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This may sound crazy but when it comes to my hubby and I, I’m not sure which one of us loves using power tools more— him or me. haha!

I have to admit, I LOVE to tackle DIY projects. It’s always been one of my passions (like cooking) that gets my blood pumping and my brain working overtime. This is where my creativity shines through— I love the challenge, AND I love the power. hehee!

I know… this doesn’t sound like something a typical woman would say, right? Well, I’m no typical woman… I am unique and I work hard at everything I do. That’s exactly why when it comes to home projects, good quality tools are a must. I don’t want to waste my valuable time with junk!

Speaking of projects, since hubby and I have made it a “near future” feat, we plan to prep our home and put it on the market, then transfer down to the sunny state of Florida. Now, we’ve been discussing this for some time now but slowly we’re getting closer. Sure we still have a lot to do, like tons of painting but thanks to Wagner, we’ll reach our goal a whole lot sooner!

Wagner offers a wide array of quality paint applicators to help get the job done faster, and done right the first time— for homeowners and professional painters.


Two of Wagner’s more advanced products— the SMART Sidekick and the Flexio 590 provide the newest innovation in powered rollers and sprayers. Each use patented technology to give you a smoother, more controlled coat of paint by way of the adjustable precise controllers. If flexibility and power is what you need, look no further than the SMART Sidekick and Flexio 590.



The SMART SideKick draws from any size container from 1 to 5 gallons, and directly feeds the roller cover for consistent application of paint to the surface for professional results.  The powered roller provides everything needed to complete painting projects with ease.  

  • Paint in less time without reloading
  • Fits all paint containers
  • Perfect for large projects




The FLEXiO Sprayer produces a slightly stippled, roller-like finish, perfect for interior walls. Edges, corners and broad interior surfaces can now be sprayed faster for better coverage and with some basic masking, you are saved from the tedious efforts of a brush, saving time for other projects.


Now that I have my Wagner SMART Sidekick and the Flexio 590, my painting projects are going a whole lot easier. The prep work is pretty darned simple and the clean up is much simpler too. Plus, I can reach my target without straining my back. Gotta love that!

Did I mention I’m wasting less paint now? Oh yeah, the Sidekick and the Flexio 590 adjust your flow rate and coating speed (and yes the paint is undiluted) so there are no paint spills (like you get when trying to climb a ladder with a bucket or paint tray) and less drips. Woohoo!

Can these guys get any better? Two thumbs up Wagner!!!

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  1. I’m in the market for a paint sprayer, I have popcorn ceilings, and they’re awful to paint!! Great review!!

  2. Danielle Papsis on

    This would be great for me and hubby for all the projects around the house: painting rooms, staining outside furniture and decks.

  3. My dad has had a couple of Wagner tools and they last a long time and are easy to use!! I also highly recommend anything from Wagner

  4. Teresa from Chicago on

    My hubby has been telling how great the Wagner sprayer is! I think it’s awesome that this giveaway cam up! I also think is crazy cause he has been telling bout how bad he wants it and there is a giveaway! Lol he won’t be able to get it any time soon cause we are expecting our first miracle baby! I hope I win this for him cause we are on a really tight budget. He is an awesome person he deserves this! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!

  5. Wow – this actually makes painting look like a lot of fun – ha ha Would love this so we can paint our deck – would make quick work of it!

  6. Mary Beth Elderton on

    We love DIY projects! We recently bought a small older home to re-do. It is a lot of work but very satisfying.

  7. alena svetelska on

    these amazing tools defiently makes painting jobs and projects so much easier and so much fun,our living room need some new paint.

  8. The Smart Sidekick would be great to use for some of the painting projects we have around our house. We need to paint the garage before winter and this tool looks like it would really speed up the painting process.

  9. Wow this definitely looks like something I need, especially as a new homeowner! I would love to paint some walls and projects, potentially my kitchen cabinets!

  10. It has been a long time since we painted. I dread having to do it so I have put it off, this would come in handy!

  11. What a great set, I think my husband could really put a set like this to use,lol. Well I know I would use it. Everything is due for a good paint job in our house. Great review, thanks a bunch

  12. Eustacia Miliusis on

    I really need to repaint my homes interior but dread the time consuming messiness. I would sure love to have one of theses Wagner products!

  13. i would love to win this for my husband, he saw me looking at this page and told me to get it lol 🙂

  14. I would really like to try using the side-kick. It would be so much faster painting a room using this.

  15. Great review. We had tried a generic painting sprayer years ago and boy was it a mess. We have so much painting to do. We live an old house where some of the walls have these like old boards going up the wall which are probably over 50 years old and it is almost impossible to cover them so I would love either of these.

