Lugz Mahala Women’s Boots Rock!



Winter is on it’s way in the Midwest, it’s turning cold and wet early this year. And before you know it we will have snow, ice, and sleet covering our yards and roads for the next several months! UGH! I’m not into the seasonal change this year, it just means more work walking to my car to run errands! However, I don’t mind the fashion changes that come with the cold winters.

mahalacompletedLugz Mahala Women’s Boots are not only amazing beautiful but perfect winter boots that can withstand our harsh winters!! When you put these boots on your feet they become wrapped in warm luxury!

The Mahala slip-on boots come in three colors, Black, Charcoal, and Chestnut.They have a wool + acrylic lining, knit-sweater underlay that keeps your toes toasty warm. And a fashionable 3-strap look in the back!

Another great pair of Lugz women’s boots are their new  Kimi boot which are studded suede, slip-on boot that provides both fashion and comfort. WKIMS-001I love the studded look of this boots! With the holidays just around the cornier Lugs offers some pretty amazing women’s, men’s and kits shoes and boots that fit just about any budget!

One of my all time favorite boots from Lugz are the Tambora Peacoat in Black/ Cream. I wear them all the time, in rain, or snow they are perfect and completely fashionable.

If you have tried Luzg yet, you are missing out!



You will most defiantly use these boots for more than one occasion! Simple visit Lugz Mahala Womens Boots

 WIN IT: Lugz has been generous enough to offer one Lucky Mom Blog Society reader a chance to win their own Lugz Muhala Boots. Simply enter via the image below. GOOD LUCK!


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  2. Would love to win a pair of these. I have children so I rarely spend money on myself. I have been wearing the same boots for 7 years now. lol

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  5. Linda Meyers-Gabbard on

    I love the Chestnut/Cream/Gum
    Color. I love the look of these boots. I think that lugz is an awesome brand too.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  6. Those grey ones look especially comfy! Perfect to go with a pair of skinny jeans and an over-sized black sweater!

  7. These Lugz boots look so comfortable and warm. I really like them for the cold winter months that are coming, and I can wear them with so many items. They also look very durable against the harsh weather.

  8. I have never had a pair of Lutz boots before & I have been wanting a pair for a while now….

  9. Oh I must have a pair of these. I love that they are fashionable AND they keep your feet warm. I live in Michigan, I have a pair of boots that are wet resistant and have great traction, but they DO NOT keep my feet warm. My toes are so cold by the time I get home and take my boots off. I would really love to be wearing these this winter. I really wouldn’t mind have 1 of each color ;0)

  10. Christina Kelbel on

    I need boots like these for this winter. I love the Lugz brand but cannot afford them.

  11. These boots would be great because of the way they keep feet warm and comfortable also. Love them and would love a pair. Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    Thank you for these oportunity The boots look so pretty, i havent try them hopefully im lucky .

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  14. I have an older pair of lugz and they are still looking good and have withstood our strong winters.

  15. These look great and I would love a pair. I haven’t had winter boots in years and these look pretty and warm.

  16. I have never had a pair of these, but I hear they are the Best. I would just love to have a pair of these boots since live in snow belt area. Thank you

  17. I love the looks of these Lugz boots and now that it’s getting cold, definitely looks like it would keep my feet warm and toasty.

  18. I really like the style of these boots. The fact that they look comfortable is an amazing plus.

  19. Would love a pair of these boots as they look stylish, warm and comfortable. Thank you for the chance.

  20. I like both the Mahala and Kimi boots. The straps and the studs respectively make them stand out.

  21. I LOVE these! These would look so cute with some skinny jeans and a comfy sweater…perfect Fall look!

  22. I would love to win a pair of Lugz! The only hard part is picking a color! Love them all!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these great boots.

  23. Melissa Gonick on

    I absolutely love these boots. The color’s are amazing and they look super comfortable to wear. Also they would fit someone who has a larger calf. Thanks again for this amazing giveaway!!!!

