Nextbook 10.1” Tablet Rocks


Recently I have gotten my hands on the new Intel nextbook. This tablet is absolutely hands down my favorite tablet. I have an iPad at home and honestly I will be giving that to my son. The nextbook is a little larger than the iPad but it makes up for that with speed and a detachable keyboard. It comes with 32 gigs of storage which is double what my iPad has and you can add up to 64 gigs with an SD card.


Being a college student I always hate lugging around my heavy laptop and books. This is a great option to lighten the load. I can sit in class and type my notes, or watch YouTube. It runs Windows 8.1 and I was a little apprehensive but it is super easy to get the hang of. Its quad core Atom processor which is great for speed. The on screen keyboard is easy to master and has multiple layouts which is convenient. The Screen is a little over 10 inches and the colors are super rich, great for Netflix.


 This tablet is built for anything from doing school work to gaming. The windows store is a great place to find awesome games. I found a racing game and it’s a great way to procrastinate. The battery last me all day, and that’s playing games and surfing the web.


I guess what I’m trying to say is get one. You will not be sorry. At a little under $180 it would make a great gift for the holidays.

• 10.1” 1280 x 800 IPS screen with capacitive multi-touch and expanded viewing angles
• Windows 8.1 Operating System
• Quad-Core Intel® AtomTM Processor (2M cache, up to 1.83 GHz); 1GB DDR3L system memory
• 32GB internal storage; expandable via microSD card up to 64GB
• Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity options
• Front webcam and 2 megapixel back camera with microphone
• Micro USB port, mini HDMI port, audio jack
• Preloaded software including Nook for Windows 8
This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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  1. Stephanie Phelps on

    I would love to be able to watch netflix on it and do other things I love the size of it!

    • I am using a computer that hardly works anymore – would love to win this, I spend a lot of time on my old pc – the review on this sounds awesome. Would love to have it – have never had a tablet but this sounds better than just a tablet. Love to win this.

      • Would love to win this, I have never had a tablet, using an old computer that has almost stopped working. This sounds like it would be easier to use.
        great review. Like to enter and win.

  2. 32 gigs of storage, and upgradable to 64 gigs? That’s what I need, I run out of storage so quickly. This is perfect for our needs, the whole family can use it! Sounds great.

  3. My daughter could really use this for her cosmetology classes. She has a laptop but it’s heavy and I worry she might break it and it’s too expensive to replace. This could hold all her class notes, take video and organize her portfolio.

  4. This would be perfect for the kids to use for homework and play! Love the detachable keyboard!

  5. Thanks for the review. It’s so hard to decide what tablet is right for you. I want to get a tablet but with so many options, just not sure which one to get.

  6. I love this laptop/tablet and I love the fact it has a Quad-Core Intel® AtomTM Processor (2M cache, up to 1.83 GHz); 1GB DDR3L system memory and have a lot of pics and such and this would be perfect for my fist laptop

  7. Very cool that it has the removable keyboard. My college-aged daughter would love this as an alternative to her heavy laptop.

  8. Vanessa Plummer on

    great review! Short and sweet and to the point. Liking the gaming part as my children are of course addicted to gaming! One question for you what security app do you use for this and do you use one?

  9. kimberly bhatti on

    This was a wonderful review, I enjoyed reading 🙂 I love that we could watch Netflix on this!

  10. I love that it has so much storage and it can even be upgraded…It is also not overpriced which is another major plus!

  11. would love to have 1 of these would be really easy for me instead of having to set upstairs away from the family to work from the computer

  12. heather kaufman on

    My wonderful husband is getting ready to deploy for 6 months. I would love for him to take this, so he can Skype with our kids.

  13. I would love this. I have 3 teens always fighting over the desktop/laptop. I would use this for myself 🙂

  14. This would be some much more convenient to carry around than my laptop. I have been looking at iPads, but after your review I am definitely giving this tablet a second look.

