Photo Editing Mistakes to Avoid


There is probably no one in the world who can claim that all the photos that they’ve ever clicked have been perfect. No matter how good you are, or how skilled you are, there are always bound to be at least minor mistakes that act as blemishes on your otherwise perfect images.

That is not to say that editing is an arduous task. On the contrary, it can be incredibly fun if you know what you’re doing and what mistakes you need to avoid for the creation of the perfect image each and every time. It also depends on what you’re editing for. Keep in your mind that a picture you took for your personal memories may not require the same kind of editing as a photo that you plan to publish in a newspaper.

These are mistakes that can be committed by anyone, professionals or amateurs, so avoid these at all costs to produce quality pictures.

Less is more

Even though it is a standard rule of photography now, there are still photographers that make these mistakes. If you have your smartphone with you, try and avoid capturing everything at once. Every picture is meant to tell a story, the edits are meant to keep the relevant details in and cut off the unnecessary parts. Too many edits will end up hurting your story altogether. Don’t indulge in editing for editing’s sake. There are some select few things you should keep an eye out for in the beginning like blurry objects, color contrasts as well as background images.

Use the editing process to make sure the lighting in your picture is spot on and that the relevant objects receive the necessary attention.

Skin smoothing

Another mistake that a lot of people usually make because they overdo it. When you retouch a picture, you want to eliminate some elements within the picture that might be interfering with the overall quality of the picture. When it comes to editing the face, this includes the sufficient bit of smoothing. Once you zoom in, it’s perfectly natural for the skin to not be as smooth as you’d like it to be. Take it slow and try and keep the entire smoothing process in line with the original picture.

Don’t make the silly and amateur mistake of changing the skin tone to align the skin with the smoothness you want. This distorts the entire process of making the image better and gives it a completely unwanted meaning.

The Background

This is something of an enigma for photographers. Whether you’re taking a picture via your smartphone or a professional camera, you’re going to end up with a background that may sometimes be in line with what you were looking for and sometimes not. So, how do you deal with a background that you’re not happy with?

The best way to create an image that delivers the message it is meant to deliver is to have everything in perfect place. It’s safe to say that if you have an imperfect background it’s going to interfere with the picture altogether. What kind of background goes best depends entirely on what kind of an object you have in the foreground. If the foreground image needs to be prominent then make sure the background is blurred and does not steal the limelight away from the foreground object.

The Monochromes

This is another feature that is supposedly a favorite of nearly every photographer. There’s something about monochrome photography that never fails to capture the imagination. However, there’s a fair line that needs to be observed in order to extract maximum value from this feature. Avoid the deep sepia tones and instead opt for the lighter tones to avoid overdoing it.

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