Mini Mouth Game


If you have ever played a game of scrabble and loved it, then Mini Mouth should be the next game you pick up! This game will test your brains vocabulary even better than scrabble, by making you think of a word that the letters you obtained can fit into. My mother, and I both love scrabble so I was excited to get this game. We got to pick 2-5 random letters to start with, I started with 3 she started with 5. My letters were A, and L I chose the word Ali-gator. My mom ended up getting the letters M,C,H,N,D, and chose the word machined.


The game lasted quiet a while since there were only the two of us playing but I think you would be able to play up to at least four people if not be able to squeeze in a fifth. That would be depending on who chooses to use a lot of words and who doesn’t. Now I have recently gotten my children, and other family members to jump in to play a few games with us. We made it a type of family game night, getting everyone to getting some family together to play the game of our choice. So my family loves this game, and it’s a great learning experience for the young, and even older family members or friends. I would recommend this game to anyone that liked scrabble or would like to get a better learning experience with words.


BUY IT: This is a small game for a great price, your family will love it and it takes up no space at all. Give your children a fun way to learn, and even challenge yourself see who is the word wizard in your family!

 Disclosure: I received a free product from the sponsor to review. I received no monetary compensation and my opinions are my own and were not influenced by the sponsor.


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