  15. Amazing how useful this can be. I really prefer a keyboard and this looks like a good choice.

  16. Judy Schechter on

    That looks like a great device, and at a very reasonable price! The amount of storage and long battery life is something I could really use! My Kindle Fire HDX has only 16GB and although they say the battery should last from 9 to 11 hours, mine only lasts THREE!!! Thanks for your review (now I know you don’t really watch YouTube while in class, lol)!

  17. Great review! I’d love to have the Nextbook 10 for watching Netflix, using learning sites for my little grandson, and for so many other things! Thanks for the chance!

  18. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton on

    I would have too the great it had great battery life great size also thanks for ta great review on this

  19. Tammy Schweitzer Catterton on

    I want too win this for my sweet husband he died recently . He could use a new one thanks

  20. i like the size of this. it would be easy to take to school and not be heavy like other computers.

  21. I just love the size and price on the Nextbook 10.1 tablet. It would be great to take when I travel especially since it does almost everything I do on my laptop.

  22. Would be great when traveling with the kiddos. Also would be great for our frequent ER visits due to my youngest being asthmatic and needing steroids every time. It like clock work monthly.

  23. christine burd on

    Great amount of storage with the bonus of a detachable keyboard! I think I’m in love. Easy to use on trips.

  24. Margaret Smith on

    This nextbook/tablet sounds wonderful. I love that it can be used in different ways and I also like the big screen. This Nextbook really offers lots of extras like the camera. Seems like they didn’t cut corners to supply a great price.

  25. I would LOVE to get my hands on this! I love that it has a detachable keyboard. I don’t have a tablet at all, but this is the one that I have had my eye on. I have been wondering how it handles. Thank you for the review! It was in depth and it gave me a lot of information that I needed! God bless!

  26. Great amount of memory and it is a tablet when I do not need a laptop and a laptop when I need it. Great for school, work and entertainment.

  27. I would love for my husband to have this for his business, it would greatly improve his ability to get over some of the obstacles that he has to deal with because of his outdated laptop.

  28. I am really enticed to go check this out at the store, its a 2 in 1 and lightweight, very interested!

  29. I love the storage capacity! On a somewhat related note, I learned how well Intel treats it’s employees and it has made me way more supportive of Intel products over others!

  30. I like the storage capacity . This is bigger than my mini and I love the 10.4 inch size, too.

  31. Wow, my husband would love this! He really needs something new for school work and something light weight and portable to take everywhere.

  32. I like the size, portability and the fact that the battery lasts all day! Thanks for the complete review.

  33. I love that this is a touch screen and has a keyboard! This is the future of laptops! The light weight of it makes it easy to take with you on the go and yet not sacrifice a great storage capacity!

  34. barbara langley on

    I have a samsung falaxy tablet. I am not hapoy with it at all. This look good and thanks to your review seems like my next purchase chose. Thank you.

  35. this is so awesome and id love one and i know i couldnt afford it so the features are awesome and it offers more than i could imagine but i truly thank you for the chance

  36. i love that it can be used from anythingto doing school work to gaming,,it would be perfect for my son

  37. Krystal Waters on

    I love the bigger size and the detachable keyboard. I need a one that is faster and has more gigs like this one. The one that I have doesn’t work very well.

  38. Katherine jaroszewicz on

    I really need a new laptop and have been shopping around. This one looks affordable and has features I’m looking for.

  39. This looks absolutely awesome. I have a feeling my laptop will be dying before long, so I know this would be a perfect replacement. After all, I’d hate to be blogging from the library every day!

  40. laura rubenstein on

    I would love to try the NextBook. I’ve never used a Tablet before and this one sounds really cool.

  41. It looks amazing! I would love one, guess i’m going to have to start hinting towards one for the holidays. 🙂 Great post like always.

  42. Marilyn Nawara on

    This looks like a terrific system Really like the detachable keyboard. I prefer to type on a keyboard so this would be perfect.

  43. i love that this is compact and light weight. awesome review. Love that it has a detachable keyboard

  44. This sounds like an excellent tablet for a great price i like the detachable key boord. Thanks for putting together such a nice review

  45. I had no idea this was so affordable…especially compared to an ipad! I love how versatile this is with using a keyboard, like a computer, or unattach to be a tablet!