  16. Linda Szymoniak on

    Wow, I could see getting a lot of use out of both of the styles. We’ve lived at our house for quite a while now and are finally updating things, including removing wallpaper (that was in the house when we bought it) and painting. My husband isn’t very proficient when it comes to painting and I think these would help him get an even coat of paint on the walls and other things. I have quite a few other projects on my to-do list so I’d get plenty of use with them, too.

  17. I love that it makes painting faster. It would probably make me want to get more of my painting projects done since the Smart Sidekick makes them so much easier!

  18. This would be so much cleaner and easier than painting the old fashioned way with brushes,and would probably look more polished and professional,I would love this to spruce up my house.

  19. My husband is a carpenter an really likes Wagner products. He likes how dependable they are and how affordavle. They are always coming out with great products.

  20. This looks so wonderful to paint with love to use it when we’re painting our home on the interior would save so much time from using the paint brush.

  21. I bought a home over 100 years old. I am in process of taking the downstairs walls down and putting insulation in them now, which had none and I had bills of $900 last winter a month. I am replacing electrical, etc. so when it comes to having something like this, would sure help out when I start painting. Never had one of these before and it sounds great and like the perfect tool to have. Thanks for the chance at this one

  22. I need the Wagner Sidekick, we have to repaint and it would make it so much easier. We shouldn’t have to repaint already but here is a tip- never use cheap paint.

  23. I love products that make my life easier, particularly with DIY projects. These look really well made and they make painting actually look like fun. I think if I had one of these I’d just paint every room in my house at one time every couple of years.

  24. I really want a Wagner SMART SideKick and Flexio 590! These look like they would make painting so much easier! My daughter and I would probably fight with my husband over who got to use it first!

  25. I love that it’s self loading. No more paint cans getting tipped over on the floor. No more drips from the pan to the wall. The versatility is great. I like that it can do multiple jobs.

  26. Doreen Lamoureux on

    Now, I want to paint my house. Seriously, what a fabulous product. I cringe when I have to do the deck… but with this tool, it looks like fun. Great product, great review.

  27. Angela Simmons/ Prosperity Queen on

    Would love to win this set for my husband. We are doing home improvements to our back yard

  28. beverly i paquin on

    these painters have come a long way since i bought my wicked old one 15 years ago. maybe even longer than that.

  29. barbara corbitt on

    This would be great!! I love that it will work in any paint container from one to five gallon can

  30. I had two duplexes, and there was always something to paint or touch up, especially hallways. Wagner is wonder to use. I used to have a roller, but you had to refill it by hand. Then we got the small sprayer, it sure saved time. Now with the paint control, and the filler unit that fits on the paint can or bucket, it’s perfect. Clean up is not bad, at least you are not cleaning up paint spills and splatter on your hands and knees! ( X got the sprayer ) We had hardwood floors, so I did tape and put down tarps, but they never got messy with Wagner!

    You have to try these, they will save a lot of time and money! Not to mention your back! Thanks for offering this great gift!

  31. I am getting ready to paint my kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. This wold be so very helpful.

  32. These Wagner Power Tools sound awesome! My hubby would love them. They would make his “honey do list” a whole lot sweeter!.

  33. That looks amazing and a real time saver. Hubby and I have been talking about repainting our house!

  34. The paint sprayer is really cool. This is a great brand and a great tool to have if you are going to have big jobs to paint. My husband would love this as he is helping the town restore the old barn. This would come in handy for him and I know he would love this.

  35. The Smart Sidekick seems like it would be an awesome tool in have in the home,this would make painting a breeze

  36. I have wanted the Flexio for the longest time, I’m always needing to paint something at home.

  37. I love that this helps save on paint while also making painting so much easier. The added benefit of quick clean up is even better.

  38. I love the way that the SideKick makes painting so easy. We used to have one ok the sprayers and we loved it.

  39. Seems the older I get the less I’m capable of doing. This machine on the other hand would allow me to keep up with my home’s designs due to its ease of use. Love things that help me stay independent!

  40. My husband has his own painting business and I know he could use this! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  41. This is awesome! My husband would LOVE this and I hope to be one of the lucky winners! This is so up his alley it is not even funny! He does this for a living! Thanks for sharing and I hope to win!

  42. This would be such an amazing gift for my husband. He is a great painter, and has started a woodworking company. It would be really nice for him to have a paint sprayer!

  43. this is the next big thing i do say so i paint all the time and this is what im looking for love the review

  44. I love, love, love that power roller! I may have to purchase it right away because I’m painting our grandson’s new bedroom starting Monday!

  45. I love that it fits all paint containers and makes painting a lot faster – the one thing I hate about painting is how time consuming it is!

  46. Ugh I have been putting off painting the house for years!!! The white paint is no longer white and I would love something that I could paint with real fast and not have to worry about killing myself while trying to paint every room! This would be a dream come true

  47. My hubby would love to use this hew has arthritis in his shoulders and it is hard to use a paint roller or a brush, it would be great to water seal our deck with it and I would love to use it to roll paint our den, it has never been painted and definitely needs it.

