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La Siesta Hammocks for Kids


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 Kids are treasures, and love it when they have just what Mommy and Daddy have, but in their own size. La Siesta makes top notch hammocks for adults, but did you know that they make the same for kids? Not only do they make fun, kid-size hammocks for outdoors, but they know just how awesome it is to have a soft, swinging seat for the playroom too… That’s what’s so perfect about the JOKI PLANET hanging crow’s nest for kids by La Siesta hammocks.

La Siesta are experts in the hammock craft. You know you can expect only the best from them, and that is the case with the JOKI PLANET too!

“Super soft organic cotton in pastel shades make our hanging crow’s nest JOKI PLANET the place to be for children this season. Lots of fun guaranteed! In hanging crow’s nest Joki children find the calm protection they need for playing and dreaming. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance, thus playfully promoting your child’s development. LA SIESTA hanging crow’s nests are recommended by the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise. .”

What goes into a playroom tends to get a little messy… La Siesta had this in mind when creating this fully child-friendly product. Remove the cushion and the JOKI is washable. 

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The JOKI is made using organic cotton which is better for you, and better for the environment. It promotes activity even while reading. It also helps children develop their sense of balance in a positive way. It is a perfect reading nook for your children age three and above. 


Features of the JOKI PLANET: 

  • Total height: 4 feet 11 inches
  • Weight: 6 lb.
  • Seat width: 2 feet 4 inches
  • Height required for hanging: 6 feet 7 inches
  • Ages: 3 and up
  • Maximum capacity: 175 lb
  • Materials: 100% organic cotton, 100% polyester fill
  • Washable
  • Removable cushion
  • Available in many colors to match your decor
  • Stimulates balance
  • Meets the highest safety standards
  • Great for reading or playing

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La Siesta Hammocks live up to their reputation of quality and beauty. The JOKI PLANET hanging crow’s nest is just what you need to take your playroom from okay to absolutely fab!

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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Menucha is a Jersey girl living in big New York with her husband and little boy. She is currently fulfilling her dream to be a stay at home mom. She loves crafting, the color purple, and chocolate. Menucha blogs at momsandcrafters.com in between making jewelry and working as a freelance graphic designer.

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Michele Ash

Thanks very much for the Fantastic Review on La Siesta Hammocks for Kids! This Hammock is wonderful! I’m sure that the kids will love one! I love that this is washable (after you remove the cushion) Plus this helps the kids with balance and support! It’s like a nice little nest for them to read or play in! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures and your personal and professional information on La Siesta Hammocks for Kids with all of us! I really do love this product! Thanks again! Michele 🙂

Emily Endrizzi

These hammocks look like so much fun! We are soon moving to a new house and I know my kids would love to have one of these!

April P

What a fun chair! I’d love to have this for my son!!

Suellen Jennings

This is so cool! My son would live in it!


These look like so much fun. The kids would love them!

cas p

this looks awesome!!

amy rouse

very thorough review. My granddaughter Olivia would love one of these!


I would have loved to have one of these as a kid. My kids would love this.

Michele P

When my daughter was about 9 we went to Guatemala and saw some of these neat kid hanging hammock seats, she absolutely loved it… as did her cousins. I would love to have something similar for my grandsons as well, these look to be very durable and kids can sit in them for hours…

Jennifer M

My daughters would love this! It would be perfect for reading time.

Carrie H.

a great addition to our playroom in the basement. Also a really great place to curl up with a book


I love that it can hold 175!
It looks so fun!

Shandi Messmer

That looks like so much fun! My son would love this:)

chrissy c

My daughter loves to read and would love to have this! I love that it comes in different colors too!

Stephanie Phelps

I know the kids would love to have this shoot I know I would. I love that it is strong enough for me but I think I will leave it to the kids! lol maybe! The fabric colors are so cool

Keara B.

These hammocks looks so cool! I love that they encourage movement and balance, because those are so important to young kids. My daughter already loves to read, but I know that using this as a little “reading nook” would really enhance the experience. Thanks for a great review!


This is sooo cute! I love it!

Margot C

When I was a kid I couldn’t have imagined anything so cool. Parents just didn’t have the whimsy then!

Amanda Hendricks-Selby
Amanda Hendricks-Selby

This would be great for my son with autism. A nice safe, comforting place to go to and calm himself.


These Hammocks for Kids are so cool! They would make for a welcome addition to any kids room…especially my 2 Grandkids 🙂

Sylvia White

This would be great to have for my sensory seeking granddaughter

Deborah W.

THis is so cute and practical. My granddaughter would have so much fun reading in hers.


The kids would love this.

Alex Montemayor

My nephew would never touch the floor again. He would love to have this.

nicole krutz

These are so cool! my son would love one of these!

Mary Rutter

This looks like a lot of fun for Kids

Vanessa Richard

I love that it is washable and stimulates balance. My 3 year old has no since of balance and would love this for reading books in or just hanging out.


i wonder if the thing it hangs from is strong enough to not collaps

Dawn Monroe

This would be great for my grand kids room. I like the design an color options.

heather e.g. kaufman

I LOVE this! It looks so comfy & fun. I really want one for myself 😉


This looks wonderful – I wonder if it is made for outdoor use at well? That would be awesome.


My grandsons would love to have this in their rooms. Love the color selection!

Jen Stewart

WOW my daughter would LOVE this!!! She’s turning 4 soon, this would be an awesome gift!

Jennifer Johansen

This is amazing. I do really like that it’s washable, too!

Carla Morgan

The La Siesta Hammock for kids looks amazing! I love that the material is easy to clean and wash so it is truly kid friendly!


What a fantastic product! I especially love that is stimulates balance and is made from organic cotton!

Lisa Bouch

This is so much fun! What a great way to give your child a fun little hideaway


Those look so awesome I want one for me too 🙂

Lisa Coomer Queen

I love this! I would like to get one of these for my grandchildren. They would love it!

lisa g

This would be so lovely for our kids they would really like swinging around and relaxing

jamie delgado

These look amazing i know my son would sure enjoy it i think all three of my kids would including myself ,i would just sit in it relax and read books, but that would probably be after the kid’s fall asleep cause i know it would be the only time it would be free .


i’d like one for our playroom

Robin Abrams

These are great. My granddaughter could sit in it to read her books she would love it.

Rebecca Parsons

They are so neat and i love that they are from organic material!

Ashley B.

These are awesome! I wish they were around when I was a kid!


These look very comfortable! It would be a great addition to my classroom for a reading nook…..

Christina Lipari

This would be a great addition in my classroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

Heather Church Adams

This looks amazing!


I have honestly had this bookmarked for my kids for quite a while! Love this idea!

Meredith Miller

Looks like a fun chair. I’d love to get one for my niece. I would have loved one as a kid myself.

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