4 Ways to Refresh Your Patio


A patio is a great place to entertain friends and family throughout the year. You can throw summer birthday parties with water balloon fights and potlucks and then cozy up during the fall and winter months with hot chocolate and thick blankets. However, you still want your patio to be “entertainment ready,” which means it might need a refresh. Check out a few quick ideas to improve it affordably.

1. Invest in cool outdoor wall art.

You don’t need to completely refurbish your patio to make it look like new. You just need one or two conversation pieces that can attract the eye. Look around your area for unique wall art that can brighten up a space or highlight your design aesthetic. If you can’t find something you like, consider making art of your own. Shutterfly has an option where you can print outdoor wall art and wall decor so you can print out high-quality photos from your vacation or share photos of your family on the wall. Use your creativity to make outdoor wall art for your home.

2. Add coverings to protect guests from the elements.

Is your patio exposed to the elements where the flooring and furniture bake in the sun all day and get soaked when it rains? If so, look for affordable coverings so you can use the space more often and protect it from the natural wear and tear of the outdoors.

On the basic and more affordable end, invest in a sunshade that you can hook up to your outdoor walls or hang up with a stabilizing pole. This will block out the harshest rays so you can still sit in the shade in the middle of the day. Some sunshades are retractable so you can take them down during a thunderstorm so they don’t get blown away.

For a more advanced solution, consider adding on to your patio by covering it or screening it in. A covering is a permanent option so you can go outside when it is raining or snowing. With a screened-in patio, you can keep insects out and other pests.

3. Look for durable furniture.

When was the last time you replaced your outdoor furniture? Have UV lights damaged the fabric to make the pieces look old and faded? If so, it’s time for something new. Look for durable furniture options that can last. These often include strong metal pieces or plastic chairs that are easy to clean and take out of the sun.

Depending on the amount of time spent on your porch, you may want to upgrade your furniture to a larger setup, or downsize so you have more room for other items.

4. Choose accessories based on your lifestyle.

There are plenty of cool trends in patio accessories. Some homeowners have entire kitchens outside, complete with stone pizza ovens, while other homeowners have built-in jacuzzis or fire pits. Many of these accessories are fun to use and can turn your backyard into a fun location.

That being said, it is important to evaluate what matches your lifestyle. The expense and work it takes to maintain the chemicals in a hot tub might outweigh the benefits if you only use it a couple of times each year. Similarly, if you would never use your outdoor kitchen, why invest in one?

Start small with upgrades and make sure you use them before committing to a more serious refresh.

With a few small changes to your patio, you can create a space where you sit every day. Whether you are enjoying the weather as a family or hosting a party, this backyard space will be the place to be.

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Great tips! Thank you! I think that everyone who has the opportunity should arrange their own place for a patio or just create a nice backyard. Now there are many great barbecues or wood fired pizza oven can be a great idea to make your holiday delicious:)