entertained on a family vacation is often mum and dad’s key concern, and it can be trying when Junior just won’t sit still. Fortunately, visitors to Cairns will find that there is a plethora of destinations that not only the kids but the entire family will enjoy. Here is our list of five great things to do in Cairns for families.

Cairns Wildlife Dome

The Cairns Wildlife Dome looks curiously like a big, round greenhouse on the outside. On the inside, it is a fascinating wildlife exhibit that is open rain or shine. Watch as parrots and cockatoos flap their wings right above your head, and observe crocodiles, gliders, turtles and pythons going about their day. Have a go at the Cairns Zoom, an obstacle course that is made entirely of ropes and includes a zip line that takes you mere meters above the resident saltwater crocodile! Cairns Wildlife Dome is situated atop the Reef Hotel Casino, so after the kids have had their fun, mum and dad can indulge in some gaming.

Northern Beaches

Cairns’ perennial sunny weather makes a day trip to the beach an opportunity that should not be missed. The Northern Beaches are just a bus ride away and include Palm Cove, Trinity Beach and Clifton Beach. The most popular of the Northern Beaches is Trinity beach, but each beach and its surrounding town has its own unique character. Pack a picnic lunch and relax under a beach umbrella with a good book as the kids build sandcastles. There is a selection of accommodation by each of the beaches, and as the kids are not going to want to leave, you just might find yourself extending your stay.

Muddy’s Playground

Conveniently located on the Esplanade in the heart of Cairns City, Muddy’s Playground is an incredible children’s playground that is a dream come true for anyone under the age of twelve. The park contains a wet play area where kids can wade through channels and play with water jets, as well as a dizzying array of dry play equipment such as see saws, flying foxes, rope bridges and play houses. Barbecue facilities are also available for hire, so mum and dad can fire up the grill while the kids run amok.

Cairns Tropical Zoo

The reptiles inhabiting the Cairns Tropical Zoo, including crocodiles, alligators and snakes, are sure to fascinate and terrify the kids, and probably mum and dad too. Cairns Tropical Zoo is also home to a huge array of mammals including Australian favorites such as koalas, wombats and dingoes. Whether you’d like to hug a koala or have your picture taken with a bird of prey, the residents of Cairns Tropical Zoo will be ready for you.

Shopping Centers

When the temperature rises and everyone is in need of a bit of air conditioning, duck into one of Cairns’ popular shopping centres and be pleasantly surprised by the array of kid-friendly activities available. At Cairns Central Shopping Centre, the entire family can go to the movies at Event Cinemas, and the kids will love playing video games at the game center.

With so much to do in Cairns, you won’t have to worry about having to hear Junior say, “I’m bored!”

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