11 Playful Ways to Make Bed and Bath Time Fun for Kids


Kids dreading bed and bath time? Fighting the daily battle of getting your kids into the tub or keeping them tucked in their beds? Here, we explore 11 playful ways to make bed and bath time more fun for your little ones. From creating a Bubble Bath Island in the bathroom to telling “Monster Bedtime Stories,” these suggestions can make this daily task enjoyable for both parents and children!

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Bubble Bath Island

Create an exciting “Bubble Bath Island” for your children while they take their evening baths. Add small toys like rubber ducks, boats or pirate figurines – anything to make the experience more fun! And don’t forget the bubbles – kids love playing in them! To keep them occupied even further you could work together to come up with a storyline for each bath session and keep them engaged throughout!

Bedtime Stories

Make bedtime stories even more engaging by inviting your children to come up with character names, plotlines, and other aspects of the tale themselves. Not only will this encourage creativity but it may help them wind down before bed. And if it gets particularly scary? – make it into a “Monster Bedtime Story!” Additionally, they might enjoy reading stories aloud from favorite books!

Bath Crayons 

Make bath time into an artistic experience with bath crayons designed specifically for use in the tub. Kids can draw shapes on the shower walls and watch as they fade with water – it’s also an effective way of helping children learn basic shapes and colors; plus you’re welcome to join in the fun too!

Add Fishy Friends

Make bathtime more entertaining for your little ones by including fish-shaped floating toys as part of their bath time experience! Not only will they bring hours of entertainment, but they can help children keep their minds off how long they have been submerged in water for. Furthermore, fishy friends provide basic lessons in counting and shapes while offering company while drifting off to sleep at bedtime!

Foam Soap Monsters 

Encourage creativity by having your children use foam soap or bubble bath to design their own sudsy monsters! This activity will foster imagination while making bath time more enjoyable for your little one. In addition, learning colors and shapes through play is always fun and creative ways – even better if the monsters “disappear” when it’s time for rinsing! And once it is, let your kids use water to wash away these fun creations by washing away.

Bath Time Paintings

Squeeze out some food color into a cup filled with shaving cream and let your children create masterpieces! This simple activity will turn a bathtime routine into something fun for hours – not to mention teaching color mixing and painting techniques to your young artists! And once they’re finished creating, simply wash all their masterpieces away with water!

Waterproof Books

Make bath time fun for your little one with waterproof books! From ones that will inspire their imagination while relaxing to ones that teach basic concepts such as counting, shapes, and colors while flipping pages! You are sure to find something perfect.

Slippers and Pajamas

Make bath time even more exciting by giving your children special slippers and pajamas to wear afterwards! Dinosaur lovers will find dinosaur slippers from dinosaur-universe.com irresistible; while for extra comfort give your kids their favorite pair of fuzzy pajamas to help relax after taking a bath and stay warm afterward.

Bath Bombs 

Bath bombs are the ideal way to add fizzy fun and color to bath time! Not only will these fizzies add excitement, but the soothing essential oils found within these bath bombs help keep skin soft and moisturized – plus, these colorful goodies provide your little one with exposure to different scents and aromas!

Add Music

Enhance bath time with some soft, soothing music! Not only will it help your little ones relax but it will be an enjoyable soundtrack for you both to enjoy while they bathe! Plus, this time is great for singing along to some of your favorite tunes together – an additional plus being that this will improve language and communication skills of both parent and child!

Add Toys

Finally, add fun toys like rubber ducks, boats or pirate figurines – anything that will add extra enjoyment! Kids enjoy exploring all their imagination can come up with in the tub! After their adventure is done be sure to clean out the tub afterwards; this can also serve as an opportunity to teach your little ones about being neat and tidy as well as taking responsibility.

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Creative ideas such as these can make bath time enjoyable for both parents and kids! By investing a bit of thought and energy, you can create an atmosphere which facilitates learning without hindering relaxation or comfort.

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