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Lume Footwear Giveaway ends 9/15


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62 Responses to Lume Footwear Giveaway ends 9/15

  1. tawnya mccormack says:

    i would pick purple for my daughter

  2. McKenzie McClanahan says:

    I love the Wisteria for a girl!

  3. Jenn Boback says:


  4. Dawn Seeman says:

    My daughter would LOVE the pink ones, but I think I would have to get my son the red ones, they are too awesome!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I would pick black and I would go for a pair for one of my boys

  6. Pam B. says:

    My nephew would love the lime green

  7. Lacey Fontenot says:

    Boys black and green size 2. Thanks those are really awesome!

  8. Nan Bixby says:

    Wisteria for my granddaughter.

  9. Debi Kelly McCloy says:

    I would choose Mac ‘n’ Cheese for my grandson Liam!

  10. Gabrielle W says:

    I’d choose girls in carnation pink.

  11. Wendi says:

    Hot rod red or inchworm for boys! These are to cute!

  12. melissa says:

    I would love the black with blue for a boy.

  13. Alana says:

    I’d pick any color pink for my sweet little girly girl.

  14. Kristen says:

    I would pick green or purple for my little girl!

  15. we would love the purple or pink one and we would save them for our daughter since it will be a few years until she can wear them, shes only one

  16. sarah stepec says:

    I would pick green since I have a girl and two boys! That way they all could wear them at some point.

  17. Barbara Mayes says:

    Inchworm! Love the green. Boys would be my choice!

  18. Pam says:

    My daughter: the pink ones
    My son” black ones

    These boots are so cute!

  19. Cindi says:

    I would pick red for my youngest son!

  20. Lori M. says:

    Would love inchworm for my boys!

  21. LaurelcomL Klem says:

    Hot Rod Red

  22. jessica says:

    These are so cute! i would love to win these! ias a sinlge mamma couldnt get them otherwise! thanks for the share!

  23. patricia ann says: the pink ones for our little princess.

  24. Linda Webster says:

    I would love a black pair for my little grandson!

  25. Amanda says:

    I just love the Hot Rod Red pair for boys!

  26. Kim A says:

    I would pick the green ones for my son. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Stephanie V. says:

    inchworm(boy) but would let my little boy choose probably

  28. Pam Parson says:

    Wisteria for me :)

  29. Julie says:

    Would get pink for my daughter

  30. Rhonda McDermitt says:

    My brother and sister-in-love just adopted a 8 year old girl today, so I would let her pick which pair she wanted!

  31. Randi S. says:

    I would pick the lime green because either my grandsons or granddaughters could wear them. I didn’t see any adult sizes. :(

  32. Danielle Ganci says:

    I’d love to have a pair of red ones for my little boy.

  33. BRANDI MANUEL says:

    inchworm! and for my son!

  34. Gwen M says:

    My daughter would love the pink ones.

  35. Amy E. says:

    I like the carnation pink for my girl! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Beth Duncan says:

    I would pick purple for my daughter

  37. kathy dunaway says:

    Hot Rod Red for a boy. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  38. cheryl d says:

    pink for my daughter

  39. Chelsea says:

    I would pick Pink for my girls and purple for myself :)

  40. rebecca day says:

    love inchworm for my boys!

  41. Cynthia McKinley says:

    All black for my 4 year old son. :)

  42. sara kover says:

    Jr. Sleeve Kid’s All Weather Rubber / Neoprene Rain Boot (Black)for my 3yr old son!! we definitely need them!! he loves to jump in puddles,every single puddle he sees!!

  43. Chelsea L says:

    I’d choose the pink for my daughter!

  44. Kellie says:

    I would pick Carnation Pink!!!

  45. Emma Dean says:

    pink and blue for both boy and girl.

  46. polly says:

    love the boys mac n cheese color

  47. Shannon Wilckens says:

    Carnation Pink:) For my youngest daughter:)

  48. Kristi F. says:

    I would love the Wisteria purple color for myself.

  49. I would choose the HOT ROD RED FOR MY GRANDSON….then I would have to go and purchase a second pair due to I have twin grandsons! Can’t get one and not the other…hehe.

  50. tara s. says:

    I would get the red ones for my littlest boy so he could STOMP in all the puddles he wants.

  51. LaceyL (DailyWoman) says:

    I would pick Purple

  52. Kristi Blackstone says:

    I’d pick Inchworm for boys… my son would love them.

  53. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I would choose Inchworm for my 3 1/2 year old son!

  54. Kathie Craig says:

    Hot Rod Red or Black for my son.

  55. Kandice Hobbs says:

    Always Pink :) My daughter LOVES pink

  56. Nicole Sender says:

    Boy’s Jr. Sleeve Kid’s All Weather Rubber / Neoprene Rain Boot (Inchworm).

  57. Kimberly B. says:

    Black with the purple – for my daughter.