There is Nothing Better than a NYC Bagel!


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I do not live too far from NYC. It is about a 2 hour drive for me. My aunt lives in Satan Island so when I was younger we used to go into the city for the most delicious Bagels I have ever tasted. There is just something about a NYC Bagel that is a step above the rest. Traveling to NYC to grab Bagels is not so ideal. Let’s face it, who has the time anymore.  Now you can let the Bagels come to you! Fresh baked NYC bagels delivered anywhere in the US in 1-2 business days!  I was super excited to receive my Bagels!!

Once the package came to my door, I opened immediately. I was afraid that since the Bagels were being shipped, it would compromise the freshness and flavors. Boy was I wrong. I immediately opened up the first package which was the Salt Bagels. I really got this one for my husband because he is a fan of all things salty. Personally, I thought it was too salty but he LOVED it.  It was the perfect amount of saltiness for him. He ended up making a delicious Ham sandwich for himself which was gone in about 1 minute.


1800nycbagel1The next Bagel I tried was the BIALY. A Bialy is similar to a plain Bagel except it’s Baked not boiled. They are a bit flatter with a depression in the center instead of a whole. The depression is filled with roasted onion and garlic. This was amazing!! I went basic on this one and put some butter on it. I wanted to sample the actual bagel instead of having too much stuff on it to overtake the flavor of the Bagel. It was perfect. The bagel was fresh. The texture is what I love so much about these bagels. There is no need to even put these into a toaster.

I am kind of a Plain Jane when it comes to my Bagels so it was no surprise that I loved the Plain Bagels the best. I made my favorite dish. Bagel, Cream Cheese & Lox (Tomatoes and Cucumbers of course) This has been something I grew up eating and to this day, I still love it. If you don’t have a good Bagel to eat it on then it is not as good but there was no failing these Bagels. It was a hit!


I can keep go on and on and on about how much I love these bagels, but you really have to try them for yourself. Check out and select a dozen of your own. The price remains $18 for a dozen or $1.50 each, plus priority mail shipping.



This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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  1. I have never been to NY but the one thing I always wanted to try were the bagels, I’m a big fan of a good bagel.

  2. Peggy Johnson on

    These bagels look totally awesome. I moved to the south from New Jersey many years ago and no one has bagels like the north. This would be great to win.

  3. Im so impressed at the freshness from something being shipping!! I love your choice!! Huge salmon fan here too 😉

  4. I love bagels! My concern would have been the freshness as well. Good to hear they arrived quickly!

  5. I miss homemade bagels and love visiting my baby bro and his family in St. Louis as they always purchase fresh bagels! Here in a small town in Central KY, we have to get frozen (UGH) or “fresh” Sarah Lee bagels. I really miss homemade ones. NYC Bagels sound amazing and are making my mouth water! So glad to hear that I can order homemade ones online!

  6. I miss New York style bagels. There is something different about them you can’t find anywhere else. I would love to win this to relive my New York visits.

  7. wow,talk about the best giveaway ever, i am a bagel lover,i can eat one for any meal made anyway. i miss living near a bagel shaop where id go with my mom to eat bagels and there would be tons of different cream crease flavors to try, oh my it was the best. i would love to win this to share with my 2 teen girls.they get sick of me talking about bagels, but come on, bagels,who doesnt love them. ty keep on posting

  8. Kristen Joiner on

    I’ve never really had bagels with anything other than butter or maybe cream cheese on it, making a sandwich out of it would be nice.

  9. I am a huge fan of bagels, there is nothing better then a NYC Bagel. My favorite is an egg or onion bagel.
    People outside of the northeast don’t know what they are missing with our crunchy bagels and crusty breads.

  10. Austin Baroudi on

    These bagels look delicious. I’ve never had the pleasure of trying New York bagels, but I hear they are delicious so these would be great! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Bagels in NYC are definitely the best. I love this idea of being able to get them anywhere in the US.

  12. Ooh. These bagels look and sound delicious. I would have to agree with you — I typically like plain bagels. The most I branch out is cinnamon raisin bagels with cream cheese. I would love to try these bagels, but I think they’re a little on the expensive side, at least for me.

  13. I live in Chicago… you’d think it’s a big enough city to have a decent breakfast culture, but our bagel game is seriously weak. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Debbie Welchert on

    These bagels look and sound so amazing. I haven’t had a bagel in some time. They have so many to choose from. I would definitely have to try the raisin bagel, onion bagel, garlic bagel oh heck just give me one of each kind….

  15. There is almost nothing better than a NY everything bagel! Just smeared with cream cheese! (I’m not a big fan of lox, though).

  16. I have had NYC bagels before and they are delicious! They come fresh just like they were baked in your own kitchen; not warm, but soft, fresh and delicious! Oh getting so hungry thinking of them. 🙂

  17. These look so amazing our whole family loves bagels so these would be a big hit you can pile it high with anything meats veggies etc.

  18. What could be better than NYC bagels? I love bagels and I’m sure these are much better than the ones I find here on the west coast. I hope I get the chance to try them!

  19. These look really nice! I would love to try them out. The price sounds reasonable as well. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Oh my yumminess! That bagel looks so good! Reading your review I had to do a little chuckle when you said your mom lives in satan island. Lol! I dont live in NY either. Im in California 🙂