3 Contemporary Furniture and Design Ideas You’ll Love in Your Home


Are you hoping to give your home a modern makeover? There are so many ways you can update your home to make it more contemporary, and we’re here to help with some awesome ideas and tips. 

Keep reading for some great contemporary furniture and design tips you can use to give your home a modern update. Freshen up your space with these great suggestions. 

  1. A Subtle Base With Vibrant Accents 

To complete a modern home design, you will want to pick neutral base colors for your floors, wall colors, furnishings, and lighting. This simple base can be accented by vibrant accents such as jewel tones, prints, and textures. Glossy and metal furnishings can be softened using colored cushions, pillows, and other accents. 

  1. Open and Airy

Making a space feel open and airy is a must for a modern home design. You can do this by opening up your interior spaces and blurring the lines of distinct living spaces wherever possible. This helps to create a unified design concept throughout the home. 

Interior elements should feel minimal using sleek furnishings, clean lines, and bare flooring with sleek finishing. Natural and organic elements such as hardwood and stone can help brings this relaxed setting together. Adding area rugs can help create coziness in the areas you want it, like the living room. 

Great lighting, as well as large windows for natural lighting, can also help to open up a space. Installing skylights can be a great way to get some natural lighting in the darker areas of your home. 

Furnishings should be sleek and slim, with clear architectural lines, the staple of modern design. Furnishings should have bare legs or sleek bases and chair, couch, and bed skirts should be avoided. 

  1. Create a Modern Kitchen 

When remodeling a kitchen to a more modern design scheme, simple is best. White cabinets with simple hardware and minimal detail or trim are best for creating a clean and bright space. Sleek furnishings using geometric shapes, such as these new blacktulip tables, can be a great way to bring the space together. 

Kitchen islands are a great way to add some storage and prep space, and can also be used as a breakfast bar area. While much of the kitchen should be white for a high gloss shine, adding a bright accent color can help to make the space feel even lighter while providing some contrast. Lantern or pendant lighting above the kitchen island can be a great way to add some extra light for eating and cooking. 

Contemporary Furniture and Design Tips 

If you’re hoping to give your home a modern facelift, try using some of these contemporary furniture and design ideas to freshen up your space. A modern home is all about simplicity, sleek details, and open spaces. Make the most out of this popular design scheme by keeping these tips and tricks in mind while redecorating. 

Are you looking for more home decor inspiration and advice? Head to the “Interior Design” section of our site. 

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