3 Things Students Can Expect When They Enroll in the IB Diploma Programme


Joining an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme in Singapore opens a world of opportunities to high school students. While the IB program is well known for its rigorous academic requirements, it also presents plenty of options to students who are able to see it to completion. For one, IB diplomas are recognized and accepted by many respected academic institutions. As such, students with this certification have a good chance and are better equipped to pursue higher education in some of the top universities and colleges around the world. For another, students in the IB program have every opportunity to build connections with a global community. Having peers from different countries can help students adopt a more cosmopolitan point of view, develop respect for cultures and values that are different from those of their own, and expand their horizons in the future. 

Still, completing the IB program is a challenge that students and their families need to be prepared to meet. Whether you’re still in the early stages of preparation and you find yourself constantly searching online for “international baccalaureate Singapore programs,” or you’ve already zeroed in on prospective IB schools to enroll your child in , you need to be aware of what the program will require of them and how you can offer adequate support. Here are some of the things that you should expect your high schooler to experience. 

A Wider Range of Specialized Subjects

Unlike in Advanced Placement (AP) courses where students need to specialize in 3 to 4 different subjects, the IB program requires students to study 6 core subjects. These are the arts, mathematics, and sciences, as well as language and literature, language acquisition, and individuals and societies. Due to the demanding nature and the broad coverage of this academic route, IB students are required to have good time management skills, a high level of independence, and good research skills. Being an excellent test taker can be an advantage in the IB program, as the final exam for each subject accounts for around 70 percent of the student’s final grade. Still, IB students must be able to maintain a broad and balanced view of their subjects if they are to thrive in the program. 

A Higher Level of Freedom

The IB program offers students a higher degree of freedom by giving them the space they need to delve deeply into the subjects that interest them and connect specific topics to the subjects that they tackle in the classroom. IB students are encouraged to think beyond the black and white and use their critical thinking skills to approach complex problems creatively, and their exposure to different cultures can make them more receptive to different values, perspectives, and ways of life. 

Learning in the IB program is experiential, and students have every opportunity to pursue their own interests, engage with the local community, or hone their talents. They can do all these on top of their academic requirements if they want for as long as they can fulfill all their responsibilities. Again, part of being an IB student is developing the capability to manage time well, and having the freedom to choose which activities to prioritize can help students develop this critical skill. 

A Lot of Room for Personal Growth

On top of gaining a wider perspective of the world, IB students also have every opportunity to get to know themselves better and see themselves from different perspectives and environments. Independence is valued in the IB program, after all, and there’s no way to complete the program without first developing this quality. To acquire the IB certification, students must learn to study and think on their own, confront and question their internal biases, and rise to any challenge that may come their way. 

Now, it’s true that IB students have access to support and guidance from their teachers and family members. Top international schools in Singapore tend to be very strong in this front. However, the students themselves will also need to learn how to deal with their own quirks and motivate themselves in a healthy manner so that they can build habits and skills that will take them closer to their goals.   

It’s important for parents and students to recognize that the IB program is not for everyone. Some students are better matched for AP or general education programs, for example, and this is perfectly fine and may even be advantageous. If you think that the IB program is the best option for your family, though, you need to be prepared for the challenges of enrolling in the program and seeing its completion. Be supportive of your child’s activities, let them know that you’re in their team no matter what, and leverage all the help that you can get when the going gets tough. Your child will appreciate your efforts to spur them on as they continue on their journey to become global citizens and earn their IB diplomas.

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Luke Blunt
1 year ago

My cousin was enrolled in the same program and they get a lot of room for personal growth. however, I suggest students read this article as it was beneficial for their growth and career.

1 year ago

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