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Wonderful Halos Mandarins – Always a hit!


I don’t know about you but getting my kids to eat their fruits and veggies is a bit of a challenge. So when it is Citrus season comes around, I get super excited.  It seems like Mandarins are the only fruit they will eat without arguing with me. As a mom, I have no problem with that because I love when my children eat healthier! They eat the occasional grapes and Strawberries but they will devour every bag of Mandarin if I bring home! Our favorite brand in our house is Halos Mandarins.

Why do we love Halos so much? They are sweet, seedless and easy to peel! My daughter especially hates it when the skin is super thin.  She goes to peel it and her fingers go right into the Mandarin. I also love to give them Halos for lunch. It is such a wonderful snack alternative plus they are so easy to peel I don’t have to worry about them having issues doing it on their own.

Halos® mandarins are Mother Nature’s perfect snack—sweet, juicy, seedless, and easy for little hands to peel. Even better, these li’l guys are 100% California born and raised, and absolutely, positively Non-GMO Project verified. So be sure to enjoy Halos® when they’re in season, from November through April.

As Easter approaches, what a better time to stuff the baskets with something healthy. Check out the adorable things they have in their March Easter box:

-Welcome letter/Tips for sharing
-Easter Basket
-Easter craft kit with instructions/ribbon, white, yellow and pink cardstock, glue dots,  googly eyes, white pom poms, white and yellow pipe cleaners
-Bunny craft card
-Chick craft card
-Scavenger hunt printable
-Mandarin Peel kitchen cleaner craft card
-Halos Toast recipe
-Halos Granita recipe

Do you love Halos as much as we do? Let us know how much you love them and why!

Learn more and connect with the folks at Halos socially:

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paula schuck

We buy these pretty much every single week. They are great for lunches and for snacks to on the go. We are huge fans. This is avery cute idea too. Love the crafts and the creativity here.


Aww! The Easter box is awesome!
I love Halos. I have never been much of an orange eater, but then I discovered these. I was pregnant with my second and so thirsty and craving fruit. My mom told me mandarin oranges helped her nausea and sure enough, they did for me. They’re still my favorite!


Yes, we have Halos in our fridge at pretty much all times. I eat them often, as does our teenage daughter. When our two granddaughters come for a visit they ask for them every time.

Roger Willis

Halos are delicious! Our grandkids love them, as does our daughter. We like to stock up on them when she’s
home, or when our grandkids come to visit. I used to own and operate a home-based daycare, and the kids in my
care loved them!


The Easter basket is unique and too cute. My family loves Halos as well! 🙂


Oh these are so delicious. I love it when I find a fruit that I can eat as many as I want to and be totally guilt free. That’s a winner in my book


I have halos on my countertop pretty much all the time. My little ones just love to eat these… and us adults too! They are so easy to bring in a diaper bag and so sweet and juicy. I love how you incorporate them in the Easter basket!

Julie Lundstrom

We buy Halos all the time for the kids. Wonderful for snacking.

Kerri Olkjer

My family is wild about Halos! I can’t keep enough of them in the fruit bowl. Hubby and the kids love snacking on them. OK, me too… 😉

Cheryl Chervitz

The whole family loves Halo’s. What a cute basket.

Cheryl Chervitz

Halo’s are great. We all love them.

Ali Rost

What a fun spring time box. At our house we love Halos. My husband takes them as snacks to work and I like them blended into my smoothies. Also .. I’m loving the craft ideas. Now that I have grandchildren underfoot .. I’m always looking for fun ways to spend the afternoons


My kids love Halos. I have two bags in the refrigerator right now. They eat multiple ones a day, and I actually like them as much as they do!

Margaret Appel

The Easter Box is really cute! We buy halos every time we hit the grocery. I love how easy they are to peel, they’re sweet, and it’s rare to find a seed.

shelly peterson

We love Halos for snacks!

Marilyn Nawara

I bought these for the first time a few weeks ago and they are delicious.

Peggy Nunn

We love Halos. Like your children, they want to eat them all the time.

Hollie Jahnke

We love Halos. They are a great after school snack.

Tara L

My son would love these and my potbelly pig would love the skin (:

Karen Giasson

My grandchildren love when I bring Halos home. Come to think of it so do I, lol.


We love Halos! My kids love collecting the states stickers they put out this year.

Terri S.

My family loves to eat HALOS mandarins because they’re delicious. They’re a perfect snack to enjoy at home or on the go. My 2 little granddaughters can peel them easily and they have no seeds.

Cheryl B

These are must have in our household. I eat them as a mid morning snack.

Lisa Favre

My mom is a huge fan of mandarins! Whenever it’s mandarin season, we always have a big box (or two). I have never tried Halo Mandarins, but I’m sure my relatives would be willing to give it a go!

elizabeth miller

My daughter devours these. I love that they are so easy for kids to peel so it makes them great for lunches. What a cute idea to make them into the Easter basket.

elizabeth miller

My daughter devours these. I love that they are so easy for kids to peel so it makes them great for lunches. What a cute idea to ma.ke them into the Easter basket

Angela Saver

We love juicy Halos and also love how easy they are to peel, even for the little ones!

Angela Saver

We love juicy Halos and how easy they are to peel, even for the kids!

Terri S

I have only had Halos once but I loved, Loved, LOVED them. This is a great prize package! Thank you for the chance!

Donna B

Everyone in my house loves Halo’s. We have a hard time keeping them here. The grandkids always eats them until gone. Not complaining, I love seeing them eat healthy!

denise low

The halos are our favorite. They are just the right size for us. Thank you for the review.


My kids love it when they find Halos in their lunch boxes!

Amanda Stovall

Halo’s are a huge hit in our house too!! And for many of the same reasons!! I love that my kiddos eat this healthy snack (very) willingly, without any begging & pleading on my part, which is often the case when it comes to persuading my children to indulge in any type of healthy, good-for-you food-item!! 🙂

Robin Abrams

My grandkids love Halos. We buy them for their after school snacks.

Katie H

My son loves Halos! They are probably his favorite snack, and easy to travel wherever we go. These crafts he may enjoy, so will have to try. Thanks!

Krystal pena

Yes our famliy enjoys them alot thank you!!!

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