5 Best Topical Pain Relief Products That Really Work


Pain relief through topical application is effective. They may either be applied on the skin in the form of creams, rubs, spray, or in the form of patches such as Luminas. Through reviews, you can get more information on the most appropriate topical pain relief product. But ensure that you also get a diagnosis on the cause of pain, and a doctor’s recommendation, especially for chronic pain. Knowing the triggers of pain, or underlying medical conditions that may cause pain is also an effective way.

  1. Pain relief creams

Athletes, people suffering from arthritis and other painful conditions, including chronic back pain and joint pain can use the creams. An active ingredient in most pain relief creams menthol. Cream pain relief topicals are easy to use since you just rub it on the affected area of your body. Before buying one, consider the smell, versatility and residue. Some could be oily, sticky or drying. Through reviews, you can get more information regarding the cream before use. Some effective pain relief creams include Hemp infused creams, Bio freeze and Maxx pain relief among others. CBD based pain relief creams are also very effective in pain management.

  1. Homeopathic patches

The main advantage of using patches for pain relief is that they are natural hence no side effects especially for prolonged use. They work by enhancing your body’s natural healing process by enhancing the effectiveness of carrier waves   to help   block pain hence alleviating and healing inflammation. Using homeopathic patches including the Luminas, can help to provide pain relief for long. They are not transdermal, and are chemical free hence they are some of the best natural pain relief methods. For effective pain management, medical practitioners recommend use of two or more pain management techniques. The diet and physical therapy, as well as supplements are all effective ways to treat chronic pain.

  1. Local anaesthetics

These exist in the form of patches, gel, or sprays. They work by numbing the pain on pain. They are effective in treating shingles, infection, dental procedures, or for treating burns or stings. Medical experts recommend such topical pain treatment options if one cannot take oral medications. There are  also over the counter medications that one can get at the local pharmacist to relieve pain. The local anaesthetics are safer since they do not affect the heart rate, and there is minimal medication absorbed in the bloodstream.

  1. Pain medications

Though most people swallow pills to cure pain, there are various options available for those who wish to apply pain relief as a form of treatment. They mainly contain aspirin which is effective in blocking pain or non-steroidal drugs that have anti-inflammatory. Some pain relief medications that are narcotic are prescription drugs only. But mild narcotic based pain relievers such as BenGay and asper crème are available over the counter. Counter irritants are also effective in pain relief. They contain menthol or eucalyptus which are effective in blocking pain by distracting the brain hence deeper sources of pain are blocked hence relieving pain. Other pain management options include use of supplements, diet, and physical therapy.

  1. Ointment and rubs

When choosing an ointment or a rub, watch out for the ingredients. Effective pain relief ointments contain counterirritants such as camphor and wintergreen, they also contain salicylates and capsaicin. Capsaicin is a natural element that is extracted from hot chilli and is very effective in blocking pain. For arthritis pain, medical professionals recommend use of capsaicin based pain relief creams. Arnica is also effective in pain relief especially for joint pain, injuries and sore muscles. Many people opt for the topical because they have minimal side effects especially for people managing lifelong health conditions that cause too much pain. The main advantage of using an ointment or a rub is that they work instantly unlike oral pain relief medication that may take time. One may also keep some ointments at home for us in case of emergency without the need for a prescription.

Pain management is made easier if you get support from the medical care team. With all these options, one may find it extremely difficult to determine the best form of pain management procedure. But basic rules in using pain management topical include checking for allergy information before application, not applying on wounds or broken skin, and patch testing the product before using it. You should wash your hands thoroughly after application because most of the topical contain clove and menthol which may irritate your eyes and mucus membranes.

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