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As a young child I used to pick up spending money by washing cars in the alley behind our house.  I would have given my stingray bike for one of these babies; my how things have changed.

Ryobi asked me to give tpower wash 1his 3100 PSI Power Washer a thorough going over to see how well it works. I have used the one at the car wash, but I have never used a personal one before.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the box. There was some assembly required, but just simple stuff like putting on the handle and hooking up the hose.

It’s on wheels so it’s easy to move around. Even when it is in operation, you can easily maneuver it from one place to another.

It has a Honda motor on it, so I am assuming it will last like all the other Honda motors. In fact, let’s look at what the Ryobi Website has to say about it:


·         RY80940 Pressure Washer

·         Trigger Handle

·         25′ Hose

·         5-n-1 Nozzle

·         Spray Wand

·         12 oz. 10W30 Oil

·         Operator’s Manual


  • Easy-Start 187 cc GCV190 HONDA Gasoline Engine
  • Idle Down Technology: Decreases fuel consumption and increases runtime, runs up to 40% quieter when trigger is released, increases the life of engine and pump
  • 5-N-1 Nozzle: 0º, 25º, 40º, Long-Range Soap, Short-Range Soap
  • Includes 25′ PowerFlexTM Ultra Flexible High Pressure Hose
  • Longer Lasting Maintenance- Free Aluminum Head Pump
  • Convenient On-Board Detergent Tank

The 5-in-1 nozzle is really a great feature. If I want to give a mist over, I can, and when I want to BLAST it, I can do that as well! All you have to do is turn the nozzle and spray to your heart’s content.

You want to be sure to use “Power Washer” products in the soaping compartment. Don’t use detergents and products that aren’t specifically for a “Power Washer”. Other products may damage or clog the pump. However, you can get soap or wash and wax products to clean and wax your car, trailer, foundation, etc., etc., etc.

The Ryobi Power Washer comes with oil for the engine. I just put it in using the funnel that is also included. I always add stabilizer to the gasoline before putting it into things like the Power Washer or Generators because you don’t use them ever day like you do your car. And I only had to pull the cord to start the engine about 8-10 times the first time in order to start it. The next time it took only 2-3 pulls. The reason it took more pulls the first time is because it didn’t have any gas in it. Thereafter it was easy to start, although it wasn’t hard to start it the first time.

I was washing the car to test it out when my wife said, “Let me try it.” And she washed the front of the house, all the windows, and even the concrete patio in front of the house before she handed it back to me. Total time to wash and rinse the car, house, and patio was about 15-20 minutes. If you want to include the time it took to get it out, fill the soap container, hook up the garden hose, and put everything away, it probably took under an hour! Try doing that with a bucket of soap and a hose. The Ryobi Power Washer is worth its weight in gold. Yes it is light weight, but the price of gold is high.

If you are looking to purchase a good Power Washer, Ryobi has an excellent product here. It is backed by Ryobi’s 3-Year warranty and I am sure it will last a long time.


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Ryobi Outdoors has been generous enough to offer one lucky Mom Blog Society Reach a chance to win their very own Ryobi Power Washer!

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One lucky reader will win this AWESOME Ryobi Power Washer!!
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Good luck!Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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Brad M.

I would like to use this to clean peoples cars and other things around the house.


Clean our windows.


i would like to use it to clean off the deck, clean the outer parts of the house.


Clean my deck and gutters.


My husband would LOVE this!

Tiffany Borek

I would love to win this so I can wash my house and grandmother’s house when needed.


Would love to win to use every Sunday when I help my hubs wash his race car. It gets quite dirty on Saturday nights at the dirt track! This would make the job a lot easier!

sarah sandiford

We are working on our homes exterior/landscaping…this would help make our house looks SO much better!

Rachel H

I would love to win this because I would love to give this awesome gift to my husband!! Hes such a good man and deserves nice tools to take car of our house.


To wash our house, cars, and gutters!

doan b

It would come in handy for so many jobs! Cleaning the house, deck, sidewalk and many other difficult jobs around the house.

jessica schueler

I want to win it for my dad im sure he could use it

Nancy E

it will make a great Father’s Day gift. Thanks for my chance

Rachel B

My husband has been wanting one for years to use on the house, car, yard, etc. This would be a great gift for him (that didn’t come from a garage sale)! It would just make everything look nicer!

Jessica, The Debt Princess

I’d like to win so I can give it to my mom. She has an old house and the cement needs some serious cleaning.


I would like to win this to clean my deck and my gutters.

Tammy OHagan

Our Deck is green and our siding has mold growing all over it. I especially like the idea that its 40% quieter so it won’t disturb my neighbors (the church)