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My Dreamy Dollhouse


All little girls love playing house and with dolls. They love using their imagination. Kid Kraft recently sent us the My Dreamy Dollhouse. This is unlike any dollhouse I had when I was little. I am very lucky to live next door to my niece. When I had the opportunity to work with Kid Kraft and reviewing their My Dreamy Dollhouse, I knew my niece and I would have hours of fun and laughs.

The My Dreamy Dollhouse is HUGE. It measures almost 48 inches tall! It was very easy to put the dollhouse together. It includes detailed, easy to follow step by step directions. The dollhouse is made of composite wood products, plastic and fabric.  This dollhouse is made to last and is very sturdy! The My Dreamy Dollhouse is large enough that multiple children can play at once. There are three floors with a gliding elevator that takes dolls to the other levels.

 There is no need to purchase furniture seperately. The My Dreamy Dollhouse comes with 15 pieces of furniture!  Including a grand piano and a hanging plant. The My Dreamy Dollhouse  has sounds too! The piano plays music, the toilet makes real flushing sounds!  There are two outdoor patios with wide columns. The lamps in the house also light up. Batteries are required for the sound and lights to work. As a nice little bonus, the batteries are included. The doors and windows open and close to make the dollhouse even more realistic!

The full dimensions of the My Dreamy Dollhouse are 33.39 inches in length, 15.51 inches in width and 47.8 inches in height. The dollhouse accommodates dolls up to 12 inches tall. You can purchase your own My Dreamy Doll House from the KidKraft website.

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What little girl wouldn’t like this neat doll house.

Valarie Lee Gentry

This is the most detailed dollhouse I have ever seen! It’s incredible! Any girl would love this!

Tina Seagraves

This are to cool.. If my daughter wasn’t turning 13 maybe she would still want one..

Amy Orvin

Ohh, I think this is house is so pretty. I had one similar when I was a kid. I loved it!

Steven grimes

My son Would not like this, but my niece would like it.

michelle warner

wow so cool, my girl would love this, i love it

Kimberly Listrud

Heck, I am going to say what I think all you ladies are thinking… I want one! My son maybe would play with this some but this is the downside to not having a daughter (or a niece nearby), it is hard to justify having a girly toy like this. I need to get me a daughter, lol!
Great review, made me seriously want to buy one and I wish I had a daughter to get it for. It looks quality made and lots of fun! I miss playing with my fashion dolls.
[email protected]

Serena Lewis
OMG I want one for myself. I had a cheesy dollhouse compared to this My Dreamy Dollhouse. So not fair all the good toys for lil girls come out now that Im older. lol but I can get one for my niece. She would be at awwe with this. I had 2 boys so thinking they would be a bit upset if I bought it for them however it my oldest loves pink. lol Just kidding it really looks like alot of fun. I might have to buy one for my niece so we can play together. That would give… Read more »
Tracey Andino

Love that it has lights and sound! This is not the doll house that I had growing up!! What girl would not LOVE this!!


WOW! This is definitely not the doll house I had when I grew up. Mine didn’t having a “flushing” toilet or any need for a gliding elavator. This is gorgeous. With fashion dolls being so popular this is sized just right for a very lucky girl and her prized doll collection.

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