11 Reasons to Do an Online MBA


An MBA degree has become essential for upper management positions in almost every business sphere. MBAs get more crucial responsibilities and up their chances for quick career advancements. However, joining an on-campus MBA program is not possible for all, especially those working. This is why online MBA programs have become the preferred choice for them.

Reasons for doing an online MBA

#1 Online MBAs are trustworthy

Of course, many online MBA programs are scam-tainted, but a majority of them are not, especially those sanctioned by the 3 key accrediting bodies – AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. These certifications place online MBA courses above suspicion. 

#2 Ideal for working people

An online MBA obviates the need for taking a break from a full-time job since you can pursue it in your spare time. This means you not only get to continue in your job but also continue to receive your salary. What’s more, an online MBA makes it possible for you to apply your learning directly to your work, thereby getting on-the-job training.

#3 Flexible scheduling

An online MBA is the most flexible option available. Many programs using asynchronous technology, like email and message boards, has made it possible to respond at your own pace. What’s more, with the benefit of real-time interaction, such as video conferencing, you can complete the program from the comfort of your home.

#4 Convenience

If you think it is only a physical campus that provides a library, career counselling and the like, think again. Nowadays, these services are available online too. Most online business schools deliver study materials before the start of the program by making them accessible online.

#5 Same curriculum

There is a feeling that the curriculum of an on-campus program is more exhaustive than what is offered in an online MBA. Nothing can be further from the truth since most of the schools provide online students with the same MBA syllabus that is meant for on-campus students.

#6 No relocation required

If you join a physical campus to pursue an MBA program and it is not in your city, then, perforce, you will need to relocate to that city. In an online MBA, there is no need for you to move anywhere. Thus, you end up saving moving costs and costs incurred in hiring accommodation close to the business school.

#7 Unaffected by job relocation

There may be times when you get transferred to your job to another city, or you land a new job in some other town. This relocation may prove detrimental if you are pursuing an on-campus MBA program. However, such moves have almost no effect on an online MBA.

#8 Online MBA on the move

Yes, it is possible to pursue your MBA while travelling, since everything is online, all you need is an internet connection. This proves most convenient for those in a touring job or who are frequently out on business trips.

#9 Cost factor

The best part of an online MBA program is it is way cheaper than an on-campus one. This is because an online student does not have to pay infrastructure costs, commuting costs or fees for availing on-campus amenities like library fee, internet fee and others. This is particularly good news for those who have to pay off the education loans.

#10 Time factor

An online MBA degree takes about nine months to complete, whereas an on-campus one takes at least two years. Since you get an MBA degree in less time, you can easily opt for a dual-degree program and complete it in the same time frame.  

#11 Career advancement

Nowadays, many companies encourage their employees to acquire an MBA degree to improve their companies’ management procedures and services.


There is little doubt that an online MBA program is becoming the preferred choice of students and working people due to its innumerable benefits. However, choosing the right online business school assumes utmost importance, since there are many fly-by-night schools scamming students. To this end, one of the best choices on offer is the triple-accredited Aston University online that is turning out fully qualified MBAs.

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