  46. Andrew Nenstiel on

    Love to be able to detach keyboard from tablet and all the other specs are good. Its the next big thing.

  47. Michelle Salais on

    I would love this! Perfect for me. I need a laptop and it’s even better when you can turn it into a tablet.

  48. I have been hearing great reviews on the Nextbook 101. I love the 32 gig of storage it comes with, I need something light wright for school as I don’t have a laptop or tablet for school.

  49. Madeline del Valle/Rivera on

    I love that it’s small and light weight. It’s very affordable too! I need one because my laptop weighs a ton.

  50. I love how lightweight and yet how powerful this tablet is. It is so much more than a tablet with a camera and so many nice things included.

  51. Frances Cavallo on

    This looks like a really awesome laptop type computer! It has some really great features and looks like you could accomplish anything that you needed to, on it! It is absolutely the most versatile that I have seen around lately! You can use it anywhere, pretty much for anything too! It is the perfect size too! The price is really affordable and could be managed by even students! It hasYou could play music on it by itself or on a car stereo, type up reports, do homework, watch movies, take some really cool pictures, and so very much more!!! You can sit in the library, be on the road or at home or work too! You can use it to take some really cool pictures! Then send them to all your friends and family afterwards…….. I would really be honored and blessed to own it! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! God Bless and Good Luck to Everyone! This is absolute awesomeness!!!

  52. Wow, this sounds like an awesome tablet! I would love to be able to give this to my son, who is a college student. But it would be hard not to keep it for myself!

  53. I love the long battery life, especially after gaming. I take long trips where I am on buses and trains for long periods of time; would love this.

  54. I love how the battery lasts all day even after playing games. Games can take up a lot of power. I also love how small and light it is to take anywhere.

  55. Renee Patterson Travis on

    This has a lot of awesome features that I don’t know if I could figure out! The price is fantastic!

  56. This would be so perfect to take with me when I am traveling! The laptop that I am currently using is heavy and I hate lugging around an extra bag to carry it in!

  57. thanks for giving your review.its been helpful.i’ve been trying figure out what kind of tablet to get.this one sounds great and alot more affordable than an ipad.i like the size and the detachable keyboard and that its quad core and has expandable memory and the battery life sounds good

  58. I love you can also use SD cards to increase memory to 64G. I have been looking a different options, I sure would love this! Thanks for the review!

  59. Deborah Caudill on

    The Next Book sounds awesome. I have an ipad and a kindle fire hdx. The screen is cracked on the ipad abd it won’t charge. My son got me the Kindle for Christmas, but I have a very hard time typing on it. The Next Book,with the keyboard that detaches sounds like it would be great for me.

  60. Anastasia Falling on

    This is great! I love the price and the portability. Sounds like something that’d be perfect for me 🙂

  61. Linda Buzard-Moffitt on

    This sounds great just what I need to read E-books and I love that it disconnects from the keyboard so you still have that option if U want and quite a bit of storage too

  62. Looks great, sounds great! Love those detachable keyboards! Love that it has rich colors and it is fast! Would love to win! Thanks!

  63. This looks amazing. I love how you can use it with a keyboard or just touch screen. It would be so easy to take with me on trips, too.

  64. Toni Marie Caravello Feimer on

    I can’t find my kindle so I might have to look into getting one of these. I love the keyboard and tablet options.

  65. Samantha Daleo on

    I love this! My computer is on its last leg. This looks light and easy yet able to do all of things that my computer used to be able to do! Very cool!

  66. I really need one of these. I work from home so need a full laptop, but I cook from recipes online so a tablet would be so helpful. This would solve both problems.

  67. Nicole Carter Weasley on

    This would be perfect for me! Everything I need in a tablet! Love the keyboard!

  68. Wow.. I LOVE that it has the keyboard! I find typing on a keyboard to be .. well you cannot compare the speed of typing on one compared to tapping out one letter at a time on a touch screen! so it makes a tablet far more appealing to me. I like the larger size, too. I do NOT like small screens. LOL You should SEE the size of my laptop!! So I do not like the little tablets for constant use. This would be a nice tablet, would be nice to take along on the go. And to let the kids borrow it, too.

