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New Read Together/Do Together Books


Lucky to Live in and The Wise Animal Handbook, both written by best-selling author Kate B. Jerome, are part of a children’s book series from Arcadia Kids, called Read Together/Do Together. When Adults and children read and do together, magic takes place.

Read Together/Do Together  Lucky to Live in

Learn all about the state that you live in, or have lived in. In addition, one can prepare youngsters for a move to a new state. Read together, and fill in the prompts.  Each book shares information on things like favorite local foods and attractions.

 Read Together/Do Together Books by Kate B. Jerome

“Each Lucky to Live in… book in the Award-Winning 41-book series is a cross between a storybook and a memory book. Read-aloud rhymes and fill-in the blank prompts are designed to capture a child’s story—customized to the state or region where the child lives.” 2017 Book of the Year in the Interactive Memory Book category by the Creative Child Magazine Awards Program

Lucky to Live In… Book Trailer from Ben Stillerman on Vimeo.

Read Together/Do Together  The Wise Animal Handbook

Read together, and learn about the animals from each state.  Beautiful color photographs and pull out coloring pages. The rhymes will entertain the children and prompt meaningful conversations, as a result, parents can share their thoughts and insights.

 Read Together/Do Together Books by Kate B. Jerome

“Each Wise Animal Handbook features engaging color photos of animals in humorous situations, while read-aloud rhymes open the door for meaningful conversations about everything from honesty and grit to perseverance and play. Pull-out coloring pages in the back of the book provide an extra educational boost and an opportunity to keep the conversations going about familiar animals in a child’s own state or region. The full list includes 41 titles plus the national edition. “

About Read Together/Do Together and Author Kate B Jerome

Read Together/Do Together™ books are designed to jump-start meaningful conversations between

kids and their favorite adults. A seasoned publishing executive, an award-winning children’s book

author, and a recent Fellow in Stanford’s Distinguished Careers Institute, Kate is a passionate supporter of intergenerational communication.

Reading  truly is fundamental…and for so many different reasons. Besides the “technical aspect”, and most noteworthy, it helps to create a bond between children and adults. Parents, grandparents and care givers who read to, and with their kids, are giving gifts that will last a lifetime. 


About Author


Libby wears many hats. She is a Homemaker*Blogger*Crafter*Reader*Pinner*Teacher*Friend*Animal Lover* Former Early Pregnancy and Childbirth Educator and Substitute Teacher (preK - 12) *Medically Disabled...SURVIVOR! Libby is very happily married to the love of her life (for 41 yeas), the mother of 10 grown children and "Nonnie" to 23 growing grand children. She adores animals, and is "owned" by two furbabies: Gung Poe Wigglebutt ( a Black Pug, who's mission in life is to be her shadow) and Gabriel, SD, CGC, PAT, (her Service Dog, who is a Chocolate Lab/Weimaraner mix). Libby also has two Red Eared Aquatic Turtles, Tucker and Turner, who couldn't care less about her, other than at meal times!

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Jenn @ EngineermMommy

My daughter learned how to read in the last year and she is loving books right now. I will check out these cool books for sure.

Eileen | yesmissy.com

This looks like a great series of books for kids! And reading together really is so much more enjoyable for every one.

Stephanie Jeannot

I actually really enjoy reading together with young kids. It gives them encouragement to want to read and I think it is such an amazing idea. Great!

Jennifer Van Huss

My kids are huge readers! They especially love when they are personalized to them!I’ll have to check out these books for them!


My kids are avid readers and it’s all because I read to them when they were young. The idea of reading coupled with activities is sure to reinforce the lessons and help kids with cognitive skills that will help them in school.

Maurene Cab

This handbook looks beautiful and educational. I’m not that familiar with animals so this will also be helpful for me and not just for the kids.


My kids enjoy reading! I think it’s very important! I love checking out new books, used or new!

Paula Bendfeldt

This concept of reading together and doing together is such a great idea! I love that kids get to learn about their state but also share their favorite things promoting not only reading and writing but also creating a beautiful memory book to last a lifetime.

Sarah Bailey

What some awesome sounding books for helping kids learn and have a good time reading as well.

Dawn McAlexander

This is a great series of books! I think it is important that kids learn about the state that they live in, and this teaches just that! I would really appreciate a book like this if I had small children.


Cool for a mother-daughter or mother-son tandem. Interesting and educational handbook.


These look like great books! My daughter loves to read and it looks like she would love to read these


These books look like a lot of fun. My daughter can’t read yet but she is trying a lot and getting better every day. I’m sure she would love the Lucky to Live in and The Wise Animal Handbook books.

leigh anne borders

I really love books that encourage education. When you can interact with a book on a different level, it make sit so much more meaningful.

Lisa Marie Heath

My son has been an avid reader for a long time! We always read to him every night when he was little, then turned it into reading WITH him, then him reading to us… and now he reads in his free time


There is so much power, knowledge and connection when you read with your child.

Jilly Spellman

I love reading with my boys. We get new books all the time and I my son that just turned 5 years old is learning to read.

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