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Wow, this year went by at the speed of light. I can’t believe the holiday season is already upon us! Last year I started Christmas shopping early and this year is no different. Everyone on my list seems to want either a new television, tech gadget or kitchen appliance! Obviously I’m not made of money! It’s a good thing has amazing prizes on EVERYTHING! It’s because of BuyDig I can afford to get my family what they are asking for this year. 

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First let me say, they have an amazing television department! They carry all the name brands and top television models so you simply can not go wrong with buying a television from BuyDig.  

tv department

My husband and I were in the market for a new television for our living room and out old one was trying to bite the dust. Thanks to BuyDig we are now the proud owners of a 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz Direct LED Smart HDTV with Wi-Fi! And we LOVE IT! 



Product Details:

This LG 42LB5800 has amazing picture quality with and IPS Panel and full HD 1080p resolution, plus MCI 120, triple XD engine and a resolution upscaler. The LG Smart TV also offers premium VOD Service as well as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Facebook and more. You can connect with Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB. The audio offers 2Ch speaker system, 20w output powr and sound sync.

The actual dimensions are: 

TV without Stand (WxHxD) 37.83″ x 22.32″ x 2.19″
TV with Stand (WxHxD) 37.83″ x 24.02″ x 8.58″
Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) 41.50″ x 25.39″ x 5.75″
TV without Stand Weight 20.3 lbs
TV with Stand Weight 20.9 lbs
Shipping Weight 25.6 lbs
UPC 719192592247 is your one place shop this holiday season. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you will get there amazing quality and their fabulous prices anywhere else. Not even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. BuyDig has proven to me over and over again that they stand behind their products. You just can’t find a better deal anywhere. 


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  1. They have so many awesome things I’d love to own there and appreciate the chance to win this,

  2. Angela A Simmons on

    So glad I came across this site! You guys have an awesome selection at affordable prices. I will definitely be back to get one of your video cameras. Thanks for the opportunity to win I am crossing my fingers

  3. Jennifer Hiles on

    Do you know if BuyDig has black friday deals? Just curious. I’ve never shopped there yet but I have browsed their site plenty of times. They have an amazing selection. I’m interested in their cameras.

  4. I would like to get my mother something for Christmas that is techno based,. She is older and really needs to get in to technology. I am going to look at the specials on this website!

  5. Cheryl Rahkonen on

    Well, I went and checked out You are correct, the prices are great. I recently bought a new digital camera and I wish I had known about at the time. Their price was about $60 less than I paid for my camera. I definitely will be checking at before I purchase any other electronic gadget.

  6. This would be fantastic to win! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for the opportunity!

  7. They have all of the top name brand items and some pretty good prices. Pretty much everything you’re looking for is there.

  8. I would invite people over for a party just to show off this TV if I won. I’m rather embarrassed by my old fashioned TV anyway so this would be a treat to win.

  9. It’s not too terribly heavy and it looks so great on the wall. I’d just worry about earthquakes here though.

  10. This is an awesome giveaway prize, i sure would love to be the new owner of that TV! cheers!!

  11. I want a smart t.v. so bad! My husband and I can’t agree. He uses the t.v. to actually ya know, Watch television lol. I on the other hand don’t care much for watching anything other than the news or actual movies. With this, we could have the best of both 🙂

  12. This is awesome. I feel like I just joined the century last month because I upgraded our 13″ box television to a 19″ hdtv. It’s huge. I can’t even imagine 42″ lol

  13. Wow it is very lightweight a little over 20 pounds with the stand on, I like that it is WiFi compatable, and the design is so streamlined.

  14. Ron Claver, Jr. on

    Thanks for sponsoring TV giveaway! My 7-year old son ruined our TV by spraying water on it.

  15. I would shop there. When it comes to certain items, such as a television set, I like to compare price and different companies to find the features I want.

  16. This looks like a great tv. It’s got awesome features. Buy dig looks like they have some great prices too.

  17. BuyDig offers some awesome deals! been looking around their site and wow! ty for sharing!

  18. This is the right web site for everyone who would like to understand this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually will
    need to…HaHa). You certainly put a fresh spin on a topic that
    has been written about for a long time. Great stuff, just great!