  48. planning on repainting the outside of the house in a few years, Would love to use the Flexio to get the job done faster and less physical

  49. These both look amazing, my biggest problem when painting is drips. Seems like the roller or sprayer would eliminate the problem. Thank you

  50. The tools look great. I know my husband would love to own these tools. We have talked about repainting parts of the house and these tools would help out alot.

  51. This would be great for the very high to reach places. Not having to go up and down on the ladder as often would be amazing!

  52. Linda Manns Linneman on

    I have used Wagner products in the past and they are great. I am so excited about this giveaway because we are doing alot of painting

  53. I can my dad using an earlier iteration of the Wagner painter and telling us how mush easier it made painting his house.

  54. We moved into our new home 6 years ago and I have still only painted one room! This would definitely give me the motivation to get the other rooms done! I could finally get rid of the pale yellow that is EVERYWHERE!

  55. What an innovative product I could actually get hubby to do some of the sprucing up I’ve been begging for help with.

  56. We don’t have any of the newer Wagner products but our neighbors have one the Wagner paint applicators, The SMART SideKick and it really gets the job done faster and a good job at that. My husband really like their products and their performance.

  57. Stephanie Phelps on

    My husband and I could really use these. We need to stain our deck and paint the whole house this would be so nice to own!

  58. This looks like it would be fairly easy to use and like a lot of people, I have plenty of painting projects that this would be perfect for! I think it’s a great motivator to get those projects done too 🙂

  59. I have been wanting to tackle painting the outside of my house and I think this would be fantastic!

  60. What a great product. I love that this product has less mess and wastes less paint which equals more money in our pocket. It would be perfect for painting our kitchen cabinets

  61. I love DIY projects at home also, a new paintsprayer is on my wishlist because I dread painting the “normal” way that takes so much time, is messy and a pain….Would love to tackle my outdoor settee with the paintsprayer, I gave up half way through with the spray cans of paint….it’s white, green and brown right now!

  62. Patrycja Chudziak on

    My husband and I are planning to paint our entire apt. next month…..this amazing tool would be heaven sent for us to cut our painting time in half!!

  63. This sounds like it would be perfect for the deck and ramp I’m getting fixed. I need to paint the whole thing plus the back steps. I would love to save on the paint and have less mess. TFS.

  64. My husband would really love this. I want to get our bedroom painted so badly. We’ve done every room in the house but that one!

  65. This looks amazing! I am thinking of repainting my kitchen cabinets, and this would make life SO much easier!

  66. Painting can be an extremely frustrating task, especially if you’re not all that experienced at it, so I definitely think Wagner’s Smart Sidekick would take some of the frustration out of the job and simplify things big time.

  67. Melinda Stephens on

    I have been wanting to paint all the rooms in my house ever since we bought it. I’ve been trying to figure out the fastest way to paint since I have to do it while my son is napping or at my mom’s. It sounds like these would make that possible.

  68. We have painting in & out to do so this looks like it would be great for that! # thx for the opportunity & information! #

  69. kathleen mcguire on

    With the smartkick, I think I may get the painting done this year. I have been dreading the time it was going to take.

  70. My daughter is taking on a large project of painting her ice cream truck…pink. This would help a lot in her project.

  71. Oh, man I sure could have used this about two weeks ago, I just got done painting a bedroom upstairs and it took me forever to do it too. It sure would have been nice to have this to do the job with.

  72. kathleen schriber on

    i have sooo many projects ready to be painted and just not getting to them because i ‘brush’ paint! i need this desperately! crossing my fingers!

  73. WOOT WOOT how wonderful it would be to be able to paint without wearing the paint all over me from the roller!

  74. I have some outdoor chairs I want to paint. I’m thinking this would be sooooo much nicer than having hand cramps from using spray paint!

  75. I’ve never used a sprayer but this look very useful. I have a ton of painting to do and would love to give this a try. No doubt it would save me a significant amount of time in that activity.

  76. I have rented one of these before. Leaves a beautiful finish and is so much quicker than the conventional route.

  77. This would be perfect for painting our house inside and out! We have so many rooms that desperately need to be painted. This would make the job fun and easier!

  78. Lynsay Leitner on

    I borrowed my neighbors wagner paint gun and it was great and so easy to use and saved me so much time paiting my deck that i had time to do the entire fence too. I would love to have my own!

  79. This would be so handy to use when we paint the wooden fence …and the garage ….and several other projects I have on the list.

  80. this is a great review you explained these machine to the tee they look like some amazing painters i would love to get these and make my painting jobs so much simplar and easier then before thanks for sharing this with us

  81. This would be great for our remodel i could even help my hubby with the painting for a change. =)

  82. This would be a great way to paint. I can definitely see it saving us a lot of time.