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  1. My daughter would LOVE the pink ones, but I think I would have to get my son the red ones, they are too awesome!

  2. I would pick green since I have a girl and two boys! That way they all could wear them at some point.

  3. These are so cute! i would love to win these! ias a sinlge mamma couldnt get them otherwise! thanks for the share!

  4. Rhonda McDermitt on

    My brother and sister-in-love just adopted a 8 year old girl today, so I would let her pick which pair she wanted!

  5. Jr. Sleeve Kid’s All Weather Rubber / Neoprene Rain Boot (Black)for my 3yr old son!! we definitely need them!! he loves to jump in puddles,every single puddle he sees!!

  6. jessica schueler on
  7. I would choose the HOT ROD RED FOR MY GRANDSON….then I would have to go and purchase a second pair due to I have twin grandsons! Can’t get one and not the other…hehe.