3 Pros to Giving Your Baby a Natural Wood Crib


As a parent, whether it’s your first time welcoming a baby or you’re experienced, you want only the best products for your newborn. One of the most important and costly purchases you will make is your baby’s crib. Finding the right crib is not a decision to take lightly.

You will want to do extensive research to find the absolute best crib for your baby to keep them safe and help them sleep soundly. A natural wood crib is the best option for your little one. Read on to learn why you need to consider this exceptional type of crib as you build your baby’s nursery.

Exceptional Safety Standards

Keeping your baby safe is one of your primary concerns as a parent. A natural wood crib delivers the peace of mind you need. Most brands that sell natural wood cribs are committed to providing exceptional safety standards. As you shop, you’ll want to look for cribs that are JPMA Certified.

JPMA stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. All baby products are required to meet minimum government requirements for safety and use but the JPMA Certification takes those requirements a step further by ensuring products exceed the minimum requirements by meeting additional safety requirements. For baby products to receive the JPMA Certification Seal, the products are sample-tested at an independent laboratory. This test verifies that the product meets the highest standards for quality, safety, functionality, and performance.

JPMA Certification is voluntary. Brands like Nestig that truly care about the safety standards of their products take this extra step to help give parents peace of mind. The best natural wood cribs will have the JPMA Certification Seal. As you’re shopping keep your eye out for that so you can rest assured the crib you choose for your little one to rest their head is the safest option.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

A natural wood crib is produced with only the best materials to keep your little one safe. The frame of natural wood cribs is constructed using solid Brazilian Pine and the mattress support is created from eco-engineered wood. The material is also non-toxic and lead and phthalate safe, which is a huge win compared to other cribs on the market.

If your family is on a mission to reduce waste and use only sustainable products, a natural wood crib is a must-have baby product. Most natural wood cribs are made with sustainably sourced materials. Nestig, for example, crafts each crib with sustainably sourced wood that’s locally harvested in Brazil, where all of its cribs are handmade, from reforested land.

An additional step in Nestig’s sustainability missions comes into play during the production process. To reduce waste, the brand follows a no inventory model. Each crib is built when your order is placed, and not a moment sooner. Traditional retailers will mass-produce cribs which can lead to unused products and unnecessary waste.

Sturdy and Durable Cribs

When shopping for a crib, you want to find one that will stand the test of time. Whether you want your crib to grow with your baby or you want it to last for each child you welcome into the world, durability is important. A natural wood crib is an excellent investment.

One of the major benefits of natural wood cribs is their versatility. These cribs are designed to grow with your baby. During the newborn stage, Nestig cribs can be a petite size with a higher mattress height to keep your newborn cozy. The smaller size also fits nicely beside the bed if your little one will be sleeping in the same room as you.

As your baby grows, you can convert the crib into a full-size crib and adjust the mattress height accordingly based on their age. When your baby becomes a toddler and starts perfecting their escape artist skills, it’s time to convert to a toddler bed, which Nestig cribs do with ease.

With just one child, you can get a solid 4 to 5 years (or more) out of your Nestig crib. If you decide to have more than one child, you can get even more years out of it. Your crib can easily be passed down for each of your children to enjoy, all the while giving you the peace of mind that you’re not only keeping your child safe but using only one product to reduce your waste.

As a smart shopper, you want to ensure your investment is covered with a strong warranty. Nestig provides just that. Every Nestig crib is covered by an 18 Year Limited Warranty which covers the original purchaser for any issues that arise due to manufacturing defects. The best part is you don’t need to manually register for it. Once you make your purchase, you’re automatically enrolled in the warranty program. It will be a relief not to add yet another task to your list as you prepare for your baby.

As you design your baby’s nursery, make sure to include a natural wood crib. There are many worries you will face as a parent but when it comes to the sleep of your little one, a natural wood crib puts your worries at ease. What a relief! 

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