  19. I would love to win this especially for the upcoming holiday season to give away as a gift 🙂

  20. LOL ur wishlist of what people want or need sounds like mine. BuyDig has pretty much everything one could want. Their prices are really good too but I guess I first would have to have some money to spare lol. I am really excited about the giveaway. Our Tv picture is so dark you can barely see it and instead of agreeing with my hubby I just tell him to be happy we have a tv. Being grateful usually can keep me going thru all sorts of things big and small

  21. Jennifer Hiles on

    I’m really enjoying browsing the BuyDig site. I can’t believe how many different products they sell. I would really love to get the Dell XPS 13 13.3″ Touch HD XPS13ULT-7144sLV Ultrabook PC.

  22. Before this I had never heard of the company. I would shop with them because they have a great selection of brand names to choose from.

  23. I really love saving money and Buydig does the trick. It iis one of my go to places all year but especially black friday!

  24. Butdig is truly a savings stoore you can browe and compare evrything right onine. I alsoo like how they help via social media.

  25. I will bookmark this site and have to come back for Christmas. Not into the buying mode yet both love to look!

  26. new fan, thanks for the giveaway. I’m always looking for great deals. Thanks for the review on BuyDig because I probably would not have checked them out otherwise

  27. robyn donnelly on

    I love their products and they have great customer service. Have bought from them once and will again when able to.

  28. I can’t believe Christmas is just in a few weeks, I have to start looking for deals and BuyDig is the place to check.

  29. I would love to have a LG Smart TV like this one. The idea of being able to connect to wifi and hook up to Netflix, Facebook, Youtube and more is so cool. It is just amazing. I don’t think I’d ever shut it off~!

  30. I gotta tell you browsing BuyDig’s site is so much fun. I like to pretend money is no limit and just pick out all kinds of things. This TV is simply amazing and the more times I look at it and read all the details it gives me that extra memory push to keep on entering. I am also amazed at a company that would give so such a nice and great quality item of theirs. That says a lot about them so…….., BuyDig 🙂

  31. BuyDig would be a good place to shop/compare for a new tablet. So many choices that I don’t know where to start.

  32. Pamela Gurganus on

    I had time yesterday to sit down and thoroughly browse I guess I never realized they had such a wide variety of products!

  33. Jo-Ann Brightman on

    This smart TV sounds amazing, but BuyDig has so many great products that even if I don,t win I shall have to save to buy a TV there some day.

  34. I love this television set. We’re down to one set. With two people, we don’t always agree on what to watch. I always win of course, but it would be nice if we had an extra set.

  35. Never heard of buydig before. But will definitely be browsing through their website from now on! Thanks for this giveaway.

  36. I like that it’s a reputable site to buy electronics from. And you don’t have to wait for a sale for low prices.

  37. This TV is so awesome, I would love this for my husband for Christmas. He built himself a man cave about a year ago down in our basement so this would look great down there-

  38. My home is definitely in need of a tv upgrade 🙂 This one looks so awesome & I love the fact it has WIFI too!

  39. I love being able to place an order and have the product delivered right to my door.I’m not a big fan of shopping malls,

  40. My son would like a smart watch and I am glad that BuyDig has them because I know I will get a good deal

  41. Stacey Roberson on

    I love that this television has wifi. We often watch movies from our computer and this would be ideal to have.

  42. I’ve had good luck with a lot of these brands they carry. I do stick with the bigger name brands though and usually do not buy reburbished. Haven’t been disappointed yet.

  43. I would so love to be able to shop and buy everything I wanted. I really could use a new television set.

  44. I am amazed by the variety of items they have – something for every room in the house and even outside. Great prices.

  45. That’s a long time for a return policy. Some only allow a few weeks. And can’t beat free shipping.

  46. I love that BuyDig has free shipping! Very helpful for busy Moms that love online shopping but hate to pay for shipping charges.

  47. This is really nice. Thank you for your review. BuyDig has a great selection of products for everyone.

  48. This is great for people that get an early start on holiday shopping. They really do have a large variety of items to choose from.

