10 Interesting Things You Could Add to Your Home This Year


Whether you’re embarking on a renovation project or you’re simply considering the details that you might be interested in for the future of your home, there are so many possibilities out there. Everybody has their own unique style when it comes to home decor, and that’s a part of what makes renovating so unique and interesting. You can use this process to add both personal touches and amazing features that bring your home to life and provide you with the luxurious space you’re looking for. Here are just a few things you can add to your home this year. 

  • Rain Showerheads

If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience, look no further than a rain showerhead. Rain showerheads are luxurious and fun, and they can make a great addition to any bathroom environment. What’s more, they’re relatively easy to install as long as you have the equipment, and don’t usually require too much overhaul.

  • Heated Floors

Speaking of luxury, heating up your floors in colder areas like the bathroom, laundry room or mudroom can feel absolutely amazing in those chilly winter months. There are a variety of different systems you can look into installing, so if you find yourself wishing that your floors could offer you a little extra warmth, there are definitely options out there. 

  • Walk-In-Closets

Walk-in closets are a dream for many, especially all of those fashionistas out there. While expanding the space is more than enough of a renovation for some, others want to go all out with features like shoe storage and vanity mirrors for the ultimate beautification space. The best part of designing your own closet is you can create it totally up to your standards.

  • Big Windows

Let the light in with big windows that show off the sunshine all around you! While this is a slightly larger and more involved addition, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of natural light all around you. If you’re doing a larger renovation and there’s room for a bit of serious overhaul, you may want to consider expanding the natural light situation. It really can open up a space. 

  • Smart Home Features

Smart homes are all the rage right now, and it’s easy to see why. Smart home technology is not just highly customizable to your needs, but it also serves so many purposes that it’s almost guaranteed to make your home a better place to live. Smart home technology can cover everything from your entertainment system to your temperature controls, so you can truly go for whatever options make the most sense to you and your family.

  • Outdoor Lights

Moving to the outside spaces in your home, stacking your yard, porch or patio with the ultimate lighting solutions can be one of the best ways to capture that homey, warm feeling no matter the season. There are so many different forms of outdoor lighting that you can turn to in your home — from string lights all the way to hanging lights or lamps, being able to brighten up the outdoor space can make it feel much more usable and comfortable.

  • A Fire Pit

Speaking of adding warmth to outdoor spaces, a fire pit is just about as warm as things can get. If you are looking for a rustic, cozy touch to add to your outdoor space, a fire pit is a great way to explore those ideas. Plus, they can actually be fun and easy to build — especially if you use natural materials from the areas all around you. However, getting one installed by a professional is also an option.

  • An Elevator

Elevators in homes can sometimes be a bit extra, but there are so many reasons why having one might be extremely useful to everyone. Especially if you live somewhere with multiple floors or if you’re aging in place, having that assistance with mobility can be a great comfort and advantage for getting around easily. 

  • A Hot Tub

If you truly love the water and you also want to sit back and relax in your outdoor space, a hot tub might be a point of consideration for your next renovation. Of course, installing a hot tub definitely isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great aquatic alternative to a pool, but with a bit more of a relaxed vibe. You can also use it throughout the seasons, making it the perfect well-rounded addition to your outdoor space.

  • A Fitness Room

If you love working out, a fitness room could be in your future. Especially if you happen to have a spare room in your house and you feel more motivated in spaces designed for your fitness activities — no matter what they are — a workout space could be a great way to utilize an extra room.

Interesting Home Additions for Your Renovation

Everybody has their own tastes, preferences and priorities when it comes to stacking their home with the best features, and no matter what you decide to do, you can take your time and pick out the renovations that work for you and your family. Are there any features on this list that strike your fancy?

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7 days ago

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