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Stone Sour Unleashes Country Vibe in St. Marie



The month of June is a big one for our family. Not only do we celebrate Father’s Day, but also our only daughter’s birthday AND our wedding anniversary. There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel reminiscent and nostalgic.

Perhaps it’s the combination of the wedding anniversary and memories of being younger, getting out of school for the summer, and having what felt like endless, leisurely days ahead of me. Certain songs always take me back to a different place in time, too. And now Stone Sour, a notoriously heavy band, has dropped their new single off their album Hydrograd called St. Marie, that is a completely different sound. 

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The Journey in St. Marie

The song is reminiscent of Eagles’ classics with almost a “Hotel California-ey” vibe to it. It’s got this unique groove that front man and songwriter Corey Taylor puts together with haunting lyrics. While it’s slower and more country-esque than you expect from Stone Sour, St. Marie doesn’t fall into the saccharine or overly sweet category with it’s slower melody. You don’t feel like you need to drown your sorrows in a glass of whiskey because your wife ran over your dog when she left you for your best friend. Instead, St. Marie is a more introspective, serious song that reminds us of the journey we are all on.

The video captures this journey beautifully, as well. It is both a metaphorical and actual journey you witness unfold in the roughly 4 1/2 minutes Stone Sour travels across the United States. St. Marie captures a lot of the feelings many of us experience looking back–particularly the anger and resentment and mistakes we all make. It ends in a feeling of redemption as the audience and the band come full-circle realizing we all end the same way.

What we Can All Learn from Stone Sour’s New Single

Just this morning, my family was talking about a major event we are looking forward to in 6 years. Our oldest son, who is 15 now, mentioned that 6 years is a really long time. My husband and I looked at each other and tried to explain that really, 6 years is over in a flash. It certainly gets me thinking about how far things have come. At the end of June, we will have been married for 16 years. I know, it’s really not all that long. But in that 16 years, both of us have been on our own redemptive journeys along the way. The Stone Sour single St. Marie taps into that individual journey.

My husband and I were incredibly young when we were married, though my husband is even younger than I am. We both had a lot of growing to do along the way, and both of us held onto a lot of anger and resentment early on. Everything was kept on a sort of scorecard and was tit for tat. It wasn’t healthy, and there was a lot we had to learn about being our own people first and foremost and being a couple as a separate entity. The Stone Sour single St. Marie seems to perfectly encompass those early struggles we had as well as some of our current ones. It’s a wonderful reminder that we are all on our own journey in life, and no matter what happens we all end up the same way when it’s over. 

St. Marie is the 4th single to be released from Stone Sour’s album, Hydrograd. While the song may seem like a huge departure from their usual sound, it is one that Corey Taylor told Billboard Magazine was long overdue. With that being said, the album has an interesting dichotomy with a song like St. Marie. I know this Father’s Day, I’ll be gifting the album to my husband. He tends to prefer the heavier stuff, but with more of a groove feel for the entire album, I know both of us will enjoy it. It will serve as a regular reminder for both of us to let go of our anger and resentments.


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