  49. Pamela Gurganus on

    I have a question. Do we have to do a separate comment every day in order to claim the entry? I don’t know what else to say! *LOL*

  50. I will be watching thier blacck Friday deals and doing some shopping for Christmas love the TV!

  51. I am excited to have another place to possibly buy our electronics. Electronics r crazy expensive and I do a lot of searching & comparing before we buy. BuyDig looks like a contender for future purchases.. Thanks the chance to win the t.v. !!

  52. I’ll keep checking but they don’t yet have the Polaroid camera I have been searching for. It’s still very new though.

  53. I love how lightweight it is, this sounds like a great TV! Buydig has excellent selection, something for every budget.

  54. I need to check them out and see what all they sell. I need a few other things besides a tv set.

  55. Jennifer Hiles on

    It’s really cool that this tv connects to Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Facebook . I can’t imagine what watching a Youtube video on this baby would be like!

  56. Buy Dig have some great products that I definitely would like to get, like the Smart watches

  57. I love checking out all the electronic and techie products on They have the hugest selection and unbeatable prices.

  58. I will be shopping Buydig this Holiday season, they have such awesome products at great prices.

  59. I am so impatient about wanting to win this tv. It has everything I want. I am wondering about their customer service. I have heard good things about them but it’s still kinda scarey when I think of purchasing an item such as this from a company that isn;t local. What are your thoughts> Yes I read the review but I still worry lol

  60. I’m glad they still offer free shipping. I read an article today that said some places are hiking prices or minimums to cover shipping cost losses.

  61. Jennifer Hiles on

    Sounds like this tv has everything I could ever want in one. I like the audio specs. I can already hear what a 20w output power and sound sync would be like in my living room!

  62. What an awesome giveaway, I need a new TV for sure. My 72in sony wega has bulbs that go up once a year and they cost 80 bucks..I need a LED tv…no moe rear!

  63. I could stream some serious movies on that LG Smart TV~! That is if I could ever get the remote from the Mr. I think he would be in love. However he has to sleep sometime then it’s all mine.

  64. Susan Broughton on

    I would so want to win this! I have a old tv that is on its last legs right now. I have only heard good things about this particular brand too!

  65. I like all of the variety this coompany has to offer. They are fairly nice priced and I am hoping to see some Cyber Monday sales!

  66. Browsing buy dig and see so many things I would love to buy…if I had the mula! Lol. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. Diane Elizabeth on

    Honestly, I’d be thrilled just to have a flat screen. I’ve had one hand me done tv after another, and I’m grateful for them, but I’d love to be able to have something with Wi-fi so i could say goodbye to cable.

  68. Jennifer Hiles on

    Sounds reasonably light. Besides the pure size of it, I’m wondering if you could carry it on your own? I’m guessing that would be awkward but just curious?

  69. Angela A Simmons on

    i like Sony and Yamaha is pretty good too. But im a bargain shopper so who ever is having the best deal that’s who im going with

  70. Having many brand names makes it easy to comparison shop. I really do my research before purchasing and it helps to have opinions.

  71. I love the variety of items they have at budig they have almost everything thats on our Christmas list!

  72. Evelyn Goettner on

    All 3 of my kids have electronics and tech gadgets on their list this year. I will definitely be looking at BuyDig since they have great prices and selection.

  73. I usually wait until after the holiday to shop. The prices are so much lower and there aren’t so many people.

  74. What a awesome Television! LG is one of the best on the market.I would love to have this in my Living Room.

  75. Jo-Ann Brightman on

    I would love to win ,but I shall probably shop at BuyDig in the future because I like the prices and free shipping.

  76. I would love to own this television as it has some great features. I don’t even own a tv and if I want to watch something, I have to do it on my laptop. It would be a blessing to have a tv like this for when the grandkids come to stay the night, I could watch some great movies or tv shows with them.

  77. I am so looking forward to seeing what thier Holiday deals will be. This site looks fantastic.

  78. I have an LG cell phone and looking for something different after today (especially) so this is a timely post to read.

  79. Evelyn Goettner on

    I’ll definitely be shopping at BuyDig for the holidays they carry a wide variety of the top brands and have awesome prices!

  80. It’s so difficult trying to think of something to say each day. So, I guess I’ll just go and start shopping there.

  81. Jennifer Hiles on

    I’m trying to imagine the look on my mom’s face if I have her a tv for Christmas! She still has one the old ones that I don’t think you can even buy anymore!