Do You Stuggle Giving Your Kids Medicine? Try MediMixer!


As a parent, getting my children to take their medicine was brutal! They would fight me EVERY step of the way. It is so important that kids get the correct dosage for the correct amount of days prescribed and I would waste so much medicine just to make sure they were getting it correctly. If you have kids, I am sure you can relate to this! So what is a parent to do? When my kids were younger there really was not much I can do but now there IS!!! I would like to introduce MediMixer which is coming soon!

The MediMixer allows the child to either crush or blend their liquid medicine with their favorite drink. Once the medicine and drink is blended, the child dispenses the medicine in to a cup, turns over a sand timer and quickly takes their medicine like a race or contest. Once the medicine is taken, a reward ticket is dispensed which the parent gets to deem its value. Perhaps it’s a trip to the ice cream shop… Whatever it is, the MediMixer motivates and excites the child and eliminates the struggle.

All I can say is this is GENIUS! I know how important it is for kids to feel in control. (I learned that with potty training) With the MediMixer, they can actually do this for themselves and have fun doing it. And hey, they even get a reward after all. Its a win win. Parents, we have enough stress with kids as it is. There is no need to add any more by spending more time then we need on getting the kiddos to take their medicine. 

Take a look on how easy it really can be:

Mixing liquid medicine:

Crushing tablet medicine:

Make sure you check out MediMixer for more information:

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robin rue

This is such a great idea. My boys hated taking medicine when they were little and I always had to get the flavorings at Walgreens – which added up!!

Alli Smith

I remember the days of trying to get my kids to take their medicine. Wish the Medimixer had been around back then. What a great idea!

Amy @ Marvelous Mommy

This is such a great idea! It gets them involved in the process so they are more likely to try the medicine without a fit.


We used liquid for as long as we could. This would have been a life safer we had one child who just could not swallow pills.

Katie Kinsley

Lol, this looks like they’re playing a game. What an ingenious way for kids to interact with the medicine they need to take to feel better!

Nainika Joseph

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable information.


This would have been so awesome to have when my kids were little. They take medicine much better now that they’re older.

Christy Maurer

Well, that would definitely make taking it more exciting! I know my kids loved taking “the pink medicine” but hated the “white stuff” lol.

Annemarie LeBlanc

Pure genius! I think every parent has gone through this struggle of making kids take their medicine. I will have to let my daughter know about this. It will save her time chasing my granddaughter around when it is time for her to take her medicine. 🙂

Angelic Sinova

What a fun idea! MediMixer sounds perfect for any parent who has trouble getting their children to take medicine. I’ll have to pass this along to my friends with kids.


Wow!! I really could’ve used this when my son was younger. It was always pulling teeth to get him to take his medicine.

Rebecca Swenor

I have to admit I love the Medimixer for kids. This is something I have to share with my sister and nieces for their kids. My nephew was sick last week and was refusing his meds. This would have indeed come in handy for my sister. Thanks for sharing this awesome machine for kids.

Maureen - Scoops of Joy

Although my son has always been really good with taking medicine this looks like something out of a science lab that kids will love. What a brilliant idea!

Anita Anderson

This is a creative new way to take your medicine. I think this would be good for adults too. As some of us do not like the taste of medicine too.

Jenn @ EngineerMommy

It can definitely be tricky to give the kids their meds. This is a great way to make it more fun and more interesting for the kids. I’ll check thiso ut.

Kita Bryant

Wow, I remember growing up and having a cousin live with us who literally refused to even try and take medicine in any form. I sure wish this existed then! The scenes she would make lol!

Bonnie G

Well isn’t this clever. Looks like a really cool gadget. I have to get one.


This looks fun! My daughter is taking her medicines well, but sometimes it’s a real struggle. I’m sure she would love the MediMixer!


Awesome! This is a miracle and exactly what I need. The winter is almost over and I’m waiting for wet weather with fear. Each spring my kids get sick. My children never eat tablets, but some good medicine is not available in syrup. They do not even eat crushed tablets, but when I showed the video to my kids they cried they would eat tablets if they


What an incredibly brilliant idea! My kids hated to take medicine when they were young. I bet this is a lifesaver for parents.

Kristina O\'Brien

Agreed! Great idea! Not sure if it is more torture on the parent or child to give/take the medication! lol. Gives me total anxiety when my child cant stand the taste! I would for sure try this product!


Oh, this is such an innovative idea! Would really be a big help especially to parents having a hard time giving medicines to their children.


Oh, this is such an innovative idea! Would really be a big help especially to parents having a hard time giving medicines to their children. It will now be easy as 1, 2, 3!


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My elder niece is now 6 years old and hates medicines. Do you think this can help her taking medicines?