4 Low-Cost Ways to Decorate Your Teen’s Room


Kids grow up so fast. One moment you’re decorating a cute baby room, the next you’re figuring out how to toddler-proof your home so that they can explore and play safely. The next thing you know, your little baby has become a teenager with plenty of opinions, new interests and of course completely different tastes and sense of style. A new style means a new way of decorating their room, and as a parent it’s on you to grant your child a room redo that fits this new phase in their life.

For a teenager, their room is their domain, their space to get away from the busy world, and as a growing person having a space that celebrates their individuality is very important. Fixing up your teen’s room doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. With a little creativity, you can create the room of your teen’s dreams and have them bragging to their friends and feeling like the queen of their own little castle. Here are some of the changes you can make to your child’s room to make them feel like they have their own space.

Hobby-Related Artwork & Decor

Everyone’s teenager has something they care about, whether it’s Marvel, photography or makeup. Imagine creating something that brings that interest right into their room. For example, getting them a shelf to store all their makeup products and brushes, a large Avengers poster, or whatever represent their special hobby. It’s a great way to let your child be themselves and feel celebrated for it, and it’s something they will really appreciate.

A Paint Job

When it comes to making a big change without spending a lot of money, nothing does a better job than changing the color on the walls. It makes a space look entirely different and brings a whole new feel to it. For a teenager who wants to assert themselves and express their style, painting a wall is one effective way to this. Not only is it cheap, it is also temporary and you can change it when your teenager gets bored. So you can totally do pink walls and change them back to white when the pink phase ends. For more information on getting a great paint job, check out https://teaberry.net/house-painting/.

String Lights

String lights may seem small and insignificant, but they actually make a huge impact on how a room looks. What’s also amazing is how cheap they are. They don’t have to set you back a whole lot of money but they can bring some flair into your teenager’s room. You can hang them by a window or on top of their bed and it will definitely make them feel like there’s a lot to love about their room. You can even get lights with bulbs that are a specific color to suit what your child loves. This is a chance to let your child have some fun and some freedom with something that isn’t permanent.

A Photo Wall

Many teenagers love taking photos with their friends and capturing all of their favorite things . Why not give them a special place for them to do it? Why not allow them to put all of their best moments up in their room, so they can see them and smile? There are so many ways to create a great photo wall. You can do a peg board, a shelf or a cork board. It’s simple but such an effective way to bring some personality into their space, and what’s great is the wall gives them the freedom to set it up how they want it, add decorative elements and change it when they want to.

As our children get older, we start to see them develop into their own individuals and start to show who they will become as adults. One way this shows up in how they want their rooms to look. Whether you have a girly-girl, a tomboy, a gaming maven or a social media savvy child, these are facets of their personality, a part of their identity. As parents, it’s great to celebrate them and let them be themselves, but that’s obviously not easy if it requires a whole lot of money. Luckily, changing the decor of your teen’s room doesn’t have to be costly. It can be as simple as changing the color on the walls or adding simple decorative elements that pop. With just a couple of tweaks and shifts, you’ll have your child feeling like the coolest teenager on earth, and by extension, you’ll be the coolest parent too!

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