4 Ways to Treat Acne in Teens


Typically, acne occurs in teens and young adults. It may happen to almost all ages; however, the teens are most likely to experience breakouts. This is perhaps due to hormone influx. At this stage, most people usually experience many changes in their bodies, and it is such an overwhelming fete. 

You see, acne is not a good skin condition. This connotes why most affected teens will feel unconfident and may lower their self-esteem. However, the good part of it is that you use acne treatment for teens and retain your normal skin and a better one this time round. But do you know what you can do to get rid of such clogged pores? 

Avoid picking your skin

You would want your treatment to be effective. So, you should not pick your skin at all. This is even before you begin any form of acne treatment and during the remedy, be it a home-made procedure or an approved teen acne treatment Patience is indeed required when waiting for the treatment to work. It can be really frustrating, but it will be worth waiting. 

If you pick your affected area, you expose it to bacterial invasion. Also, if you pick it, you may end up having pockmarks that are even more embarrassing. Thus, just bear with the situation as you wait for the treatment to get rid of acne. Picking your skin will not cure acne. This will probably make it worse. 

Exfoliate weekly

You may not have vast knowledge on how to cure acne. It is advisable to exfoliate once a week. Simply, get yourself a mad mask since it is suitable for most types of acne. It is ideal for getting rid of dead cells and helps to unclog pores. However, you can use other exfoliate remedies that contain salicylic acid. 

Wash your skin two times every day

Truly, a gentle wash on your skin is one way of keeping your skin healthy. However, the technique and the frequency of washing your skin can make a huge difference, especially for those affected by acne. For instance; you can gently wash your face and pat it with a clean towel after a heavy task that causes you to sweat profusely. 


Retinoids can be an ideal treatment for inflammatory acne, which mostly affects teens. You see, for retinoids- which are vitamin A derivatives that unclog oil ducts- you will need a dermatologist. This is because they are availed on the prescription. At first, you can get a prescription on gel and creams that are meant to be applied twice a day. 

If the topical retinoids do not show any signs of healing, your dermatologist can then prescribe retinoids that come in the form of a pill. These pills are taken on a daily basis. However, they should be the last form of retinoid you take. 


If you are a teenager and feel that acne is really making your uncomfortable, it is about time you utilized the above remedies. However, remember to keep the affected areas untouched. That is, you should not pick those areas. You will eventually get well.

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