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SmarTech Smart iReach™ Selfie Stick Review


A great device, the Smart iReach™ allows you to capture that selfie, or perfect picture with ease. Lightweight, easy to carry with you, a gadget that will enhance how you take pictures with your smartphone.

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Okay, I have to admit, I have never been one to take a lot of selfies of myself, until recently.  Since I do quite a bit of blog articles, and reviews, and also take pictures of places I go when I am on road trips with my wife, I have found that I am much more open minded to taking them.

The frustration has been, that when I have had the desire to take one of these, I never catch the entire background, or the purpose of why I am taking it in the first place.  Either the background is too large, or something critical gets left out of the picture, with the Smart iReach™ from SmarTech, you will never have issues like that again. 

Designed with making it easier to take selfies, group photos, and videos easier, it does that in an effective way that allows you to capture what you want, when you need it.  It was easy to use, after plugging it in to charger for a minimum of 2 hours, I was able to pair my device easily with the Smart iReach™  by going under my Bluetooth Settings on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and searching for new devices, once it popped up, I selected it, and it synced within seconds.

All I had to do was open my camera app, attach the phone inside the bracket, extend it out, and hit the button. In a snap, it took a selfie of me. Hold it in, and it acts like a shutter, capturing several pictures in a row, so if you are making funny faces, I am sure it will capture them all.  Also compatible with iOS devices, check the compatibility list here, to ensure this will work with your device.  With the ability to use this with recording a video as well, think of how easy it will be to capture that perfect moment, and be able to see it in such a way that everything that you want captured, gets into the picture. 

Features & Benefits of the Smart iReach™

  • Works with iOS and Android smartphones No more timers! Simply push the shiny button when ready
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber: only 5.6 ounces
  • Unique bracket design holds your phone securely in place
  • Bracket folds up and compacts easily for portability
  • No apps needed. Works right out of the box
  • No Assembly required: It’s an all-in-one foldable, compact device
  • Rapid shot capability for consecutive action photos: Never miss a moment
  • Great for photos and video recording for any event: concerts, sports events, outings, with friends, traveling on vacation, parties, your next family gathering… (and let’s not forget those selfies!)

I like this product.  I have to get used to taking more selfies of myself, but for when I do, I can use this from now on.  Check out the links below for more information.

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Enter to win a SmarTech Smart iReach™ Selfie Stick Gadget  by clicking on the image below. Giveaway starts on Janurary 16th.

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Disclaimer:  This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


About Author


Kimi Clark is a career stay at home mom turned writer/blogger and the Owner & Founder of The Mom Shopping Network. She's also a devoted wife and mother of four who loves the beach and NEEDS her early morning coffee!

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Kaye Newman

I am not a fan of selfies either. I think I would like this device. I like that it is lightweight and no apps needed.

Sandra Watts

I think this is good for my niece. We laugh that she is always taking selfie’s.

Jeff Legg

Ive never liked selfies because the shot is to close, this might just change that.

Marissa M

Could get a lot of use out of this!


I would love to use one of these for better selfies. Thank you for your review.

wendy browne

I like selfies but only from certain angles. This would be perfect!

Dorothy Teel

SmarTech Smart iReach for taking selfies is a nice item, It would be nice to be able to expand your background with the I reach and get more of what is happening when the selfie is being made, thank you for sharing

Lisa Garland

This selfie stick is so cool. My daughters would love this!! Seems easy to use!!

Michele Rogers

I would love to win the selfie stick for my 16 year old daughter because she LOVES taking selfie’s with her phone.

Ken Green

nice selfie stick


Ok, Selfies…I bomb them!!! So when I saw this, I thought maybe there is a chance. Like it! 🙂

Catherine Wooster

This is definitely a cool gadget! I don’t take selfies too often,but my daughters(17 & 21) are constantly doing the selfie thing…lol!

Laurie Nykaza

This looks so amazing to use love to use it when holding my pets too hard to hold the phone and take a picture when doing that this is a must have. My daughter wants one too.

Elizabeth gonzales

This is interesting. I never heard about a selfie stick. This will be something awesome to win. Wow! Take a pic of urself

Gail Williams

This is nice. i like that it is easy enough even a Grandma like me can figure it out. I want to get group pictures at my family reunion.


I like the rapid shot capability, so you can catch people in all their moods.

vickie Couturier

I wondered how long it would be before somebody thought of this,,clever

Tiffany Dover

I LOVE THIS! This review is great! I’ve wanted one of these for so long but hesitated because I didn’t know how well they worked! I really appreciate this review!


I’ve never seen anything like this….I like it, it’s pretty cool. I like that it’s light weight too.

Maria Urena

Would love to win thanks.


I would use it for group pictures at the beach.

Megan Scharlau

I feel that this would be great for pictures in scenic locations where you can’t ask someone else to take the picture.

Rhonda Martin
I love this product. I’m the picture taker in the family and because of this I’m in none of the pictures. This would make it possible for me to take pictures of the family and be in them at the same time. I have thousands of pictures of places we have been as a family and I’m not in any of them. I didn’t realize how important pictures were of me with family until I tried finding one of me with my Dad over the age of 18 as an adult for a video for his funeral and I didn’t… Read more »
Melissa Shirley

I like that you can fold it up. I also like that it is light. I would love to have one of these. I am not much of a selfie taker by myself but i take them with friends and it is hard to get us all in it. So this would help.


I am not a selfie queen. But I think this product is exactly what I need to perfect my pics.

Sharon Kaminski

Selfies are great. The kids are taking selfies all the time.

jules s

i like how compact it is. that is a good thing when traveling.

Henk H

Great review although embarrassing to carry but so useful!

Jennifer Nielsen

This is awesome! I often find myself needing to take a selfie with a project I am doing and this would let me expand what would be in the picture. What a great idea.

Sarah Hirsch

This would be great to have. It would be so nice to be able to take a full group shot without having to ask a stranger.

Debbie Bray

I really like the rapid shot capabilities

Paula Adams

Amazing that the Selfie Stick is less than 6 ounces! Sounds so compact and easy to use!

Debbie E Johnson

I think I would like this. I never take selfies but maybe I would if I won this. Thanks!!

Molly K

This would be great. My friends and I are always having contests to see who can take the best selfie 🙂 We all try to get the most unusual shot. This would really help me out.


This would be great! My selfies are always terrible. Maybe this would help me get a better shot.

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