The Rise of Mobile: Things Your Smartphone Can Do For You


Have you ever been caught in a situation where you thought you had lost your phone for good? Remember that feeling of dread that crept up on you as you searched your pockets and bags frantically while an avalanche of questions came rushing to inundate your consciousness?

What will become of your contacts, especially of those you do business with, your e-mail details and other personal information you’ve so willingly confided with your smartphone but not your significant other?

This is just an example of how mobile devices have become one of the most important things anyone could own. They’re used for mostly anything on a daily basis now and are considered indispensable tools for most people. Some others have gone as far as calling their mobile phones their best friends.

Here are just some of the things a smartphone can be utilized for: 

  1. Mobile banking

With mobile banking, banking errands are instantly doable online without having to schedule a certain time of day just to wait in line to make a single transaction. Just make sure you’re on a secure, private connection such as password-protected Wi-Fi access or wired broadband connection at a home network you trust whenever you attempt to make one. Better safe than sorry, yes?

  1. Instant networking

Social networking sites, including pinning and blogging sites like Pinterest, WordPress and Tumblr, have all developed for-mobile apps to align themselves with the boom of this trend. With great portability come great appeal, more consumers and more chances for traffic. While huge traffic doesn’t always equate to a spike in profits, traffic still brings with it a great potential for profit.

  1. Business apps at your fingertips

Not only can the smartphone be used for leisure networking, it can be utilized for business and professional networking as well. Add to that a capability to view world business updates and articles made available through mobile apps such as LinkedIn, and your professional and business needs, too, are covered. 

  1. Wearable technology

A mobile phone equipped with a signal booster to avoid inconveniences brought about by choppy or weak signal and a micro earpiece, which allows you to communicate whenever, wherever, even in secret, allows you to relay information more effectively.

For more information on signal boosters, click here. For micro earpieces, read more here.

  1. Organizer functionality

You smartphone has the capability to update information (from contacts sourced through networking sites) and automatically input to your phonebook without the need for manual encoding. Task lists can be organized with your calendar, timers, reminders, alarms, et cetera. Ring tones can be personalized, call barring installed, grocery lists taken care of, among a myriad of things – almost all the basics needed to function more efficiently in modern life. 

  1. Document viewing and editing

There’s no longer any need to carry around a laptop with you all the time since presentations, word files, and other projects can be viewed and tweaked through a more portable smartphone.

  1. Easy sync-ing

Information stored in the cloud can be accessed from other devices through the Internet, linked by apps like DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, et cetera.

Final word

The rise of the mobile device (ideally equipped with mobile Internet, of course) has spawned the massive consumption for smartphones, opening up a whole new world of technologies being developed and already developed for the mobile industry.

So the next time you find yourself making that terrified face at the thought of having lost your smartphone, look up the latest apps and features that can help you protect it from theft or accidental loss. These days, it’s hard to get by without one, especially since most of these phones don’t usually come cheap.

A financial researcher by day, Maricel is a blogger and freelance writer during her spare time. Besides writing web content, she does online marketing for small businesses via guest posting.


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