5 Awesome Things That Your Kids Might Need to Enjoy Doing Their Homework


Kids can be quite difficult to handle, especially when you are trying to make them do things they dislike. It could be eating more leafy veggies, going to bed early or doing their homework. Yes, your child may be an overachiever and enjoys school time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will love their homework this.

There are various reasons for this kind of rebellious behavior, but that is not we are focusing on in this article. Today, we are taking you through some of the most amazing things that could get your kids enjoy doing their homework.

Establishing a homework routine

Most kids enjoy doing things in an orderly manner. They do that a lot in school and you can transfer that to your home. Set aside time specifically for their homework. And it’s always better to let them have some snacks and time to play/relax before getting down to it. This way, they get time to unwind from the pressures of the day. But to be fair, let them participate in the decision-making process by choosing their preferred time.

Praise them

While you might not be comfortable giving your child a tangible reward for a work well done, you can praise them instead. It’s a form of reward with a lifetime significance. Sometimes kids worry a lot about pleasing their parents, so ensure to mention their achievements to family and friends. You can also pin them in designated areas of the house for everyone to see.

Make their workstation comfortable and colorful

You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this. You can start by getting them a comfortable and attractive children’s desk, that can be easily adjusted and that too according to their height. After that, let them help you decorate it with inspiring things such as pencils, crayons, etc. Just buy different colors so that they can associate homework time with fun.

Encourage the use of technology

While many people might see the use of computer or tablets as destructions, you can actually turn them into motivators. You, however, have to be careful with this one by ensuring you supervise their use. Let them use the internet for research and the various Apps for studying. This way you won’t have to confiscate them and hopefully, they will learn how to enjoy using them for the correct purposes, even without supervision.

A show of concern

You generally have to be concerned about every area of your child’s life. So no matter how exhausted you feel at the end of the day, take some time to inquire about the various tests, assignments and quizzes and how they feel about them. They might even share experiences that will help you better their mood in readiness for the homework ahead.

Homework time might not be the best of all times in your household, but you have the capability to make it one, if only you adhere to some things. You first have to trigger your child’s interest by showing some concern and praising them every so often. Also, encourage them to use technology the correct way and don’t forget to involve them in making their work station comfortable and colorful. Do this and within no time, they will begin equating homework time with fun time!

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Ashley Blegen
4 years ago

These are such great ideas! I know that when I was doing homework as a kid that these would have helped a lot especially a good homework routine. This will be something I will definitely incorporate with my children.