10 Outstanding Oils to Add to Your Collection:  Why Essential Oils Are Great for Your Health


More and more people are growing more and more concerned about the dangers of chemical-based fragrance oils, which some are calling the new secondhand smoke. 95 percent of these chemicals are derived from petrochemicals, and that usually means benzene and other known toxins. The Environmental Protection Agency has even declared a few of these substances to be hazardous to humans. Moreover, 75 percent of chemical fragrance agents contain phthalates. These substances have also been linked to numerous serious conditions, such as cancer, low sperm count, and irregular hormone levels.

As a result, more people are looking for a good wholesale essential oil source, and here are some of the best ones currently available.

Red Flower Guaiac Organic Oil

This oil comes from the guaiacum tree, which is well known for its considerable healing properties in many parts of South America. In terms of aromatherapy, the oil is very soothing and often helps lower stress levels. As a fragrance, it’s fragrant yet subtle, due to the addition of organic rose, pink grapefruit, and frankincense.

This is a daytime, evening, and bedtime perfume. It promotes healthy sleep and is also an aphrodisiac.

Fluorescent Pretty Bird

Originally developed as a purely therapeutic fragrance, the addition of clove, Damask rose, frankincense, and sandalwood make it a very alluring perfume that may be a little heavy for everyday use but is ideal for date nights.

Lurk BB11 Perfume Oil

Noted designer Anne Sanford developed this fragrance because she wanted to market a clean and androgynous oil-based scent that everyone could enjoy. The result is a warm black balsam and ambrette seed mixture with a strong hint of a floral scent.

Earth Tu Face Jasmine Balm

This scented oil is super cool, and not just because it’s a balm oil made from food-grade ingredients. It comes in a seashell, so no two look alike. And here’s an interesting factoid: The fragrance makers must synthesize some 8,000 handpicked blossoms in order to get a single millimeter of jasmine oil.

Vered Signature Scent

These fragrances have a very personal story. When confronted with a life-threatening illness, Vered Back used herbal remedies to restore her health, and that passion goes into her organic oils. This natural perfume draws its addictive scent from a combination of patchouli, vanilla, and orange blossom.


This natural fragrance has a cool backstory as well, because two sisters in Brooklyn hand-make each batch. The oil has a combination citrus/fruity smell.

Pour Le Monde Together Eu De Parfum

The world’s only 100 percent certified natural fragrance comes from one of the only companies that donates a significant portion of the proceeds to a designated charity. This particular one, which has a vanilla base and strong hints of Italian burgundy, Argentina lemon, and mixed berries, supports the Cancer Support Community.

Tsi La Fiori D’Arancio Organic Eau de Parfum

A proprietary combination of butters, essential oils, and plant botanicals goes into each batch. Citrus, flowers, honey, and vanilla give the fragrance an almost mischievous quality.

Give Scent Signature Fragrance

After two years in Italy, Elena Brower originally designed this fragrance just for herself. Now, its blend of vanilla, Sicilian almond oil, and summery citrus is available to anyone.

La Bella Figura Barcelona Perfume Oil

It may come from Chicago, but this oil has a distinctively Mediterranean scent, thanks to its combination of jasmine and Sicilian lemon.

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