5 Fun Family Days Out


At weekends or during school breaks it can be difficult to find things to do with the kids. Spending quality time together as a family is important, but finding things to do that pleases everyone can be a challenge. It’s nice to do something a bit different and get out of the house, so here’s some fun days out you can enjoy with your family. 

The Beach

If you live not too far from the coast or even a lake, heading down to the beach for the day can be a lot of fun for all of you. The kids can build sandcastles and go swimming in the sea, or even explore some sand-dunes with you. There might even be some attractions nearby, like a pier that you can all walk down together, or some nice restaurants to have dinner at. The sea-air can be very invigorating too, you can return home feeling happy and refreshed. 

National Parks

Another option for those who enjoy outdoor activities. Drive out to your nearest national park for the day with a picnic and take the family for a hike. It will satisfy any adventurous streaks you or the kids might have, and could be a wonderful opportunity to teach them about the native wildlife in the area. If your nearest park is some distance away, perhaps you could consider making it a longer trip? Find a hotel near by or take some camping gear with you to truly get back to nature. 

Indoor Activity Parks

If you’re not into the great outdoors then there are still plenty of options for you. Indoor activity parks are just one of them. These spaces are filled with tons of fun things to do, such as giant trampolines, obstacle courses and more. They are brilliant for birthday celebrations too. For a good example of this, look at the kids birthday parties at Urban Air in Newnan, GA. These activity parks will keep the kids busy all day long and can also be fun for adults, too. For this reason, it makes them a great option for a day out. 


Perfect for entertaining and educating the kids, museums should certainly be on your list of things to do with them. There are plenty of museums to choose from, find out what your kids are learning about in school and take them to one that fits in with that subject. Research what kind of tours they do and try to book the family a place on it to find out more about the artefacts you will see. 

The Theatre

Going to the theatre can be such an exciting experience. Find a play or musical that is suitable for the whole family and book some tickets. Matinee performances tend to be cheaper, and if you have younger kids it might be best to see it earlier in the day so they don’t get too tired. This way you can all go and have dinner together afterwards and talk about what you liked most about the show! 

Next time your stuck for things to do, pick one of these fun family days out! 

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