You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. #WhyDoesMyDog

Being a new dog owner isn’t easy. Or, having a dog for a while or adopting when they’re a bit older, one has to be able to find ways to teach old dogs new tricks. Aly, Founder of Why Does My Doghas a great series all based on “How Do I…” She put together this series in order to help people learn the best methods to take the headache out of walking your furry friend, how to burn off some doggy energy, learn quick and simple steps for basic and more advanced commands, and overall get some training basics to help you and your dog to succeed, so a full series of video content that you can utilize on the go as you’re walking down the street, playing in the yard, etc. To see the full series, you can go here to learn more: 
I want to share a sample of a video from this series discussing a problem that a lot of dog owners face, which is the big question of whether you stop your dog from pulverizing every toy you buy, or is this just a natural “dog thing” that you should allow?


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