  69. Jillian Johnson on

    Fantastic review! I would love to be able to afford one of these but just not in the books for me right now. All I have is my steadfast desktop computer. Just wish it could travel!

  70. This would be so handy! My laptop is on it’s last legs, so something like this would be a great replacement. I love the detachable keyboard.

  71. I really like this wonderful tablet, would be nice to have for my one brother. I really like this the most about it too; Windows 8.1 Operating System-

  72. I am looking for a new laptop right now. This tablet might be a good choice because of the detachable keyboard. I’m going to do some more research on this one. Thanks for the in-depth review.

  73. Thanks for the review. With so many different makes and models to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming when you are looking to purchase a tablet. I want the opinion of someone who actually has used the tablet. I will definitely check into Nextbook 10.1. It looks like it would be perfect for our family.

  74. What an amazing little machine! At the price I can get it as an add-on to my bulky notebook for when I travel.

  75. I have been looking for something portable but smaller than my lap top with similar abilities. I think I might like something like this

  76. I would LOVE to have one of these to use for reading books, plus a dozen other reasons!. I have problems with my eyes that makes it almost impossible to focus on the print in books, but not the text of a screen. I have SO many books I would love to read!

  77. Deborah Cochran on

    Perfect for reading my favorite e-books, reading emails and staying in touch with family! My laptop screen is broke so I have to look between the cracks to see anything (so I hope this makes sense what I’m typing!).

  78. I am using an old computer that hardly works anymore. Would love to have this tablet with attachable keyboard. The review sounds great. I spend a lot of time on my old pc when working. Love to win this.

  79. This looks pretty great – my current laptop weighs 8-10 pounds. The light weight features alone sold me!

  80. i love this review i like learning about all the new tech and how compters are coming now a days ..this would do wonders to our household !

  81. Lisa Coomer Queen on

    This is an awesome 2 n 1. My daughter in college would be in heaven with a new laptop! Thanks for the chance!

  82. I love all the features on this tablet especially the blazing fast quadcore atom processor

  83. This would be great since my laptop is getting old. Moving to a multi-purpose device like this would be a big improvement.

  84. Thanks for sharing this review. We really need a new computer and this looks like it could be an option.

  85. leslie roberts on

    What an awesome review, It’s something I’m really looking forward to having one just like this , the one I have is dinosaurish, and small.

  86. I love the size and the fact that it has a keyboard. It would be great for business trips.

  87. This was a good review. I like the Front webcam and 2 megapixel back camera with microphone. Not to mention all the over great aspect of this.

  88. Tyrone Macedon Sr. on

    What I really like about this device is the option that it gives you on whether you want it as a laptop and/or a tablet. The chance to increase to 64 gigs is a deal clincher as well.

  89. I like that this laptop/tablet is lightweight with a log of memory and runs on Windows software! thanks

  90. Becky VanGinkel on

    I love all of the features!!! I love that it runs Windows, i like that it’s a larger screen, and I really love that there is more storage space than most tablets. I would use this for the kids in the car, to watch Netflix on, to check my email, to take along when we travel, and so much more.. i’d pretty much use it daily for everything! lol Thanks for the great review!

    [email protected]

  91. MaryJo Tsitouris on

    This sounds like it would be a great choice for my son. Love the long battery life!!!!

  92. This looks super useful! I have an old laptop and older tablet. I would love to have a combo. I especially miss having a physical keyboard. I love the way that is handled in this product.

  93. This is such a great tool to have, especially for college students. I bet my son would love the different features, included its lightweight and long battery life!

  94. That’s a great price and the tablet looks great. My favorite part is the detachable keyboard as I still love a keyboard when I need to write more than a few words.

