Tiny Love Gymini® Bouncer



So I’ve had my share of bouncers in the past, not many caught my attention. The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer seems great though, and Daveron loves it even more than myself! He seemed to find himself caught in a long lasting giggle  that warmed my heart and put a  smile on my face. Memories and happiness, what more could you ask for. The Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer is perfect. I notice when I place Daveron in the Tiny Love Gymini  he plays with the toys that dangle close enough for him to touch, giggling all the while until finally settling to a peaceful silence of my napping little guy.


This product is a well made, brightly colored bouncer that was well in my own price range. When finding myself gathered with family, and, or friends Daveron would be either calm or jolting with joy while spending a bit of time in the bouncer. Your child will have plenty of toys to keep him occupied, whether it is biting on the leaf shaped tether or falling in to a peaceful sleep with the musical crab that dangles above. No need to worry of comfortability for your child, little Daveron sat in it with more than enough room to move around. The seat itself does arch if you would like to place your baby into a more comfortable position. With everything said, and Daverons gigglish feedback I could say that this would be a great bouncer to pick up with a great quality name behind it.



Tiny Love makes amazing baby gear. You can purchase your very own baby bouncer on their website Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer.


Tiny Love has been generous enough to offer one of Mom Blog Society’s lucky readers a chance to win their very own Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer! Simple click the enter button below to enter via the Rafflecopter.


Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.






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Tiny Love Gymini® Bouncer–what I exactly need!