Review: Playmat


I received a playmat for Jacob just last week.  I must say this mat is awesome.  It’s so great to play on.  It’s been a week, and still Jacob asks if we can play on the mat.  It’s made of a thick padded material and is heavy.  I am actually using it as a rug.  I picked up our area rug and laid this down.  It’s so amazing.  It’s teaching Jacob words, because there are words for everything on it.


This is the greatest thing I’ve received.  It’s so comfy to sit on and play for hours.  I have a sore back, but after sitting on the mat, playing with Jacob, for hours, my back was fine.  I recommend getting one of these for every room in the house.  I have one under my sink, also.  They are great.


The mat in the kitchen matches the flooring so is super stylish.  It is also super soft.  The mats are a great price.

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