  95. I’m looking to replace my iPad and this sounds great! Whatever I choose, it has to be good for Netflix!

  96. This sounds perfect. I have a tablet that a friend bought me with the best of intentions but have had nothing but bad luck with it. The thing rarely connects and is a tiny tablet as size goes. My laptop is older than dirt so it also is pretty slow. After reading your review this would be perfect for many things I do. Thanks for the info

  97. I love the size of this tablet and absolutely love the detachable keyboard and the price is great!

  98. This would make a great gift for my mom. It’s got the kind of keyboard she wants and it’s the perfect size!

  99. Darlene Sullins on

    I love the long battery life tablets have! I do lots of gaming and surfing the web on mine!

  100. I love that fast little processor. HDMI mini is awesome and usually not included in most and it would be a awesome to carry everywhere, nice review

  101. Lorina Padgett on

    Glad to hear that you like the device better than your iPad. I have been looking for a 10″ lightweight tablet for myself.

  102. I’m really impressed by your detailed review. I really love this next book because its so powerful.

  103. I would love to have one of these tablets. Overall it has some great specs and since we have all Windows 8.1 computers in our house (2 laptops and 2 desktops), this would work great with our existing systems.

  104. This is a great computer at a really great price and very versatile. I would love to give this to my sister.

  105. Michele Behlen on

    I love this tablet. I only have my pc and would love to have a tablet with so many functions.

  106. Stephen Saunders on

    This would be perfect to sit with over in the la-z-boy and watch some netflix. yea that sounds good to me.

  107. I like the front web cam and that the keyboard detaches. Great for moms and kids of any age.

  108. William Wilson on

    A tablet/laptop combo would save me time and space. Thanks for the review I hope to check one of these out.

  109. I love the versatility of this. It’s great because for things like typing it’s wonderful to have a keyboard, but then when you want to just relax and play a game or something laptops can be too bulky and a touch screen is great.

  110. I had to stop reading. I just felt really old. When I was in college laptops were a luxury. Not everyone had them. Lugging just your books was a challenge. Thanks for making me feel older>>>>
    Onto the review. Pretty neat little tablet. Now in work I can relate to your college experience.

  111. I love that this has a quad core processor. The detachable keyboard is great, too. I think this is an all-around good choice for a family tablet.

  112. I love all the features this nextbook has, love that you can take it any where and how easy it fold up or down, so many wonderful things you can do with this… awesome!

  113. I like that the Nextbook has a retractable keyboard and expandable storage. Just the tablet I am looking for.

  114. andrea bullock on

    This review is great. This Nextbook is better than my laptop. My laptop freezes all the time and has to stay plugged up. The Nextbook is charged all day and I can take it with me. The way it separates from the keyboard is one my fave features. The review showed some great pics of the this. I love everything about it. Thx.

  115. robyn donnelly on

    I like the features and the smallness of the tablet. I don’t like windows 8 in particular but that’s the new thing now.

  116. i like the size of this notebook . it would be great to takeon the go because its not heavy like regular size computers.

  117. michelle oakley warner on

    i so love how it is a tablet as well as laptop, that is so cool, and makes for easy use any where.

  118. A little under $180 is an awesome price for this device, I would love to have one of these. I have been wanting a laptop/tablet and this is perfect. Thank you for sharing this review.

  119. Susan Broughton on

    I have wanted one of these computers since I first saw them advertised! I really would like to have one of them. They are suppose to be a really great product!

  120. DailyWoman (Lacey) on

    I love this computer. One feature is my favorite and that is that it can be used like a tablet.

  121. Carolyn Barnett on

    I have a 16 gb iPad and this sounds much better and has double the hd. I like that it has more speed too.

  122. I have an iPad too and I love the fact that this tablet has the ability to upgrade the storage with an sd card. That’s something that I wish was available on the iPad.

  123. I haven’t tried a tablet yet, but having a removable keyboard would be great. Touch screens sometimes just can’t replace an actual keyboard.

  124. I like that it can go between laptop and tablet easily. Also, that’s a really nice processor for the price!

  125. i love that it has a detachable keyboard. I like the fact that it is bigger than the iPad. The tablet I have is 7in, but far from fast.. It lags so bad. This one looks like a really great tablet to have..Love that it has so much memory. and my favorite thing about it is, that it’s so convenient!

