10 Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning


How often do we consider carpet cleaning when we are thinking about our daily health routines? Likely very little. The truth is, keeping the carpets in your home and office clean make a big difference in your overall health. You and your family spend hours in your home, sometimes even sitting on the carpet. 

How to choose a professional carpet cleaner?

You should be vacuuming your carpet several times a week already, but when the time comes to choose a local carpet cleaning company, keep a few things in mind. You want to hire someone with expertise in carpet cleaning. Also, one with the right equipment to deep clean the carpet and get into layers that regular vacuuming can’t reach. Know your own needs and consider the price, which will mean getting more than two quotes for the job. Pick a company with several years’ experience, who uses cleaning fluids that will not be toxic to your pets, and maintains the proper licensing and insurance.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning:

1. Carpet cleaning removes trapped pollutants

Studies have shown that carpet particles can trap such irritants as cockroach allergens, dander, and dust. Airborne toxins often cling to carpet fibers, which are released back into the air when someone walks across it. They can release into the air even during vacuuming. Professional cleaning removes these pollutants.

2. Cleaning the carpets prevents mold

Mold is everywhere, and keeping it from growing is every homeowner’s battle. When moisture or spills get into carpet fibers and are not properly dried, mold can begin to grow rapidly. Those with asthma are particularly at risk for mold exposure, and mold contributes to many respiratory ailments.

3. Cleaning the carpet prevents the infestation of dust mites

WebMD states that keeping carpet clean not only keeps your home looking nice, it also removes allergens, dirt, microbes, mold and microbes from the carpet that can contribute to a decline in health conditions such as asthma. It stresses the importance of clean carpets in health facilities, but the same holds true of the place we live as well.

Every home has dust mites. These are microscopic bugs that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but reside in linens, towels, clothes and carpet. They shed feces, body parts and other organic material that are known to irritate respiratory passages. Regular carpet cleaning prevents them from rapidly proliferating.

4. Improvement of the air quality

Regular vacuuming will remove most surface pollutants in the carpet, but it is the deep fibers that cannot be easily reached that cause a problem. Deep cleaning the carpets will keep trapped irritants from kicking up into the air, making it difficult for those with allergies to breathe.

5. Children’s health safety

Because children are the ones who spend the most time on the floor, and are also subject to underdeveloped immune systems, children are more at risk for illnesses brought on by carpet irritants. Children who spend time in dwellings that have regularly cleaned carpets tend to have fewer respiratory ailments than their peers.

6. Boost your mental health

Having an unclean house causes a certain amount of mental stress, especially if it is a problem you know you can’t handle on your own. It is well known that having a clean house does wonders for alleviating stress. Knowing that your carpet is clean takes the worry out of knowing there are allergens and dust mites breeding.

7. Carpet cleaning help removes pet hair

If you have pets and you have gone an entire week without vacuuming, no doubt you have noticed that your vacuum cleaner is full of pet hair when you do vacuum. Pets, and humans, shed body hair constantly, and it often ends up ground into the carpet along with pet dander. For those with allergies, this can cause allergic reactions and severe discomfort.

8. Better sleep

If you are sensitive to allergens in the air, your sleep patterns will be disrupted. We change our breathing rates as we sleep, and spending several hours in a room with unclean carpet makes for an unhealthy and less restful night of sleep. Having clean carpets and linens are a necessity for those with allergies.

9. Remove Bacteria

Any organic matter lodged in carpet fibers will host bacteria, some of it dangerous. Spills, hair, dander or other organic material can serve as a breeding ground for illness-causing bacteria, especially if bodily fluids spill onto the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning should use a solution that kills bacteria, and the associated odors that go with it.

10. Breathe Easy

Few people notice their breathing becoming more labored over times as increasing pollutants in the air inhibit breathing. However, for those who have allergies, walking into a clean environment is often immediately noticeable. Even those without allergies notice that their breathing is easier in clean places. Once you have your carpet cleaned, likely this will be the first thing you notice.


Carpets have the potential to bring beauty and luxury to a dwelling, but left unclean, they can be a health hazard. Most reputable carpet cleaning services can tell you horror stories about some of the carpets they have cleaned, leaving no doubt the negative health impact their owners had been facing. Regularly cleaning your carpets can keep the carpet looking new and beautiful, but also keeps the inhabitants healthier, less stressed and better rested.

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Sidney Anna
1 year ago

Carpet cleaning is perceived by many as an extremely tedious and physically hard process. So we often put it off until later, ending up with a deep carpet cleaning twice a year. No need to tell, that it is not enough and carpet cleaning should be performed much more frequently. That’s why the tips from the current articles on how to choose the right cleaning company are so valuable! Thank you for sharing your ideas about the benefits of the procedure! I relate so much to a mental health point.

1 year ago

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