Playster A Perfect Gift For the Whole Family this Holiday


Every time I turn around there is a new gadget or idea that has come out.  I know we are now in 2016 so it is obvious that we are in a time for electronics and new ideas to keep evolving and offering more to the consumers. Playster is following that trend with their unlimited  everything.  With books, movies, music, and games, they have you covered. What would you think if you were able to anything the moment calls for, and it will always be there – and it should just work, wherever we happen to be.

If you haven’t heard about Playster before let me tell you a bit about it.  There are four different forms of entertainment that are offered: music, books, movies, and games.  You can choose 1 or more, but if you choose all four you will save 35% than if you purchased all four individually. Just imagine unlimited of all four sections. If that isn’t enough if you pay for the whole year upfront you will get Get the $0 PlaysterCombo Box Join the Netflix of everything for 12 months and get a free Tablet and Headphones worth $250!


If you were to take what it would cost to bundle all of the items you would get from Playster you would have 3-4 other monthly bills or annual bills from different places to get what you can get with just going through Playster. Some places charge more money for more family members.  There is so much convenience when it comes to Playster. 

I really enjoy reading when I have the time.  I love that Playster has a ton of books to choose from.  I can make a list of books I want to read which helps me keep them in order.  Another awesome area they offer is an audiobook.  I would probably read more books if I could listen to them (that kind of sounds odd but you know what I mean).  They have a very popular collection from self-empowerment to Stephen King and so many in between.  You can search by Featured, Best Sellers or authors.  

I could go on and on about this all entertaining company.  They are so sure you will like it that they are offering a 30-day free trial. or just go to this link: This will give you more than enough time to see how much you like it. 



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I also want to mention some exciting news from Playster! They are offering one winner to receive the PlaysterCombo Box which includes the free Tablet and Headphones (a $250 value) plus a 90-day free subscription of their services!



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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this. The fact that it covers so much is amazing, even audiobooks!!! Has something for everyone in the family!

  2. This is an absolutely amazing package deal.. anyone would be excited to get this – a tablet, headphones and playster?

  3. jeanette sheets on

    wow is all i can say what and amazing giveaway ,i could give to all my kids at christmas and they could share teh delight of thsi entertainment set !thanks!

  4. It would be nice to be able to combine what are now separate subscriptions — Netflix for movies, Audible for audiobooks, etc — into one single item, plus getting games, etc.

  5. Jamie Williams on

    Im incredibly excited about this. Who would’ve thought this was you said. Its a hood price for a lot of stuff.

  6. Jamie Williams on

    Im incredibly excited about this. Who would’ve thought this was you said. Its a great price for a lot of stuff.

  7. Jamie Williams on

    Im incredibly excited about this. Who would’ve thought this was you said. Its a great price for a lot of stuff. My daughter can use it too. Awesome.

  8. elizabeth miller on

    I have never heard of this. It sounds like it really be the next great item. It has a lot to offer in 1 little box and one little bill.

  9. Tina Alexander on

    This device has the capability to decrease the number of electronic devices I use daily. Strangely I’ve never heard of it, but the review is both informative and interesting.

  10. What an incredible idea, I love it! This is definitely the first time that I have heard of Playster before, but it sounds amazing and SO useful!! I also think it is pretty awesome that they give you a free tablet and headphones as well. This is the perfect gift idea! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Oh wow, what a great idea! I browsed the selection of books and they look great. Audiobooks too! Less enthused about the movies, but I think the audiobooks and ebooks more than make up for that. I love the concept.

  12. Renee Richardson on

    This sounds like an amazing service and with 4 kiddos it is definitely worth the price. Thanks for the great info 🙂


  13. shannon fowler on

    This sounds so excellent. I would enjoy it, and i think most of my friends would really enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing with us. I had never heard of it before this post.

  14. I knew nothing about this till I read yoru review I think my kids would love it so will check it out great price a month too for everything you get.

  15. I cannot believe I haven’t heard of this before! This is awesome! Books for me, games for the men/boys in the house and movies for all! You can’t go wrong!

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