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Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and AnyWhere


College is expensive, and taking entrance exams can be not only mentally taxing but exhausting. Not to mention costly. That’s where prepping with help comes into play.  There are several options that are out there, and some simple solutions are at the ready. With Study.com, you’ll be READY!

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and AnyWhere

First, let’s tackle CLEP.  What is CLEP?

College Level Examination Program.  Students can take CLEP tests, and if passed they count towards college credits.  The beauty is that taking CLEP exams saves so much time and is a fraction of the cost of those same credits.  There are over 30 exams that can help students gain credit for those much needed basic college courses. Whether you are a student just out of high school or an adult going back to school, there are study aids that can make those exams so much easier to pass.

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

What is Study.com?   It’s a site that hits all the main goals of prepping for CLEP exams.

Features include:

  • Short Engaging Videos

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

  • Supporting  Text Transcripts for Videos

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

  • Quizzes

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

No matter what your specific learning style is, with these comprehensive materials, you’ll be prepared and feel confident.  Shoot, they even offer a High Score Guarantee!

Study.com is a WIN / WIN.  Try it out for free and/or Apply for scholarship funds.

Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and Any Where

Study at your own pace, from anywhere that you have internet access.  Take courses in math, science, literature and more.  Here are just a few of the exam prep courses that are available.

  • Sciences – including Biology and Chemistry
  • Math – Including College Mathematics, Algebra, Precalculus, and Calculus
  • US History
  • American Government
  • Humanities
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Literature and Composition

Fulfill your dreams and save time and money. With Study.com, it’s like having a tutor at the ready anytime, anywhere.  Improve your future and your mind with all of the resources that are available and waiting for you. Getting ready to graduate from high school…completed your gap year…need to further your education?  Study.com is there for YOU!





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15 Comments on "Prepping for College at Any Age, Any Time and AnyWhere"

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Danielle Smith

I truly agree that college is expensive. I’m so glad there is program out there like CLEP, that is not only affordable, but it gives college credits as well.


This is an amazing resource! I love that this actually gives college credits. That’s an incredible benefit.

Joely Smith

I need to check this out! I would love to go back to school! I am worried mostly about math. I was never great at it. I will check into this – thank you!

Jennifer Van Huss

College is so expensive and you need to be ready for it. I love this idea that you can study and prep anywhere. Everyone has a few minutes in the day so this is great way to be productive in those spare minutes

Sarah Bailey

This sounds like such a great way to help you prep for college, after all it is so different from any other form of education.


This is super helpful! I want to go back to school, I mean I already did but I’m on a long hiatus now since I just had a baby and have to go back to work… I miss it though.

Michele Brosius

I wish these testing services were around when I was prepping for college. I was clueless and CLEP would have been a huge help.


This sounds like a great resource. So nice to have these things available online to help students.

Paula Schuck

Well this seems like a great resource for anyone heading to college or currently in college. Easy to remember too. Wonderful.

Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

A great opportunity for people who would like to continue their studies. It’s definitely something that I’d consider. It’s convenient and it’s something that you can squeeze in your schedule!


This is such a great resource for my girls! Before I know it, they will be in college.

Dina Demarest

This would be great for my junior in college. I’ll be sure to tell him about study.com Sometimes they need just a little extra help.


Looking back I wish I had saved some money and Clepped out some classes in college! LOL!


Oh yeah, going to college is really expensive. Good to have something like this. I will share the post to my younger sis who will be in college. ~ thank you.

Lisa Bristol

My Daughter is preparing for college next year. I will have to check out Study.com with her. It sounds like a great resource.

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