  24. I need to buy a pair of winter boots before the first snow hits this year. I wasn’t sure what type of boots I wanted to get, but these look really cozy and stylish at the same time! Love it!

  25. Lori C Sauriol Cosgrove on

    A pair of Lugz Mahala Boots are just what I need to keep me warm and looking fashionable here in chilly northern Maine!!!

  26. These look so comfortable and edgy, I love them! Plus, winter is coming and I have no boots yet!!

  27. Thanks for a great review of the Lugz boots.I am going to be looking for a pair for Christmas for my teen granddaughter…I think she will love them!

  28. These look very warm and toasty. It would be nice to have a nice warm pair of boots for once. I usually wear my sneakers all winter long and shoveling snow in sneakers is not fun or warm at all.

  29. My husband owned a pair of Lugz shoes that he wore for about 10 years. They lasted so long and well!

  30. I really love Lugz footwear. I have a pair of ankle boots that have lasted me FOREVER. They are so durable and are so comfortable. I’d really love to get these suede boots!

  31. They look so comfortable. Having warm toes is a blessing in the winter and sounds like these would do the job. I’ve never had a pair of lugz before. I think it’s great that they go with everything and can be worn anytime.
    Carol L

  32. I love the Mahala slip-on boots in chestnut.These boots looks like they would be so warm on your feet.

  33. They are very cute. I like how they are warm and great looking boots. I will have to look for them in the store.

  34. I would have to say my favorite are the black ones. They would go with almost any outfit i have 🙂

  35. I would love to win a pair of Lugz boots any color is fine to hard to choose they are all beautiful and look so warm and cuddly. Hope to win size 7 please.

  36. I would love a pair of these! I have a hard time with my feet staying warm and these look soooo warm!!

  37. these are so cute. they look so comfortable and warm. don’t own a pair like these so would love some!

  38. cheryla lister on

    There are days I need a very warm pair of boots on my feet. these sound like they would be perfect. Love the studded look.

  39. Lauralee Hensley on

    They look like they’d even fit a person with a thicker ankle, whereas some boots really don’t. Like the Charcoal the best, then black, then Chestnut.

  40. lugz makes such great footwear i love their boots and i get them everyyear so to win one would be amazing!

  41. I love these boots! The buckles on the back really make them cute! I’d love to have a pair in black or chestnut! =)

  42. OOOhhhh…I love the Kimi boot, just my style. Lugz are my husbands favorite brand of boots and shoes, he has 2 pairs, they last a long time and he says they are very comfy. Guess I need to grab myself a pair. They would probably make a good profit if they started a children’s line if they haven’t already 😉

  43. The wool and acrylic lining and knit-sweater underlay sounds toasty! These look like so much fun to wear.

  44. sally guenterberg on

    These boots would be very happy here in wisconsin! And my daughter would be very happy here in wisconsin with these boots. she has been begging for this style for two years.

  45. christie lopanec on

    Such cute boots and Lugz is known for the quality being really good thanks for the review

  46. Nicole Lacsina-OConnor on

    I wouldnt wear any other boot. These are so comfty.Thank you for giving everyone this oppirtunity….:0)

  47. “Lugz Mahala Women’s Boots are not only amazing beautiful but perfect winter boots that can withstand our harsh winters!! When you put these boots on your feet they become wrapped in warm luxury!” With a statement on Lugz website who wouldn’t want a pair. Living in the Midwest and I have Raynaud’s these boots sound heavenly!

  48. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant on

    Thanks for the review and info on these boots. They look so comfy and awesome for winter. I live in Ohio so winters are pretty cruel around here.

  49. These are cute and look very warm and super comfortable. Would love a pair of the black or tan ones!!

  50. Brenda Peterson on

    I like the style of these boots with the 3 straps in the back. I also like that the lining is wool and acrylic to help keep your feet warm.

  51. Wow I’m really out of the loop, when did Lugz become so stylish. I’ve got to get out more often.