  126. Thank you for a very informative review. Sound perfect for me from the size to the features and the price sounds great! Definetly will keep this in mind !

  127. I really like that it serves as both a netbook and a tablet. The detachable keyboard is so handy. And it’s so much faster than my old netbook.

  128. I would like to try this out. It sounds real good. I have a Kindle HD and they are limited on what you can do.

  129. Love to try one of these out with the new features it has that mine does not. The detachable keyboard is something I am interested in trying out.

  130. I would love to give this Tablet a try, sounds awesome, love the fact that it has a detachable Keyboard, and it has Windows 8.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I am happy to read about how long the battery lasts you. My Android tablet has terrible battery life, so this might be its replacement soon!

  132. I like that it comes with a detachable keyboard and that it’s light weight.. I like also that it has 32 gigs of storage and that you can expand that to 64 gigs

  133. I’m pretty excited about the size of the screen as well as the fact it is preloaded with 8.1 windows

  134. The size and battery life are so appealing – I would use this for entertaining my daughter on our car trips, she always wants to watch something!

  135. I love the size of this computer and the detachable keyboard. This would be perfect for all of my needs.

  136. My favorite features of this Nextbook Tablet are it’s portability, ability to view my favorite media on the go, tablet/laptop combo adapts to a variety of tasks/situations, syncs easily with my Windows desktop, screen size, fast processor!

  137. Great! I love to have one. It is much better than laptop when it comes to portability. The screen is perfect for close view. Battery is much longer than the average tablet. I can use it as tablet or laptop.

  138. I love that it has a Quad-Core processor! Everything will be so speedy! Thanks for the chance!

  139. Jacqueline Dunkin on

    This is great! 10.1″ screen laptop/tablet ….this review is absolutely perfect for me right now because I was actually going to go with an Ipad Air 1 or 2 (was not sure which yet). I think I will still try them out for myself BUT I am DEFINITELY ADDING THIS to my list of possibilities! Thank you so much for this review and your honest opinion! It seems like it’s hard to get these days from reviewers. 😉

  140. Great review and nice to hear the battery lasts for such a long time. Its nice for families entertaining the little ones on the go.

  141. I love the fact that it has the removable keyboard. I would more than likely use it more with the keyboard, like alaptop so I can type faster. Thank you for the great review.

  142. Great review. I love the size and the fact that it has so much memory. The detachable screen is a plus too. I would love to have one for my nursing classes.

  143. This sounds wonderful! I love that it is so compact and has a keyboard. This would be so much easier to transport than my old laptop. I love that the battery can last all day. I have to keep my laptop plugged in to use it. Such a pain!

  144. I like that this can function as a stand alone tablet but also function as a laptop replacement. Seems like it would be great for someone on the go!

  145. Amanda Whitley on

    i have a 7 inch screen currently so a 10 inch would be a huge improvement. i also love the detachable keyboard!

  146. Carissa joslyn on

    I really like it’s small size & how it’s a two in one. I had a very nice laptop-my son pee’d on it & 5 keys on the keyboard would no longer work so I took it in to get repaired & the repair people ruined my mother board. so I’m in need of something else now!

  147. Jennifer Nielsen on

    This tablet sounds awesome! Right now I am happy niether with my current tablet, or my laptop and I love that this one does double duty! I love all the storage it has in there too!

  148. I love the long battery life and large storage capacity – would be great for my Tupperware business.. Could have all kinds of displays for parties and such.

  149. My chromebook is overworked and about to die. Wow, all the capabilities, the long battery life, and the table to laptop convenience all for under $180 is an unbelievable deal!! It looks like the Nextbook is the one I should be looking at. Hey, who knows, I may get lucky and win your giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  150. Cynthia Knisley on

    I love everything about the Nextbook 10.1. It has a lot of memory, plus the detachable keyboard is awesome. I would love to own one

  151. Angelica Dimeo on

    I like that it has so much storage space and a detachable keyboard I am starting college in May
    and this would come in handy.

