Have you ever placed your q-tip to far into your ear and gotten that really painful push on your ear canal? If you are ready to put away the q-tips and try something a bit more comfortable go ahead and try the WaxVac. This little machine vacuums out your ear and gives a much more comfortable fit. When you open the box you have the WaxVac, 8 silicone tips, and a cleaning brush for the machine. To use it simply turn it on and place it in to your ear slowly, while it vacuums out your ear. The product does make a small sound from the vacuum being turned on but it was not an uncomfortable feeling it was more subttle.

After you are done using it you can take off the front cup, and take your cleaning brush to empty it out. I did get a chance to use it when water got in to my ear, it removed the water quickly with no pain. A very convenient part of this product is that it is wireless, so no hassle with cords. It also contains a cute little light on the head of it if you want someone to check your ear. If you don’t want it for yourself perhaps you might want it for your children, they might even find it a bit fun compared to using a typical q-tip. All in all this seemed like a nice change from poking my ear with a piece of cotton.




Have a great time with your kids, or by yourself by keeping ears clean with the gentle touch of the WaxVac! Put the q-tips away and get pick up your WaxVac now.



Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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