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Movies have been a significant part of popular culture for about 100 years. Nowadays, you could say that movies have become an essential part of people’s lives. After a hectic day at work, or during bad weathers, these are when it is the ideal time to enjoy some nice movies, isn’t it? But have you ever wondered about the technologies or effects behind movies? They have historically relied heavily on electronics, electrical and computer technologies.

In the period of silent movies, projectors and cameras used electric motors to attain constant film speed. Furthermore, electric lights were vital in both projecting and filming. In the early years in the studios, Cooper-Hewitt mercury-vapor tubes and arc floodlights were most important. From the mid-1920s on, glowing tungsten bulbs became universal, both because they did not give the noticeable humming that arc lights did and because brighter incandescent lights were newly available.

However, in the late 1920s, a transformation occurred in the movie world. In collaboration with Vitaphone and Warner Brothers, Bell Labs and Western Electric produced Don Juan, a sound movie introducing John Barrymore. Despite that there was no talking, some saber clashes and the music were synchronized to the action. Unexpectedly, electronics were vital to movie-making. Microphones changed the sound to an electrical signal, which might be processed electronically.

A photocell also enabled the photographic soundtrack to be altered back to an electrical signal. All together with the loudspeakers, magnifying tubes restructured the sound for the audience! In the late 1900s, an editing machine called Moviola was introduced. This outstanding creation facilitated movie production. It was often used to splice footage together. And the outcome was superb. Movies became faster-paced, along with a smaller average shot-length!

In 2018, the highly entertaining movie ‘Black Panther’ is expected to be out. Veteran movie critic Peter Travers labeled it as an exciting achievement on every level from costumes and music to special effects, production design, acting, directing and writing. On top of that, the effects that were used in that movie are outstanding. The super suit that you will see on T’Challa is beautiful. It contains superpowers, for him to be able to eliminate his enemies.

The special effects included in Black Panther movie enable the characters of the film to complete various stunts as the movie is packed with action. Computer generated stunts give off the idea that characters featured in the movie are able to complete special skills that will blow your mind. If you would like to experience this right now, head to Regal Wins Casino. On this superb site, you can go through its action slots section, and select the desired game. The special effects on these games will impress you! With unique symbols which can even be animated, you are sure to live a unique gaming experience.

The technologies behind movies will keep advancing in the years to come. It is something that will keep evolving so that movie industries can produce unbelievable movies to entertain its audiences. The Black Panther movie is an example of how far technology has reached nowadays. Who knows, what’s the next big thing coming?


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