3 Tips to Finding the Best Coffee Bean Roast


The last thing a coffee addict wants to experience is having a tasteless, bitter cup of coffee. That could be devastating to fathom. Initially, coffee roasting was a thing meant for factories. As time went by, things changed.

People started preparing or roasting, their coffee beans at home. To have a perfect roast of your coffee beans check Fresh Roast Coffee Roaster. This coffee roaster will help you to have a perfect roast coffee to enjoy with family and friends. It requires some level of expertise to know how to do it. The process also varies. Coffee beans come in different tastes, sizes, color, and types. Thus, you have to be watchful when you are choosing the best seeds in the market.

If you are new to the roasting endeavors, worry not. A few errors here and there can cause many frustrations; nevertheless, our article today tries to help you know some of the tips you can use to get the best coffee bean roast.

  1. Buy quality beans

Coffee grows in various parts of the world. You will find two types of coffee in your local store: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica grows in high altitude areas while Robusta grows in low altitude areas.

Arabica produces a very sweet taste when you roast it while Robusta can produce bitter results, which is something you would love to evade at all costs. It would also be a good idea to avoid coffee beans that have stayed for long.

Amidst all these, choose green beans. They are raw, and two, the chemical compounds within them are in an inactive state awaiting some heating. Remember that the color changes to brown, or a bold color, when heated. Be careful with the brand you pick. Some of them lie to clients that the seeds are 100% pure coffee, yet they are not.

  1. Use a proper roasting method

After you have the beans in your home, it is now time to start preparing them. You can use various ways to do so. Pans (which is the simplest and the cheapest method), use a popcorn popper, a grill, oven, or you can buy a coffee machine if you have the money to accommodate one.

All these methods are suitable; however, they can pose significant challenges. For instance, using a pan is very cheap. In fact, when you think about the number of items you will have to purchase if you are using other ways, it would be a good solution for many individuals.

On the other hand, one challenge you will face when using this method is regulating temperature at various stages. It can turn out bad and smoky in the end. Go for easy means.

  1. Consider temperature, time, and ventilation

All these factors work together to influence the outcome of the roast. The methods mentioned above depend on these three things.

The temperature should be adequate. It is critical in bringing out the flavor, changing the color of the beans, and producing the appropriate chemicals. You should regulate the temperature depending on the stage. Timing is essential because it allows you to know when you should remove them from the fire, and how long it will take to cool.

Be sure to work with airflow as you cook. Airflow determines the production of chemicals such as caffeine and carbon (IV) oxide, which are both critical in producing the needed flavor. A caution for first timers is to avoid roasting the seeds to when they become incredibly dark. At that phase, most nutrients fade away; hence, you consume a tasteless drink without any flavors.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a brand that provides coffee beans that are out of this world, then look out for Detour Coffee brand. They are the best roasters who offer quality green beans with all flavors that you would want to experience in every cup.

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