10 Useful Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping


We all know how important it is to be healthy. In the present age, many of us forget that the goodness of greens is far better than the junk involved in ready – to eat and fast food items. If you like shopping as well as eating healthy, you’re just at the right place. In this article we’ll explore some tips to help you shop smartly for healthy groceries. Use this the next time you’re planning to visit the store.

1. Make a List of Things You Want to Buy

The first thing you must do is make a list of things you wish to buy. This is important because it allows you to keep a tab of things that you must purchase and of course, you could avoid forgetting important stuff. After you’ve drawn up the list, strike off all the junk and then set off for the store.

2. Cartoons Are Best Seen on Television

Avoid foods with nice cartoons drawn on them which are meant to attract children. In nine cases out of ten, they would be junk items that cause trouble if consumed too frequently. Learn more about eating healthy here at All The Stuff’s Twitter page.

3. Look for Frozen or Fresh Vegetables

Tinned or canned vegetables will have high amounts of preservatives or salt in them. The vegetables you’ll be carrying home must be fresh from the shelf or frozen from the fridge, though the former would be preferred.

4. Stickers Should Be a Requirement on Fruits

When buying fruits look for the stickers on them. You could see this easily on apples or oranges, but other fruits have them too. The sticker is a guarantee that the fruit has been grown in the best conditions and is freshly picked for you to eat. Wash your fruits well in warm or hot water before consuming them.

5. Opt for Skin – Off and Leaner Cuts of Meat

Leaner cuts of meat tend to be healthier. When buying your meat, look for these portions and get them if they are available. Ask for the skin of the poultry to be removed so that you can take home the fresher portions below for consumption.

6. If You Shop Online, Be Careful or Don’t Buy at All

Shopping online is a great advantage, but not at the cost of your health. When you shop online; either it is beverages or even Mexican candy, look for guarantees to allow you to confirm that the products coming home are safe. Avoid getting meat, poultry and fishes from online stores.

7. Look for Dates Before Tossing Them Over the Counter

Always check your choices for their expiry dates. Sometimes, shops forget or seem to forget that some products are well past their expiry. Other products expire just too quickly. As the consumer, you must look for the expiry date before selecting a product.

8. Twice the Fish for The Mandatory Bi-Weekly Dish

According to the advice of the American Heart Association, you should compulsorily consume fish twice a week to stay fit and free from heart related ailments. Each time you visit the store in a week, try to reroute through the fish and poultry section to pick up some for the bi-weekly preparation.

9. Dairy Products Are Universally Good

Dairy products are good for the entire family. This certainly does not mean you can gorge on milkshakes and cheese. Maintaining a balance is important. When shopping for milk, try to get the ones that have more recent manufacturing dates. If you’re working on a diet, look for fat – free milk.

10. Be A “Seasoned” Buyer

If you wish to be a seasoned buyer, you would never buy fruits or vegetables when the season is not right. Some stores sell fruits and vegetables well after or long away from their harvesting time. You could consider these to be from a storing facility and definitely not fresh.

The necessity of being healthy is more than most people realize. It is the first step to leading a long, ailment free life. It is also something that you must adopt as a lifestyle more than an option. Start today and clean your shelves of the unnecessary junk. Let good food do you good!

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