  152. This is a great looking tablet. Love the detachable keyboard, so you can use as tablet or PC. It’s half the price of an iPad, and you like it better! That’s a great recommendation right there!

  153. Melissa George on

    the feature i like the most is that this laptop has front webcam and 2 megapixel back camera with microphone which is great as i can talk to my family online easily.

  154. Kimberly Frazee on

    I love your can use it as a touch screen or plug in the keyboard. I also love its Quad Core

  155. Hi! It’s amazing to me how quickly technology becomes better and better. This would be perfect for my grandson. He could do so much on it! Thank-you for this generous chance. 🙂

  156. Michelle Hofacker on

    This seems like a great deal for the price. It would be perfect for my son who needs to be home schooled and is sometimes bedridden.

  157. I would LOVE to have one of these…I could give my granddaughter my laptop that way she would have something to watch her “shows” (YouTube videos of Disney Princesses) on so she wouldn’t have to keep using mine and her mommy’s phones and begging for our computers as well! lol

  158. im entering the sweepstakes right now and evenif i dont win im considering buying one.. seems perfect

  159. Eileen Richter on

    I like this little tablet SO much! Phone is way too small to use, computer is a pc…so this is awesome to use in my lap and detach the keyboard. The 32g is amazing and how cool to even expand on that!! Hubby has a mini Ipad but takes it with to work. I’d love this to have at home during the day, to research the medical stuff I need to and have so much storage to keep the info at hand. two sided camera and available to do skype with a daughter who is over 1700 miles away. Dang, this is an awesome little techie toy. Perhaps a great idea for gifting for Mother’s or Fathers Day coming up soon enougt. Now that prices have come down, this is a great deal!

  160. I was sure it would not have a camera..and it does! It has great memory and is the perfect size. I love it.

  161. Rebecca Swenor on

    This is awesome and I would love to have it for my son who is graduating this June. He would truly love it and he could use it for when he goes to college in the fall. ‘thanks for sharing.,

  162. We have a family of five and only a cheap desktop for everyone to use. We also have no income, because I am disabled and bed-bound (SSI takes forever to determine eligibility and my fiance’ was hurt on the job and has had no income for over a year–he is suing his former employer and that takes forever), so when I actually have a chance to get on the computer, it takes a lot of pain and effort just to get to it. Usually, I can only use it when everyone is sleeping (when it is really hard to get to it on my own, since I have no medical equipment to use except a cane, so I basically have to scoot on the floor to get to it, seeing my insurance won’t pay for the equipment I need to get around like a semi-normal person (I’m only 45). My family usually helps me in the morning to get to it while they are getting ready for school. This would be a Godsend for me to win! I can only leave the house for doctors appointments, (that is a huge challenge just doing that) so the internet is my only source to the outside world. (We cannot afford cable TV and you have to pay for local channels here., and the TV we have now we found on the side of the road–just needed a cheap remote my mom bought for us). It sounds just like the perfect laptop/tablet to use to do everything on, plus I can message my kids from bed instead having to yell at the top of my lungs if I need their help for some reason. It gets boring and depressing being in bed 24/7 with nothing much to do but read, talk to my kids, and help them with their school work. Sometimes we try to play card or board games, but I cannot sit up for long periods of time due to severe spinal/pelvic/hip Osteoarthritis. Thank you for ths review. If I had the money to buy one, it would be on my lap right now!

  163. I would love to win this so I could give my laptop to my granddaughter so she could watch “her shows” (Disney Princess YouTube Videos) and also so she can go to her educational sites so likes to go to.

  164. Sarah Richmond on

    Wow, sounds very awesome and wonderful device to use, I would love to use something like this!!! This would help to keep in contact with some of my family that moved away and also some of my friends!!!

  165. I love that this is like a laptop and my kids would love that it can detach and become a tablet. I love that its reasonably priced too.

  166. crystal sheckles-gibson on

    I could really use this tablet because my laptop is constantly shutting down on me. I love all the great reviews for this tablet.

  167. Leslie Rathbun on

    I like that it has Windows 8.1 Operating system.I am currently using an outdated system.