10 Invaluable Pieces of Survival Gear That Can Save Your Life


Emergencies are usually not planned, but they can be prepared for before they arise. One of the ways to prepare is to put together all the important pieces of survival gear that can save your life. These items are not just useful; they can make a significant difference between life and death.

In this article, we wish to show you 10 pieces of survival gear that can make that critical difference. You should consider them the priority when packing your survival backpack or Bug out Bag.  Believe me; they will save your life when the SHTF.

  1. Compact Water Filter

Doctors say that about 70 percent of your body weight is water. It is not possible to overstate the importance of hydration in a time of emergency. Humans can only survive a day or so without water depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Since there is no telling when the disaster will strike, it is vital you pack a compact personal water filter in preparation. This survival gear will be invaluable when you run out of water reserves. A water filter will guarantee you adequate hydration so long as you can find a natural water source.  It will make any river, pond or lake water drinkable for you.

  1. Rehydration Salts

If you run out of water and there are no natural sources around, your only option would be to find another way to rehydrate yourself. Rehydration salts are great in this regard. But wait a minute, isn’t salt the number one cause of dehydration?

That’s true; however, this type of salt is different from the regular salt. Rehydration salts consist of glucose and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and citrate). These substances enter your digestive system and cause your intestines to reabsorb water resulting in fluid replacement. The salts can help deal with any dehydration symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and cold sweats. 

  1. Survival Ration

Water is an essential piece of survival gear. However, you will not perform optimally (both physically and mentally) if you are starving. You can rely on nature to provide you with food, but this could lead to food allergies and digestive problems. Survival rations offer perfect alternatives.

Such rations need no cooking or special preparation but are rich in calories. Some brands can last for extremely long periods. For instance, the UST 5-Year Emergency Food Ration Bar can remain fresh for up to 5 years. They are delicious, and each pack provides you with up to 2400 calories. Survival rations will be helpful once your food reserves are depleted.

  1. High-Quality Whistle

The confusion that reigns when a disaster strikes can make you lose your way even if you are familiar with your surroundings. The situation can be worse the disaster has driven you into the desert, the woods or other strange landscapes. A survival whistle can help you signal for help from emergency crews, passersby or guardian angels.

Dedicated whistles can be extremely loud and can be heard over great distances. A good example would be the Fox 40 Whistle. Another great feature of this whistle is the ability to work in subfreezing, wet and dry conditions.

Innovations in technology have led to the design of multi-purpose whistles that feature compasses and other survival accessories. For instance, the 5-in-1 survival whistle also features a compass, a matchbox, a signaling mirror, and a firestarter.

  1. Survival Knife

A survival knife will help you penetrate virgin woods by helping you clearing paths. It is also excellent when you need to make or repair your shelter. A sturdy survival knife can also help you hunt or forage for food. Perhaps the most critical reason to pack a survival knife is that it can save your life.

If you learn to use it correctly, a survival knife can be a formidable weapon against attackers and wild animals. A large knife is proper, but you should be wary of weight and space it will occupy. For that reason, go for a sturdy but compact model like the Swedish FireKnife. 

  1. Paracord Bracelet

Initially designed for parachutes, paracord has replaced rope in survival situations. Ropes are usually made from polypropylene or polyester which is not as strong as paracord which is made from nylon. Besides lack of strength, ropes are typically bulky and therefore not appropriate for disaster preparedness.

You can wear a paracord bracelet and deploy it when necessary. You can use it as rescue line, shelter, and as a firestarter (with bow drill). The gear is additionally great as First Aid adjunct following an injury. In this case, use it as sling, tourniquet or splint. Paracord 550 is the best for survival emergencies.

  1. Waterproof Matches

Hypothermia is a serious health risk during a crisis when you are exposed to the elements. Sometimes, even a shelter may not provide you enough warmth to prevent hypothermia. Ultimately, starting a fire could be the best option. There are many ways to start a fire, but matches offer the quickest, easiest and most effective way.

In dry conditions, any matches could do. However, you do not know what the conditions would be when a disaster strikes. That’s why you need to pack waterproof matches. Such matches are designed to work even if they are soaked in water. A good brand is the UCO waterproof matches.

  1. High-Quality Headlamp

Any form of lighting can be lifesaving in an emergency situation. The light can startle you an attacker or wild animal to give you an advantage. You can then get a chance to flee from danger or defend yourself (this should be the last option) against that danger.

Handheld flashlights are okay, but a high-quality headlamp has greater advantages than them. One of the many benefits is that both of your hands are free to do other things that could enhance your chances of survival. There are many brands of headlamps, but you could consider a great model like the Olympia EX550 Headlamp.

  1. Sleeping Bag

The shelter is of great importance when an emergency drives you out of your home, and you have to spend in the wilderness. Tents are great but are always bulky. You can as well make a shelter in the outdoors if you possess the skills. A smart way to keep the life-threatening elements out while reducing the weight of your backpack is to use a sleeping bag.

There are tons of sleeping bag brands. However, many expert survivors prefer and recommend the SOL Emergency Bivvy. This sleeping bag will reflect up to 90 percent of your body heat keeping you warm in frigid temperatures. The Bivvy is made from tear-resistant polyethylene featuring a highly visible orange color to catch the attention of the rescue crew.

  1. An Off-Grid Stove

Regardless of how much food you pack, you should always have a backup plan should your reserves get depleted before the emergency is resolved. A lightweight stove can help you boil drinking water and cook foods that require cooking to be consumable. You need a stove that will work off-grid even in cold conditions. A good candidate for this is the 12 Survivors off-grid stove.

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That’s it, fellow survivors. Now, you know the 10 important pieces of survival gear that can save your life. The benefit of survival gears lies not in having them but knowing how to use them appropriately. Therefore, you must hone the necessary survival skills to use each of these items. Only this way will such gear boost your chances of survival.

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