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rosewine_3If you love wine, but are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re going to love this! Wine is such a great gift. You almost can’t go wrong! It’s an easy hostess fix, is classy, and not usually too cheap. However, not everyone drinks wine. For whatever reason, it is, those people are often on the search for something great to drink instead. 

V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine is a higher class of health drinks. It’s a cross between all those “healthy” drinks out there and a glass of wine! It comes in single serve, break-proof bottle that doubles as a drinking glass, ready for you to enjoy. It has a flavor similar to wine, with a lighter, smoother finish. 

How V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine is Made:

V/NO Alcohol Removed Wines are created using the same process as wine. They are made from high quality California grapes. Those  are pressed, fermented, and then aged in stainless steel. Then right before they’re bottled, the alcohol is removed, using a cold filtration process. Less than 0.5% alcohol remains. The cold filtration process is what sets V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine apart from other alcohol removed wines. Heat-based processes damage the quality of the flavor. V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine’s cold filtration allows the taste to remain intact. 

“V/NO captures the health benefits of wine and is packaged in a unique and convenient 187ml bottle that doubles as a serving glass.

We take great pride in presenting our premium product, as we strive to offer our customers a natural, sophisticated, and healthier option that they can enjoy every day.”

V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine is available at a price more affordable than most wines, in a package that’s very classy. It comes in three varieties: red, rose, and white. 

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Health Benefits of V/NO Alcohol Removed Wine:

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Linda Manns Linneman

I would like to try the Rose. I am trying to eat healthier this year as I have high cholesterol. Thank you for sharing

Julie L

I’d like to try the Rose. I’m trying to be healthier by eating breakfast in the morning.

Susan Burge

I’d like to try the red. I’ve been losing weight slowly (after many years of gaining), trying to get healthier and take some stress off my bad knees – arthritis from being hit by a car years ago.

Rachel DeMontmollin

I would love to try the rose or the red. I am trying to lose weight and hopefully that will help will some of my fertility issues 🙂

Karen Beckett

I haven’t tried this wine yet but I think I would probably prefer the white wine. I am trying to eat lighter & exercise more. Have to get healthy!

Joy Q

I would love to try the Rose wine.

Jan Lee

I’d like to try the Rose flavor of the Vino. I don’t drink alcohol so this would be a nice alternative 😉

Sandra Watts

What a cool little bottle. I would love to try the Rose wine.

jamie anders martin

Would love to try!

ellen beck

I’d like to try the Rose. We are trying to lead a heaalthier lifestyle by cutting down on sodiums.


Hi, just wanted to say, I liked this post.
It was practical. Keep on posting!

Gabrielle Danz

I would love the white or rose! I am trying to live a healithier life style by use essential oils instead of medication!

Brigid OHara Koshko

What a great product! I have family members that are sensitive to alcohol and others who are diabetic but all enjoy an occasional glass of wine. This would be perfect for them. And its is reasonably priced!

Nivona H.

I would love to try the Rose or White and I am definitely trying to be healthier this year. I don’t drink often and most times just end up with a headache so I think this would be great 🙂

Brandi B.

I would love to try the Rose or White! We dont drink much and I know this would be a healthier choice for my hubby and I! Very cool 🙂


The only wine that I’ve ever tried and really liked is chocolate wine. I’m trying to take vitamins to be nore healthy.


The red would be my favorite, I haven’t tried it though because this is the first I’ve heard of it. We are making smoothies and upping our greens for a healthier life.


I always like a nice bottle of red

Debra Guillen

I’d like to try them all starting with the Rose. I like that it still has the health benefits of wine without the alcohol as I try to limit my alcohol consumption.

Jennifer C

I would love to have my husband try the red. Drinking healthier is a big priority for us this year and this looks like a great compromise to add to the healthier eating we have been doing.


I would like to try the red.

wen budro

I would love to try them all especially the Rose. These sound wonderful.

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I’d love to try the red.

mary j

I would like to try the white. I am working on drinking more water.

Erica B.

Rose would be good.